7 Romantic Experiences For Your Honeymoon in Bali

By Sonali Vij .

Well, for many waiting to execute a honeymoon of their dreams, just hold on a little bit more for time will definitely come when you can travel and make memories to remember for a lifetime.

This is a special blog post as it takes me back to my honeymoon days. We truly had the time of our lives in Bali as there was just so much to explore and let me be honest and share that there was not even a single experience that was a letdown.

What works in favor of Bali as a destination is that each place has its own rich and distinct character so spend your days wisely over different places. Choose between Nusa Dua, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ubud, Seminyak, Gili Sands, and Nusa Penida. You don’t have to stay at all these mentioned places but make your base at two or three places tops and then drive down to the others for a meal or an experience.

Also, another big decision you would have to make would be picking between a villa or a hotel. Truthfully, Bali has some really amazing villas with excellent service and offerings. In most cases, you get lots of privacy with ample space to move around and yes, you get your own little pool too. However, staying in a hotel comes with its own perks too like being in the middle of lots of action. I would recommend you split your holiday equally so that you get the best of both.

Down below we are listing the top 7 romantic experiences/recommendations for you to keep in mind for your trip!

1. Bali Swing

You must have seen its jaw-dropping pictures all over Instagram. So, why not pose with your partner as you get clicked against a breathtaking backdrop? I don’t think you would be going here on all your trips to Bali so do it with your loved one on your honeymoon. You can make the experience a notch higher by hiring an outfit and professional photographer from the spot itself. The experience comes loaded with a meal but yes, be ready to stand in a long line till you get to the swing as that is the case sometimes.

2. Breakfast in the Pool

While you are getting used to getting up to each other, this one experience shall take your morning to another level of joy. Most villas offer this service, so let them know in advance so that you can enjoy your morning in your private pool. Also, I recommend waking up a little early as once the sun is strong- it is hard to stay in the pool for long, forget eating your breakfast!

3. An Evening at Ku De Ta

Bali is loaded with amazing places with an excellent vibe but I am recommending this one in particular for all couples. It has a super romantic setting with dim lights and sea-facing seating and the food too was quite good!

4. Party it up

When with your better half, you gotta let loose and party it up! You could either head to a beach club like Potato Head Beach Club or Finns Beach Club, else there are some amazing options in Motel Mexicola and La Favela.

5. Wake up and head to a Waterfall

When in Bali, then this is a must. Ubud by itself has such a serene and pleasant vibe and to that add driving down to a pristine waterfall- trust me, your day would feel ever so blissful and beautiful.

6. Cafe Crush

Bali has an amazing array of cafes and each one has something unique to offer. Take my suggestion, try as many as you can- a coffee here and a dessert there as you would love the vibe of them all. Some of my favorites include- Sisterfields, Cafe Kim Soo, and Simply Social.

7. Massages and Shopping

Well, not totally romantic but yes very fun when done together. The local stores are on the expensive side so don’t go overboard with shopping but yes do get your hands on some local stuff. And yes, massages are a must and the best way to unwind and relax.

Hope you enjoyed reading this piece. We shall be waiting to hear all about your vacay in beautiful Bali.


Edited & Published by Neha Garg Ahuja

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