#Trending: New-Age Sehras For Grooms By Mrinalini Chandra

By Divya Arora .

Because “dulhe ka sehra suhana lagta hai”, it is only fitting that it shines as exquisitely as his royal jewels and his crisp sherwani. While the classic beaded and floral sehras have ruled the groom fashion industry since like forever now, it wasn’t until recent when ace jewellery couturier Mrinalini Chandra decided to add a fresh twist to them.

With a desire to create something special for men in terms of jewellery, Mrinalini & team decided to work their take on something that’s never been done before! And presenting the classic sehras in a new avatar, she recently launched Enamel Sehras that are one exquisite piece of accessory adding that extra oomph to the groom’s look!

And while this stunning line of enameled sehras will be followed by a line of customized ones, we as it is can’t stop obsessing over this statement piece that Kartik Kapoor wore.

Intricately hand made & hand assembled in Jaipur across a span of two months, the design is curated in their signature Jasmine flower motifs with cream and baby pink Jaipuri enamel on 24 carat gold plating.

While Kartik opted for this unique & delicate piece, his lady love Sujata too opted for stunning customized Love Story kaliras.

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