From Proposal To Engagement: This Couple’s Union Is Legit Goals

By Divya Arora .

Maktub, an Arabic word meaning “it’s all written”, is not just a mere word. Rather, it’s a belief. A belief that destiny plays a huge role, a belief that what’s meant for you will find it’s way to you, and a belief in the Universe summed up in a single word. And when we came across Pankti & Jai’s tale of love, we knew exactly what “destined to be” meant, we knew exactly what “it was all written” meant, and we understood exactly what “Maktub” meant!

The duo’s tale begins years back when Jai was a mere 14 year old boy at a summer camp while Pankti was there too. And while, one of Jai’s best friends befriended her, he couldn’t muster enough courage to even talk to her for how he found her so pretty. Fast forward a few years, the two were introduced to each other by their parents and while Jai immediately recognized her, Pankti swears she had never seen him in her life despite a few mutual friends.

After texting each other for a week, they talked over a call and though short, the conversation was full of laughter and connection. Their next conversation was actually the turning point when it ended up being 8 hours long, by the end of which, they both knew they had found “the one”.

Now, if this isn’t destiny, we don’t know what is!

The Proposal

After spending an entire weekend getting to know each other, the two then met each other’s family and everything progressed further swiftly. It was in September 2019 that Jai proposed to Pankti in the sweetest and the most fun way.

For their shared love for Harry Potter, Jai created a scavenger hunt at a library with riddles from their relationship. For each riddle solved, she was given a present and another riddle that eventually led her to the fourth floor balcony of the library. It was there that he got on one knee and asked her to marry him while their family members peered through the glass windows. Pankti had definitely won her golden snitch!

Framed beautifully by Will Hawkins Photography, these proposal photos will undoubtedly woo your hearts!

The Engagement Bash

The hearty proposal was two months later followed by a dreamy and intimate engagement party where the couple celebrated their love and joy along with all their friends and family members.

Along with their siblings, Pankti & Jai DIY-ed their ceremony decor which lent a warm personal touch to it adding umpteens to the intimate vibe.

For the ceremony, Pankti looked resplendent in a Seasons lehenga done in a surreal ombre of peach and nude pastels. Replete with thread embroideries, pearls, and swarovski crystals, the outfit looked a treat.

While striking jewellery completed her look, a side part neat bun, smokey-shimmery eyes, and subtle makeup by Kellie Corbett took her look a notch above!

Jai, on the other hand, looked classic in a light hued bandhgala by Ajay Arvindbhai Khatri with buttons that matched the pinks in Pankti’s outfit.

Check out the marvelous couple photos captured so aesthetically by Rebecca Burt Photography and be ready to get absolutely swooned over!

Tips From The Bride

Remember that it is more important to focus on what went right, rather than wrong. Be stress free and enjoy your day, as it won’t come again!

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