51 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For A Round Face

By Divya Arora .

Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid, or a wedding guest, choosing a hairstyle while glamming up isn’t as easy as fitting in that last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s like when you’ve slipped into that gorgeous ensemble and accessorized it perfectly with makeup that complements; it’s basically your hairstyle that crowns your entire look. And well, a crown should always look at its glorious best.

With that said, picking that perfect hairstyle depends on a lot of aspects one of which, and an essential one is your face shape. While you can obviously pull off whatever hairstyle you like, a hairdo that flatters your face shape further accentuating it always sounds more like a plan. And especially if you’re “the bride”.

Amongst all the beautiful face shapes, the one that we’re going to help you style with a stunning hairdo today, is the round face shape. And if you’re a round faced bridey or a bridesmaid, you’re in for a treat! We chalked out some amazing hairstyles for a round face to leave you spoilt for choices along with a quick guide that will help you choose one.

Best & Beautiful Hairstyles For A Round Face

If you have a round face, your jawline, cheekbones, and the forehead would fall in the same line. Also, the length and width of your face would be same, almost circular, with no sharp angles but rather, softer ones. With a comparatively smaller chin, your cheekbones would be the widest part of your face.

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While styling a round face is a tad bit difficult than other face shapes, there’s still a lot you can do with your hair. So first things first, let’s have a look at some of the best hairstyles for a round face shape.

1. Appealing curls

For how the upper half of the hair is tied in twists and the rest are left open in beautiful curls, we absolutely adore this hairstyle. While subtle hair accessories beautify the hairstyle, the messy updo and minimal side swept bangs create an illusion of an elongated face.

2. Charm of earlocks

For that gorgeous bridal bun, opt for a low bun with messy earlocks defining your face while pretty flowers accentuate your bun. This floral bun is unquestionably one of the best hairstyles for a round face for brides who want to go traditional on their bridal hair.

3. A braided bun

A low and messy braided bun like this is a great choice to have you looking like a million bucks be it on your wedding or your reception.

4. The tiara game

We love how this bride’s hair has been styled and how this simplistic yet captivating hairdo would also work wonders for a bride with a round face. Hair left open in loose beachy waves topped with a tiara makes up for a such a smart blend wherein, while your tiara would do all the talking the waves would cover up your cheeks’ plumpness.

5. Classic messy bun

A timeless messy bun is one of the best hairstyles for a round face whether you’re a bride, her girly, or even her mother. Leave it as it is or have it accessorized with flowers or hair clips, the choice is yours.

6. Of braids & twists

This hairstyle topped with a one side braid and lots of flowers is perfect if you have long stunning hair. The tousled look adds an apt tinch of casualness while it’ll work like magic for your round face.

7. Volume it up

Making up for one of the latest hairstyles for a round face, the way the volume factor works in this hairstyle is so fresh and smart. While the thick voluminous braids in the front coupled with the puff at the crown would add height to your face, the luscious locks left open & looking heavier would make your face look thinner.

8. Go mohawk

A low-rise Mohawk updo embellished with a pearl and stone hairclip, this hairdo makes up for a trendy hairstyle for a round face. While the volume on the top will make your face look elongated, the fringes will work their charm making this look perfect for your reception!

9. A twists bun

And who would’ve thought that a few twists and a puff would come together to create a hair bun so stylish?! What further makes this bun outshine are the striking florals and the waterfall earrings making this hairstyle a super flamboyant one.

10. Wavy with braids

A rather popular hairstyle for a round face type and in fact for everyone, while the top of the braid adds volume to your hair, the loose curls add dimension unmatched. Also, the cutesy rosette right in the centre holding it all looks so gorgeous.

11. Twist it all up

This low bun created with symmetrical hair twists and turns is such a treat to look at. The side swept bangs in the front teamed up with wisps of hair let loose, this hairdo should definitely make it to your saved lists. Further accentuated with bead and stone encrusted pins, we’re swooning over this one!

12. A blend of open & tied

While the side parted upper section of the hair is pinned in twists, the lower cascading section is loosely tied with jewel strings that give it an open hair vibe too. And for how the back of your hairstyle is surely gonna get heads turning, the earlocks and twists in the front will make your face look slimmer.

13. Use that matha-patti

If you wanna give those simple open hair a miss then this latest hairstyle for a round face or any other is for you. For how the bride’s matha-patti divides the hair and holds the front section in their place to keep your cheeks covered, this hairdo is such a smart play. While it leaves enough of your face open to let your makeup shine, it covers your face enough to not make it look plump.

14. A chic updo

A thick crown braid that infuses into a messy bun at the back leaving tousled earlocks cascading in the front, this trendy hairstyle for a round face should definitely make it to your bookmarks. Be it for your engagement or cocktail or your wedding or reception, this hairstyle would literally go on any of your ceremonies.

