#WomensDay | Top 21 Female Photographers Redefining The Indian Wedding Industry

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Today is #International Women’s Day. Though it’s not the only day to celebrate the empowerment of women and believe in #EachforEqual, but it’s a day to remind these strong, fabulous women that they can do and achieve anything they put their hearts into. 

In honour of Women’s Day this year, we wanted to recognize and celebrate some of our leading female photographers who are changing the game with their talent & art in the wedding industry. This list is in no particular order. 

1. Mili Ghosh (Mili Ghosh Diaries)

Mili Ghosh is known for her exceptional work photographing happy people during their happiest moments. With about 15 years of experience as a photographer, she is unarguably one of the most famous wedding photographers out there. 

Her use of black and white colors, unique poses, intriguing light and much more only made her get more exposure in the field of weddings.

2. Shruti Khanna (Cupcake Productions)

Romantic, dreamy, and joyful, these three things perfectly define Shruti’s photography style. She not only captures the big moments but also pays attention to detail to the small gestures in between the ceremony. She loves to capture real moments that make the wedding a wonderful celebration of love.

3. Harsheen Jammu (Ombre By Harsheen Jammu)

Harsheen truly can be considered one of the best photographers in the wedding industry. From capturing unexpected moments, and understated elegance, her photos look just out of a magazine.

4. Nisha Ravji

Nisha’s Instagram profile is definitely worth a visit. She does s a mix of fun and contemporary shots while making sure that you have all the must-have images in your wedding album.

PS: I love how the editorial style is very much visible in her photos, especially in the black and white ones.

5. Monisha Ajgaonkar (The Photo Diary)

Monisha does timeless and clean photography which is evidently visible in her photos that come out of emotions, rather than by direction.

The editorial style of her photography makes us visiting her Instagram profile time & again.

6. Sapna Yadav & Aditi Jain (Artfoto Studios)

Sapna and Aditi and are the backbones of Artfoto Studios. They photograph much more than the wedding – the emotions, the feelings, the heartfelt moments that will live on forever.

7. Aastha (Hitched & Clicked)

Aastha focuses on capturing real moments in real-time with joyful energy and beautiful lighting.

She has a vast experience of shooting weddings around the globe and adding that honest smile to her happy clients.

8. Ankita Asthana (WeddingNama Photography)

Whenever I see WeddingNama’s Instagram account, it feels I am a part of all the weddings Ankita’s covered across countries.

She captures the essence of a wedding, the love between the couple, the joy of togetherness, the emotions in the best possible way.

Her bright and joyous photos make it worth checking her work.

9. Shivali Chopra (Stories By Joseph Radhik)

Shivali is one of the best wedding photographers with a perfect balance of editorial and heartfelt wedding moments. She makes sure to personally connect with the couple before shooting which is definitely visible in her gorgeous work.

10. Aditi Verma (Reels & Frames)

Aditi focuses on capturing emotions and real moments that are evidently visible in her photos. Her wedding photos also have a very ethereal feel to them with a fashion flair. She is definitely one of our favorite female photographers in India.

11. Ekta (Sam & Ekta)

Her photos are extremely poetic and timeless with an editorial feel. Ekta considers every wedding as special in its own way and makes it ultra special with her fun, effortless and elegant memories in the form of photos.

12. Harleen Deol (Harleen Deol Photography)

Deeply romantic, old-world inspired photos, and rich textures, all of these make Harleen Deol one of our favorite photographers to follow.

She combines candid and authentic moments to give a great feel to her photos.

13. Dhanika Choksi (Dhanika Choksi Photography)

Dhanika captures every little emotion that takes place at a wedding in the most artistic way.

She brings out the unique beauty of each wedding and strives to create memories sealed in the form of photos with perfection and depth.

14. Simran (Beginnings For You)

Known for her detailed shots, Simran is one of the best candid wedding photographers out there.

She not only captures the bride, groom, the happy moments shared between them but also captures the little details that make their wedding a day to remember. From Jewellery to decor, she definitely knows what it means to put together a wedding.

15. Neeta Shankar (Neeta Shankar Photography)

Neeta Shankar’s style of photography is a unique blend of candid, unexpected and joyful images.

Her gorgeous wedding photography portfolio is proof that she is a master of her art!

16. Priyanka Kamboj (Design Aqua Studio)

Priyanka is known to capture the real moments of a wedding day – from the silly, fun to the teary ones.

She focuses on making the couples, especially brides at ease in front of the camera so they can just be their true selves that result in beautiful, intimate photos you will cherish even 50 years from now!

17. Kanupriya (Fotowalle – The Story Folks)

If color is your thing, then you’ll totally love Kanupriya’s approach to wedding photography. She creates images that capture the essence of weddings and couples, in general.

No matter what’s the location, time or theme, her excellent use of light and composition adds life to your wedding photos.

18. Aayushi (The Wedding Salad)

There’s a timeless and romantic feel to Ayushi’s photos that any couple would love to look back on for years to come. Her photos are high on emotions showcasing your wedding day in the most beautiful way.

19. Megha Israni (Isrrani Photography)

Megha, who specializes in shooting weddings is known to have an eye for detail and creates natural images revealing the story of your wedding day in the most creative way. I personally love her fabulous work, and the riot of colors she plays in.

20. Radhika Pandit (Destination Photographers)

Radhika’s photography style combines an editorial feel with artistic style. Her photos are full of emotions and candid moments from your big day.

21. Rimi Sen (Rimi Sen Photography)

Rimi’s photographs have a timeless sensibility and style. She is fully a part of your wedding to make sure she captures the right moments you cherish for a lifetime.

If you happen to check her Instagram, you will notice that most of her photos are of smiling, happy faces 🙂

If you are getting married anytime soon, and haven’t decided on your photographer yet, then what better to have one of these super-talented female photographers to capture your wedding day. 

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