Everything You Must Know About Haldi Ceremony In Indian Weddings

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Indian weddings are known for their larger than life decor and fun-filled traditions. Every ritual performed during an Indian wedding has a significance of its own and a reason behind its existence. One such ceremony of great importance is the ‘Haldi Ceremony’. This ritual also happens to be among one of the most loved pre-wedding rituals as it is filled with fun and flare resulting in tons of beautiful memories to cherish.

The Haldi ceremony is where the bride and groom are covered in turmeric paste. A paste prepared with turmeric (Haldi), sandalwood, and curd, and then this is rubbed upon the bride and groom before a ceremonial bath. Turmeric has been popular for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and also holds a special place and significance in Hindu weddings.

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Since this is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals, it is always celebrated in the most extravagant ways. This ceremony promises maximum fun and giggles from start to end. With all of this being said, have you ever wondered why is this ceremony of so much significance? Why does it take place before every wedding celebration? Why do people believe that skipping this ritual could be inauspicious? Well, we are here to explain it all to you and answer all the questions that you have in mind related to this beautiful ceremony.

Key Ingredients To The Perfect Haldi Paste

The Haldi paste is the main element of this ceremony and hence getting it right is of utmost importance as it will be applied and rubbed on the groom and the bride. There is no room for error when it comes to this. The paste prepared on this day is referred to by different names across all states and caste. Tel Baan, Mandha, and Ubtan are a few names given to this Haldi paste depending on regions and states.

Curious to know how can you make the right paste? Well, we’ll tell you! Mix Haldi (Turmeric) with fresh rose water, milk, mustard oil, sandalwood powder (Chandan), almond powder, and lemon juice. Combine all of these ingredients well to get a mixture with a thick consistency. Properties of Haldi along with the bright yellow colour of the paste is said to make the bride and groom’s skin glow and shine. This paste is generally made by the ladies of the house and is later applied to the bride and groom with the help of mango leaves.

Why Is This Ritual So Auspicious?

The Hindus have always believed that the colour yellow is auspicious as per rituals & traditions. It is also believed that this bright and vibrant colour, when applied to the bride & groom before they start a new chapter in their life, will bring them good luck and prosperity. 

This sacred paste, when applied to unmarried people, is believed to bring them good luck in terms of marriage for their future. The old tales also say that when this sacred pasted is applied on the face & the body of an unmarried person, they will soon find a good life partner. Along with all of this, Haldi is also known for keeping away ‘evil eye’ or rather ‘Buri Nazar’ and hence this ritual is performed so that the bride & groom can be kept away from all the evil eye while they step on to begin a new chapter in their lives.

The Process

The Haldi ceremony is a ritual that is performed by both, the bride and the groom. This ceremony generally takes place a day or two before the actual wedding day. This ritual is performed in the morning where the fresh Turmeric paste is applied to the bride’s and groom’s body which includes the face, neck, hand, and legs with the help of mango leaves. 

Once the bride and groom have been anointed with the Haldi paste, the mood of this ceremony changes to playful one where then everyone starts playing around and applying it to each other. This ritual is then followed by a ceremonial bath for the bride & groom.

Significance Of Haldi Ceremony

There are ample of beliefs and significance of this ritual being performed at Indian weddings. From warding off the evil eye to brightening up to couples’ skin and to bring good luck, the list could go on and on. It is also said that Haldi can alleviate the pre-wedding jitters that the bride and groom would be going through. 

Apart from this, there is also some kind of science behind this ritual is performed. The curcumin that is present in Haldi is said to work like an anti-depressant that will help to calm and ease the nervousness the couple would be facing. So, as we can see, the science and significance behind this ceremony is never-ending. A few other signs of this ceremony are listed below.

1. Skin Beautification

Haldi has multiple unique properties that are said to be really good for the skin. Applying Haldi on the skin during this ceremony will help to prevent the formation of acne of the bride and groom’s face and will help in making their face look glowy and bright. It also works as an excellent exfoliating agent that will remove all the dead skin. All in all, it works like a good detoxifier for the skin.

2. A Soothing Feeling

Haldi has characteristics that help to ease the nervousness among couples before they step foot for their new journey. Bride’s and grooms generally face wedding anxiousness and stress before their big day and hence this ceremony helps them relax their mind.

3. Auspicious Colour

As per Hindu traditions, the colour ‘Yellow’ is always believed to be an auspicious one. It is believed to bring prosperity into the lives of the newlyweds. Hence, the area where the bride and groom during this ceremony will always be decorated with yellow flowers.

4. Keeps The Evil Charm Away

With all of the superstition around this, it is believed that the Haldi ceremony is performed to ward off the evil charm away from the couple. Some also believe that after the Haldi ceremony the bride and groom should not step out of the house, due to the fear of evil omen.

5. A Full Filled Ceremony

A Haldi ceremony is a fun-filled affair. A lot of friends and family members await this ceremony as it includes a lot of fun, laughter, and dancing.