15. A pony with a high head

While you go for that low wavy ponytail, having some volume added at the top of your ahead along with some swooping bangs falling on your face freely would look splendid and also make your face look slimmer.

16. Waves of liveliness

With crown hair tied in a puff and the rest left open in wavy tresses accessorized with white and pink florals, this hairstyle is a classic yet, a breath of fresh hair. And it’s not just one of the best hairstyles for a round face but, for every face type.

17. Play with the earlocks

Know that you don’t always have to leave your earlocks cascading freely in the front. For how the hairstylist twisted them over the bride’s matha-patti, it adds such a unique dash of contemporary to a classic bridal bun. Coupled with a few wisps left out, the hairstyle is an absolute marvel.

18. Go wavy, go twisty

A striking and trendy hairstyle for a round face, we love how this hairstyle is such a heavenly and simplistic blend of open and tied, waves and twists, and messy and sophisticated. The hairdo quite gracefully fall over the bride’s stunning back outfit elevating her look further.

Hair: Reba Khan

19. Curated with uniqueness

Making up for a unique and one of the latest hairstyles for a round face, this half-tied wavy hairstyle with an accessorized fluffy braid is surely for keeps. Apt for both brides and bridesmaids, especially with long hair, this hairstyle will lend you a distinctive edge.

20. The glorious high bun

It’s not that if you have a round face, a high ponytail or a high bun isn’t meant for you. You can easily do a high hairstyle provided it’s nothing tightly pulled back. For instance, this high bun is a rather loose one and in fact boasts of a height at the crown that’ll give you an illusion of a longer face thus, making it an apt choice.

21. Simplistic braid

While this fishtail braid hairstyle looks totes adorbs, you can choose for yourself any kind of low braid and have it bedecked exactly like this. Be it with flowers or a jada or even no accessory for that matter, you can never go wrong with a classic braid irrelevant of your face type.

22. Half open that’s offbeat

This pretty half-open hairstyle has stolen our heart quite literally! Spectacularly accessorized with scattered pearls, pastel-hued hair accessory, and rosette knots, this hairstyle is oozing with an enchanting charm.

23. A contemporary bridal bun

A messy bun created while adding a puff kinda volume at the top, this hairstyle for round face is beyond perfect as it’s super chic, elegant, and yet casual.

24. A heavy braid detailing

A gorgeous Dutch braid with infinity micro-braid detailing, coupled with baby’s breath flowers and and popping blue and yellow butterflies, this hairstyle is the perfect pick for your mehndi ceremony.

25. Charm of basic

Opting for classic open tresses done in loose long curls without decking it up any further is something that you would never go wrong with. It’s effortless, easily manageable, and works like a charm without any sho-sha needed. Have them in a side part or a middle, the choice is yours.

26. Stunning florals

We just can’t stop crushing over this braided bun bedecked with exquisite flowers in the hues of maroon and white. It’s gonna look super elegant on any ceremony and with any outfit of yours.

27. Loose side braids

Loose side braids accentuated with striking flowers is one of the most popular hairstyles for a round face. You can also choose to leave a few wisps out on the other side to make your face look more angular.

28. Twist & tie

A charmingly pretty take on the usual braids, have your hair done in thick twists tied at the back while leaving the rest of the hair open in loose waves.

29. Classic bridal bun

This bride’s bun is loosely and distinctively made giving it a tousled look that suits a round face shape. While it’s all messy and casual, it looks graceful too.

30. Braid-like with a twist

Exuding braid-like feels, this hairstyle is created by twisting and turning wavy hair and further decorated with Baby’s Breath flowers. The voluminous top makes this one of the best hairstyles for a round face.

31. Minimally tied

Instead of going for a thick braid, heavy twists, or a proper puff, pick a few strands of your hair and twist and tie them at the back. This will leave more hair along your hairline to cascade down in curls or waves covering your face from the sides making it look slimmer.

32. Loosely structured bun

Complete with earlocks and loosely set hair throughout, this bridal bun is a great pick both for that gown and the lehenga that you’d pick. It’ll make you look glamorous and easy-breezy at the same time.

33. An artful hairdo

A huge low bun marked with a side braid and swoop bangs defining the edge of the face, this hairstyle for a round face is a bomb! Of course, with strategically cascading locks adding umpteens to it all.

34. Half-tie goes eclectic

Tying this bridey’s hair in the most unique and stylish manner, this hairstyle screams of effervescence and romance all at once making it a perfect pick for any of your pre and post wedding ceremonies.

35. An all twist bun

Whether it’s the front twisted hair or the entire bun created with hair tied together in twists, this reception bun is gonna grab all those eyeballs for sure.

