30+ Romantic Gifts For Wife That’ll Sweep Her Off Her Feet

By Divya Arora .

Giving gifts and surprises to the love of your life is one of the five love languages that the world’s sewn with. While it’s not everything, it sure is one of the best ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Whether it’s something that they’ve been desiring for a long time, a hearty and wholesome experience, something you’ve made yourself, or the gift of your time and attention, there’s literally so much that you can surprise your partner with.

When it comes to tangible gifts and remarkable experiences, there’s a deep pool of options that you can choose from for your love. While we previously ideated all the women out there on some of the most thoughtful gift ideas for their husbands, it’s time we get them wives ready to be spoiled and pampered. And hence, we’ve curated our own little repertoire of some of the most unique and romantic gift ideas for wife especially, handpicked by us.

So, if you’ve landed here looking for incredible gift options for your wife, you’re in for a treat! Scroll down below and get set shopping!

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Best Romantic Gift Ideas For Wife

While you’re sure to find that perfect gift for your wifey skimming through this list, we’ve curated a small guide to help you choose one. A lowdown on some important things to consider while picking a gift for her, these tips would even help you choose gifts for anyone in general.

A classic Banarasi

A timeless Banarasi saree is one of the prettiest gifts for wife that you can get your wife! It’s a classic wardrobe staple and every woman swears by its grace and charm. She’s definitely going to love it!

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Jewellery always work

Jewels (of all kinds and not just diamonds) are a woman’s best friend. While it makes for a fail-safe choice, what you want to gift her depends on you. Right from real diamonds and gold jewels to statement everyday and occasion wear pieces, the options are endless. Figure out your wife’s taste and gift accordingly.

Comfy loungewear

‘Tis the time of staying home and comfortable yet stylish loungewear is something that you can never go wrong with. For instance, this striking set by designer Kanika Goyal is simply perfect. Your wife wouldn’t want to step out of this for sure!

Facial massagers combo

There’s nothing like a relaxing facial massage at the end of the day and hence, massage tools make for one of the most romantic gifts for wife! So, go ahead and gift her this Rose Quartz face roller and Gua Sha combo that she can literally use for herself. You can add a bottle or two of facial oils in your hamper.

Bejewelled belts

Belted outfits are a rage and women swear by this trend big time. Be it a lehenga, a saree, an Indo-western outfit, a pant-suit or a dress, adding a belt literally spins it all around with a dash of chic. So, how about gifting her a stunning bejewelled belt (or belts) that would complement her occasion wear?! A unique gift like this is surely going to take her by surprise hence, making up for one of the best gifts for wife.

BUY: Ozel

Extravagant brooches

Brooches never fail to amaze women and more so, when they’re a big hit and one of the most chic ways to accessorize an outfit! Whether it’s a simplistic yet statement pin for her evening wear, a quirky and cool one for her casual outfits or a heavily bejewelled one to amp up her Indian wear, brooches can never be enough!

BUY: Blingg

Scented candles

Scented candles surely make up for one of the most romantic gifts for wife and one can never have enough of them. Breathing in an aroma-filled air after a long tiring day or having a bubble bath with heavenly candles around works wonders! She’s going to love it and well, there’s nothing better than having your home smell divinely.

Sultry lingerie

Lingerie has always made for the most romantic gift ever! So, turn up the heat in your bedroom, go ahead, and give your lady love some gorgeous pieces that she’d love slipping into and you’d love seeing her in!

BUY: Clovia

Sneakers she's been eyeing

Whether she’s a sneakerhead or not, there ain’t anybody who doesn’t love a pair of cool shoes. If there’s a pair she’s been eyeing or she would love, guess it’s time to surprise her!

Source: VegNonVeg

Get desserts delivered

Is she having a bad day? Get her desserts! Is there an achievement that needs to be celebrated? Get her a cake or cupcakes! Is there no reason at all to satisfy her sweet tooth? Nevermind, get her favorite cookies delivered! Whether your wife’s a foodie, on a diet, or a vegan, there’s literally a dessert for everyone! Yes, sugar-free and vegan ones too!