Do’s and Don’ts To Keep In Mind

Make your Haldi ceremony the most memorable one as a part of your wedding celebration journey by keeping in mind a few things. Keep these checks in place as it will ensure a hasslefree and enjoyable event. So, here is a list of a few things your wedding planner or you should keep in mind while planning this event.

1. Decide and make a guest list for your Haldi ceremony. The bride/groom should remember to call all their loved ones and friends who would enjoy this ritual to the fullest.

2. Once the guest list has been decided, the next thing to do is to decide on the venue. Generally, the Haldi ceremony is done at home but considering the number of people and so on, it is ideal to pick an outdoor venue for this ceremony.

3. Once your venue is decided, go ahead and choose the decor, props, and theme for this ceremony. Feel free to experiment by keeping the decor and props vibrant and also remember to incorporate yellow in your theme and decor.

4. Create an exciting playlist and hand it over to your DJ. Remember this ceremony is all about the fun vibe.

5. Have a few fun games arranged for your close family and friends and also your partner. Keep it quirky or fun. This could also be a surprise element in the ceremony.

6. Meet with the event organizers and shortlist a fresh and light menu for this event, something that is refreshing would absolutely work wonders.

While this pre-wedding function is all about fun along with friends and family coming together, Do not forget the tradition in between all of the fun. The Haldi ceremony is a good mix of fun and traditions, a lot of people often tend to ignore the tradition and its value.

Impress your guest, Here’s how!

The people who mean the most to you and your partner are always invited to be a part of this wedding celebration as they are who you want around you during your happy as well as sad times. So, they absolutely deserve a “Thank you” for being with you and a part of your special day. Here are a few things you can do to overwhelm them.

1. Special favour bag/souvenir

2. Floral, Gota, or thread jewellery for the bride tribe.

3. Face packs with fancy or creative packaging

4. Witty and fun photobooths

5. Quirky props for all the selfie addicts

6. Floral Tiara’s for the gorgeous women

Trend Alert!

Perhaps, one of the most important things to consider while planning this day is your outfit for that ceremony. Everyone’s eyes would be on you and your groom undoubtedly. Hence, make sure that your outfit is on point and worth a second look. Thanks to the evolution in fashion, you have multiple options to choose from when it comes to your Haldi Ceremony outfit. 

Our top suggestion would be to try new designs and variations. These days floral jewellery has become very popular for Haldi ceremonies and so pick an outfit and then complete it with some fresh and vibrant floral accessories.

To help you some outfit and accessories ideas, here are some brides that rocked their Haldi ceremony outfit.

Splash of Colours

We adore this one as it is a perfect combination of trendy and classy. The vibrant colours and the design look amazing together.

The Perfect Blend of Shades

Orange and yellow are the desired colours for a Haldi ceremony and hence most brides try and pick their outfits from this colour palette. You can opt for a heavy and printed lehenga or balance it out with a mix of heavy and something simple. Remember, whatever you choose to wear, ensure it is comfortable as comfort always comes first.

Floral Accessories

These days floral accessories have been gaining a lot of popularity among all new aged brides. And why not? It looks effortless and gorgeous when worn. You can pick flowers that are contrasting to the colour of your outfit or maybe go for all the same colours to match your outfit. Not to forget, these floral accessories are lightweight and very comfortable.

Vibrant Beauty

This outfit and the bride is such a stunner!

Contrast for the Win!

Doesn’t she look like a complete goddess? Red and yellow hand in hand. They look so beautiful together. Apart from that what we also love is the colour of the yellow. It isn’t the usual bright yellow or a really dull yellow. It is the right pick as it is totally complimenting this brides’ complexion and making her glow even more.

Simple and Cute

Opting to wear a simple salwar suit with some traditional jewellery could also do wonders for your Haldi ceremony.

Go For An All Yellow Outfit

This bride is slaying this in all yellow lehenga worn on her Haldi ceremony day. She has displayed a complete balance of poise by adding some heavy contrast coloured jewellery to a subtle single coloured lehenga.

Not too Simple nor OTT

A lehenga is always an ideal pick among brides for deciding on their Haldi ceremony outfit. Something trendy like this with the right blend of colours, prints, and tassels would look gorgeous.


The Haldi ceremony is a ritual that is coated with love, fun, emotions, and lots of music and dancing. It is a run-up to the most-awaited big day. This ceremony is one of the most significant ones that indicates the commencement of the grand wedding preparation. Undoubtedly, Indian weddings and the rituals bound with them are super fun but also each ceremony has a hidden meaning behind its existence and being performed. So, do not forget to take inspirations from these stellar ideas and make your Haldi ceremony a smashing hit. 

With all the information above, we hope you are all set to plan your Haldi ceremony or enjoy one to the fullest. Hopefully, we have answered all the doubts related to this ceremony. If not, do write to us over anything we missed out or any other crazy thing related to the Haldi ceremony.


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