HD Makeup: The Ultimate Guide To Master Your Bridal Look

By Carryl Fernandes .

When it comes to your ‘dream day’, a lot of calculative decisions need to be made. One of which is your makeup look for that day. With no second thoughts, it is every bride’s dream to look like a complete princess and also be dolled up by the best makeup artist in town. Currently, the most talked-about makeup technique is the HD Makeup technique.

HD makeup is the perfect choice for a bride as it is your wedding and with no doubts, you will be photographed the most and with that being said you want to ensure that your pictures look nothing less than perfect.

Always dreamt of looking like a doll on your wedding day? Then maybe, this is your day to go ‘High Definition’. Here is an ultimate guide on HD makeup that will undoubtedly help you plan your perfect look for your dream day.

What is HD Makeup?

HD or High Definition Makeup is currently one of the most trending makeup techniques adapted by a makeup artist for bridal makeup. This makeup technique is so popular as through the use of cosmetic products and ways your special features are highlighted and enhanced.

This makeup trick accentuates the special features of a bride by highlighting certain features and bringing that into the limelight. This is the most loved technique as through the application of products it can help to conceal flaws and make you ready for that perfect click.

In terms of evolution, makeup has come a long way along with the technology used by photographers and videographers. While we all love natural-looking pictures, the shortcoming of these technologies is that the pictures are way too clear, so much so, that it is impossible to hide flaws like dark circles, blemishes, wrinkles and breakouts on camera. With you being the center of attention for that day, you would want to ensure that you are looking your best and settling for nothing less than that.

HD Makeup works with light scattering and light-reflective particles, with the help of makeup that eases to diffuse and take away the focus from your flaws and to rather highlight your features.

Makeup: Samaira Sandhu

Outfit: Payal Keyal

How is HD Makeup different from other makeup techniques?

High Definition makeup is a total stand out from all other techniques as this technique aims for a sheerer and natural outcome. It perfectly manages to hide marks, blemishes, and also even out skin tones.

The intent of this makeup technique is that the light should hit your best features rather than the others. This is achieved by using a variety of shades by makeup artists. Multiple shades of the foundation would be used to accentuate the curves of your face. Apart from the base shade that would be of your skin tone, the makeup artist would blend and use a combination of lighter and darker shades of foundation to create shadows and highlights.

In today’s times, phones and professional camera’s have got unbelievable clarity, so much so, that if the makeup isn’t done right, it would show up in the images. With wedding pictures being a keepsake of that day, we definitely wouldn’t want to be disappointed looking at them later.

Advantages of HD Makeup

1. It will give you a flawless outcome, which is perfect for your wedding photographs.

2. A thin layer of makeup that wouldn’t look over the top or cakey.

3. With just a thin layer of makeup, your skin wouldn’t feel too heavy and it would be able to breathe as well.

4. Even with just a thin layer of makeup, it will still be able to cover acne, blemishes, and spots.

5. The outcome of HD makeup will look very natural and wouldn’t make you look OTT or unrecognizable.

Disadvantages of HD Makeup

1. It is slightly more expensive than regular bridal makeup as top quality products are used.

2. You would require to book an expert, as a regular makeup artist wouldn’t be able to achieve the desired look.

3. You may have to sit through a few hours for the whole process to achieve full coverage.

How much HD Makeup could cost you?

We spoke with a few top makeup artists in town to understand more about how much can HD Makeup cost and so on. For brides that are looking to opt for HD Makeup for their big day, it can cost you anything from 15,000 rupees right up to 50,000 rupees or even more depending on the makeup artist and look that you want to achieve along with what product are going to be used.

When should you opt for HD Makeup?

HD Makeup is known for its natural and sheer outcome. We recommend that you opt for the high definition makeup technique for the main events of your wedding celebration such as the Sangeet or the main wedding day and reception. These are the events where you need to look your best and stand out from the crowd and so every penny spent on HD Makeup for these events would be unquestionably worth it.

Accentuate your Eyes using HD Makeup

If you are looking to grab attention towards your eyes and highlight it then remember to be sure of two things. The first trick is, of course, your foundation, and the second is the eye shadow that you would use. Get these two things right and we are sure people won’t be able to take their eyes off your eyes.

Accentuate your Lips using HD Makeup

All you brides to be with luscious lips can use the HD Makeup technique to accentuate their lips and highlight that special feature of theirs. This could be achieved with the use of foundation and lipstick. While we do know that a lot of people do not use foundation on their lips, however, if your lips are dark or stained then applying foundation and then colour over it would make it a fresh slate to work on and build the desired colour.

We highly urge brides to use liquid lipsticks for their wedding events as liquid lipsticks tend to last longer and do not require frequent touch-ups. 

HD Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup

While above were a few tricks and techniques that could help you rock your HD Makeup look, we would also like to clear a common confusion among most brides to be with what is the difference between Airbrush Makeup & HD Makeup.

Application Technique

A powder technique is used while applying HD Makeup whereas when it comes to Airbrush makeup it needs to be applied through an airbrush applicator.

Ability to last

Coming to how long would which makeup technique last, hands down it is the Airbrush makeup technique that is clearly long-lasting. This is so, as it is applied layer upon layer and is also water-resistant and hence it is believed that it would last longer than HD Makeup. However, we recommend brides to opt for Airbrush makeup mainly if you have to sit through very very long hours of Pheras or other flow of events. If not, it is best to go for a look created through HD Makeup.

Makeup: Gini Bhogal

Photo: Zohaib Ali

The Final Outcome

The final outcome of HD Makeup is more of a mattifying effect, while airbrush makeup looks relatively moist.

The Cost - HD vs Airbrush

The cost for both of these techniques is more or less the same as they are done by professional makeup artist that would use high-end cosmetic products. However, the price ranges anything between 15,000 rupees which could go up to 50,000 rupees depending on where and who are you getting your makeup done from. Do your research well before the event and then decide on what suits you and your budget the best.


Without a doubt, a wedding celebration is the most photographed event in everyone’s lives. If you are the bride or groom then the focus is on you even more. If you are the couple that is getting married or if you are attending someone’s wedding, you are always going to be surrounded by phones, photographers, and videographers at all times during this celebration. 

With that being said, there is no running away from this. Hence, it is of utmost importance that your makeup game is strong and flawless at all times so that every click turns out to be the perfect one whether a candid one or not.

That’s is why it is of absolute importance to understand what kind of makeup suits your skin the best and what will compliment your entire look for that very day. For all you girls out there that are planning to get a full-blown HD makeup for your wedding or any other special occasion, we hope that this ultimate guide to HD Makeup has given you all the details and answered all our doubts as well. 

Wait no more, make your bridal makeup bookings with the right artist soon!


Edited & Published: Neha Garg Ahuja

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