Bath & body hamper

Fragrant bath products are a total charmer and a hamper in her favorite fragrance makes for a stunning gift option. Right from scrub and body wash to body lotion and a mist, a hamper consists of it all and more. So, shop them all from her favorite brand and surprise her right away!

Romantic date at home

Going out on dates is fine but, have you ever surprised your wife with a romantic date at home? Get a dreamy setup done in your backyard, on your terrace or inside your hall. Cook her favorite meals, open a bottle of wine, maybe even arrange for binge-watching her favorite show or series and spend the night away in each other’s arms.

Decor: Atisuto

A trendsetter potli bag

A potli bag is a must in every woman’s occasion wear wardrobe and one can never be enough. So, whether your wife has some pieces in her troves or not, this trending potli bag is surely going to light up her closet and elevate her outfits stunningly.

BUY: Amyra

LED dreamcatcher

There’s nothing as surreal as an LED dreamcatcher and this pretty pastel-hued gorgeousness makes for the perfect gift for your love! A dreamcatcher appeals to everyone’s heart and gifting her one sounds like a great plan!

A therapeutic spa sesh

Everybody needs and deserves a heavenly spa session and hence, gifting her one would surely make her feel loved! Team it up with manicure and pedicure packages and it would make for one of the most romantic gifts for her.

Source: Sawadhee

Makeup or jewellery organizers

There’s no such thing as too much makeup or too much jewellery for a woman. So, how about gifting her something that would make it easier for her to take care of her coveted treasures? Surprise her with some stylish organizers or quirky vanities because we women really need them!

Skincare combo

Let your wife pamper herself and indulge in some skin goodness by gifting her this skincare combo. A brand that boasts of authentic Ayurvedic products, this combo contains basic everyday essentials loaded with natural ingredients!

Real flower jewellery

Looking for something offbeat and oh-so-pretty to gift to your wife? How about giving her jewellery that’s got real flowers preserved in resin? Be it necklaces, earrings, rings, or even juda pins, flower jewellery is available in a lot of styles and every piece is different from the other.

Hot gym wear

If your wife is a fitness enthusiast or takes her gym wardrobe as seriously as she took her wedding trousseau, then there ain’t anything better than some hot and stylish workout clothes. Be it sexy sport bras, tracks or t-shirts, gym outfits are never enough for someone who loves working out!

Source: PUMA

Quirky juttis

Whether laden with traditional embroideries and sequins or boasting of quirky motifs and a contemporary vibe, juttis make for one of the best gifts for wife. There’s literally a jutti for every occasion and every outfit and hence, a stylish pair is bound to make her happy.

Healthy snacks hamper

Save your wife the guilt of munching every now and then by gifting her a hamper of healthy snacks. Made with alternate healthy ingredients, such snacks are a total savior and without comprising on the taste!

Designer travel vanity

Pretty vanity kits that your wife can use to keep her essentials while travelling are something that she would never dislike. Especially, when they are this stunning and from designer Payal Singhal’s coveted collections. This combo consisting of a large, a medium, and a small-sized kit is just perfect.

Make her a cozy corner

Cozy and dreamy spaces in a home are worth having and if yours doesn’t have one, it’s time you make one for her. Whether it’s a small reading nook in a corner or a magical setting for your early morning or evening coffee time together, theme it around something she loves. Complete with lounge chairs, table, fancy upholstery, art, candles, lights, and lots of green, it’s bound to end up becoming her favorite corner.

Workshop for her hobby

Does your wife have a hobby that she loves indulging in like art, dancing, singing, etc.? Because if she does, booking her a private class or a workshop for that hobby would make her so happy. Brownie points if you’d join her too!

Modish sling bags

Women can never have enough bags and if you want to gift her one that stands out for its class and understated elegance, then Nappa Dori slings are simply perfect. Available in different hues and styles, the bags are a total charmer and while you’re at it, you might also want to check out their wallets or laptop bags!