36. Messy side braid

A fluffy side braid made in a messy yet sophisticated way further decorated with flowers makes up for a popular hairstyle for a round face. It lends a chic yet Boho look that makes everybody go weak in the knees.

37. A side tucked affair

Simplistic blow dried and side parted hair tucked on one side creates a perfect balance of show and hide making your face look a less plump as it creates a dimension.

38. An elegant updo

Go all modish with this bun hairstyle that’s so contemporary yet would look good even with Indian outfits.

39. The ponytail saga

If you want to ditch that classic voluminous ponytail then this accessorized beauty is meant just for you. A little backcombing for that added subtle height at the crown teamed up with a side braid and huge side swept bangs and voila, you’re good to go! And oh, don’t forget that stunning hair piece boasting of being one helluva highlight in your hairstyle.

40. The crisscross tie

This side part and half open hairstyle is one trendy hairstyle for a round face and in general as well. Loosely done braids looking more like hair strands being crisscrossed tie the upper part of your hair while the other freely falls down their entire length. So princessy!

Hair: Reba Khan

41. That heightened bun

If you’re a round faced bride and want to do a traditional bun for your d-day without having your cheeks look all plump then this one is for you. Adding volume at the top of your head makes your face look longer. Hence, instead of opting for a neat bun choose a bun like this!

42. Heavy luscious braid

Perfect for brides with long hair, a side braid like this marked with a high top and huge flowers would be an ideal mehndi hairstyle. And not to forget how a braid like this would grab all the attention making it linger away from the shape of your face.

43. Fishtail galore

While hair tied in twists and braids is a popular thing, hair strands tied in intricate fishtails look so offbeat. It is precisely those fishtail braids that make this hairstyle a trendy one for a round face shape.

44. Your head jewellery counts

It’s not just your hairstyle but your head jewellery as well that affects your face. For instance, a matha-patti that’s placed along the length of your hairline will make your face look more round & defined. Whereas, a maang-tikka like this that’s supposed to be placed in the middle creates a divide which makes styling the front of your hair accordingly easier.

45. A basic braid bun

A low lying heavy bun is a classic hairdo that’ll go with your Indian wear and with your western wedding look too.

46. Add that dimension

What gives this classic side braid hairstyle a unique twist is the how the front fringes of the hair have been used to lend volume at the top.

47. Of multiple twists and curls

With multiple twisted strands and curled hair pinned in a bun, this hairstyle makes up for one of the best hairstyles for a round face.

48. A voluminous braid

A high fishtail braid paired up with high twisting hair and wisps, this braid hairstyle would doll you up quite radiantly.

49. The classic puffs

Yet another classic and an all-time take on simple open hair, while you leave your curled or wavy hair open, accentuate it with a puff on the crown of your head to add an unmissable height to it.

50. Bun with a side-part

If you love parted hair and don’t want to wear a high no-part bun then this is the perfect pick for you!

51. Of swooping bangs

While you do your crown braid half-open hairstyle, don’t miss out on some heavy bangs that swoop down their length falling a bit on your face covering the wide cheekbones.

Quick Guide To Select Best Hairstyles For Your Round Face

What You Wear
One of the most basic rules to follow while deciding on your hairstyle or even makeup and jewellery is to decide on your outfit first. Your outfit makes the most noise and creates a base to ideate your look around. So even before you set out choosing for the best hairstyle for your round face, finalize your outfits first and then start considering all the options you can choose from.

Avoid Sleek Hairdos
Sleek or super straight hairdos like a slicked back bun, or even a tight ponytail can make your face look more round and chubbier. And while such hairstyles are great to let your makeup outshine, they’ll draw absolute attention to your face.

Go Voluminous
If you have a round face then your best bet is to opt for hairstyles that boast of volume and lusciousness. Textured and bouncy hair make your face appear slimmer and especially if you let loose some gentle fringes or wisps on either sides of your face. Even if you have your hair tied up in a bouncy ponytail or bun, those little wisps will help in framing the shape of your face.

Create That Illusion
One of the greatest hacks while choosing a hairstyle for a round face is to add some volume on the top. Be it with your tied up hair, half-tied hair, or even that bridal bun, adding volume on top will create and illusion of a softer and a longer face. But then of course, don’t forget those wisps and bits coming out from out on the sides so that they take off that roundness.

Let Loose
And if you still can’t find a hairstyle that you’re absolutely sure about then let your hair down in open wavy locks. If you have long layered hair, you can go sleek on them, otherwise have your hair in a side part or blunt middle done in loose waves or curls (not tight). In fact, a good bouncy blow dried mane would suit you too. And well, open hair would go with any outfit that you’d pick.


And now that you know how to style your round face perfectly and have been ideated with truckloads of amazing hairstyles, go get slaying that wedding already!

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