I Got 99 Problems But My Trousseau Ain’t One

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It’s no joke. Today’s brides really have 1,000 things to do. Not just with regard to planning a wedding, but between keeping in touch with family, pursuing a career and following her dreams, and trying to make time for friends, let alone taking out time for herself…there’s a lot to be done. In all of this chaos, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to do it all. That’s why there’s India Boulevard.

For the Modern Indian bride

India Boulevard understands the modern bride, her schedule, and her needs. She’s tasked with tackling an unlimited to-do-list, yet she has limited time and resources. She wants to stay on top of everything, and because she’s an all-rounded star who works so hard, her own bridal trousseau deserves to be the best.  Here at The Crimson Bride, we love India Boulevard because they’re quick, efficient, and provide door-to-door customized designer wear that lets brides express their individual style. As a curated online marketplace for Indian fashion, India Boulevard connects customers from all over the world – including brides – with a variety of designers to make custom Indian clothing.

Hand-crafted style

India Boulevard’s looks are fresh and hand-crafted. Some styles are more traditional, while others are modern and edgy. Some are simple and chic, while others have that extra glam factor. There’s literally something for everyone.

And the best part? Anything and everything can be customized. You don’t ever have to worry about wearing the exact same outfit as someone else, because the piece you create with India Boulevard will have your personal touch.

Convenience at your fingertips

And don’t get us started on the convenience factor. Don’t have time to go all the way to India to do your shopping?  Or don’t have time to browse endless shops? Know exactly what you want but can’t find it? That’s where India Boulevard comes in.  They have an endless number of fabulous designs you can browse online from the comfort of your own home.  You can select a design as is, modify it, or even step right into the shoes of an artist and personally design the piece.

That’s why our very own CEO and Founder of The Crimson Bride, Simmi Singh found India Boulevard to be a fit for her. In a rush to get to India for a wedding, she knew she wouldn’t have the time to shop once she got there.  Instead, Simmi worked with India Boulevard to pick a design and customize it to reflect her unique style. The process made life easier and simpler.  Simmi was not forced to settle just because she was busy.  She still got exactly what she wanted, and that, too, before going to India.

The end result?  Thanks to India Boulevard, Simmi was wedding-ready in no time in this beautiful, made-to-order floral lehenga.

Taking care of family

And ladies, while you’re taking care of your trousseau, you can be even more efficient and check the fellas and other family members off your list, too. India Boulevard creates bespoke menswear and childrenswear.

Check out India Boulevard’s designs and success stories right on their website.

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