Jewellery & trinket storage

These adorable trinket storage jars for her bedside table or her dresser make up for a stunning gift that she would definitely love using. They come in different styles and design that you can check out and choose for her.

A stunning watch

Yet another fail-safe gifting option that your wife would love is a watch! With truckloads of styles and designs and brands available out there, the options to choose from are innumerable. The key is to first figure out the kind of style and brand she would prefer and then look for watches that fit into that mould or maybe there’s a watch that she’s been meaning to buy for sometime now?!

Source: Fossil

Resin art goodies

Resin art pieces have been a huge rage for quite sometime now and we promise your missus is going to love one. Right from lit-up monograms and artifacts to pieces like coasters, tableware, bookmarks, everyday essentials, phone covers, frames etc., the variety of resin products is a lot. You might have to go an extra mile while researching but hey, anything to make her happy, right?

Multi-purpose wooden stand

Whether it’s to quirk up the all-green corner of the home that she loves more than anything or an addition to her bookshelf, this wooden frame can be used in a lot of ways. You can also incorporate this piece if there’s a magical space you’re planning to create for her at the home.

Luxury flower box combo

If she loves flowers and you want to go overboard, a luxury flower box like this is perfect. In fact, this combo with a champagne, glasses, chocolates, and macaroons along with, is definitely one of the most romantic gifts for wife.

BJUY: Fiorella

At-home mani-pedi kits

If your wife indulges in at-home pamper sessions, then a mani-pedi kit is what you should gift her. Complete with different care products and tools, such kits are also a savior for when she can’t make it to a salon sesh and wants to get things done at home.

Scarves and stoles

Every woman needs scarves and stoles in her wardrobe and they make for one of the most popular gifts for wife. Whether it’s a last-minute present or you’re looking for something to include in a hamper, scarves will never fail you.

Date night with setup

Take her out for a dinner date but, go overboard to take her by surprise. Book a space, have it decked up in the most romantic way possible with soft music playing and make the most of the evening. You can also buy her a dress and accessories for the evening and plan it all just like they do in the movies.

A romantic getaway

A surprise getaway or a vacation is something that everybody loves. Whether it’s for her birthday or for your anniversary, plan the entire trip and take her away from the world where it’s just the two of you together.

5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Gifts For Wife

Whether it’s a heartwarming gesture or an extravagant gift, the key to surprising someone lies in what would make them happy. And hence, it’s super important to choose a gift wisely and with thoughtfulness.

Before you set out on your hunt for the perfect gift for your wife, here are a few things you should ponder over first.

What she wants

There’s nothing better than giving your wife what she really wants or needs. Is there something that she’s been eyeing for sometime now? Is there something that she really needs that would make life easier or her heart happier? Has she been dropping you hints about the kind of gift or surprise that she’d like? Pay attention!

The occasion

The occasion at which you want to surprise her makes shortlisting the gifts relatively easier. While you can plan a surprise romantic getaway for your anniversary, you might want to throw her a party on her birthday. If it’s a big achievement or a huge milestone she’s crossed, giving her something associated with it would make for a great choice.

Her taste / preferences

Every person is different and so are their preferences and likings. While some women loves fancy and expensive gifts, others simply yearn for handmade or personalized goodies. While some women prefer time and attention, others find their happiness in grand gestures. So, it’s important to figure our what your wife really prefers and then plan a surprise or a gift accordingly.

Her favorites

Right from her favorite color, places, and brands and designers, to favorite food, movies, series, hobbies, etc., every favorite of hers can point you towards a thoughtful gift for her.

Personal touch

No matter what romantic gifts for wife you choose, always add a personal touch to it. Write her a heartfelt note along with to sweep her off her feet or maybe even pack the gift yourself?!


Whether you’re looking for romantics gifts for wife, utility gifts, or an experience for her to enjoy, there’s literally so much that you can surprise her with. Even if it’s as simple yet romantic as writing her a love letter. It’s never about how expensive the gifts are but, always about your intentions and effort that you put into finding a gift for her.

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