8 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

If your wedding date happens to be in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, you might be wondering what you should do – whether to postpone your wedding or get married in the presence of your loved ones.

Love in the times of coronavirus is meant for big changes for the couples, as well as for the wedding industry. 

Sprawling resorts are replaced by cozy homes. Big fat weddings have found contentment in intimate ceremonies. But one thing that always adds beauty to your wedding ceremony is your ‘decor’. Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or a lavish wedding, you can always match the decor with the vibe of your ceremony, and make it Pinterest-worthy. 

As couples globally are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, taking the right actions is proving to be challenging for many, and to help, Australian wedding planner & event stylist, ANNA WANG shares certain things to keep in mind while planning a small, intimate wedding.

When asked about her take on intimate weddings, Anna Wang says, “I love intimate weddings just as much as I love the big, grand celebrations. Many people think that just because a wedding is small, it can’t be lavish, but I’ve planned and coordinated so many that have been so luxurious from the beginning. Intimate weddings are so special because they allow the bride and groom to spend more time with their guests and we can see that they love going around and mingling with all of them.

Intimate weddings also allow the final touches to be more personalized, and I love putting together special little details that the bride and groom have asked for.”

From smaller details to personalized elements, here are a lot more tips to look out for and make your intimate wedding, an unforgettable one.

1. Focus on what’s important to you and reconsider the rest

Not all weddings need to have a DJ and an extra fancy wedding cake. If dancing isn’t your thing, then you can opt-out on a dance floor and have a live acoustic band instead.

Focusing on the things that you actually want at the wedding will help free up some budget and make your wedding more personal.

2. Hire the right venue for your guest size

If you have 70 guests at your wedding, holding the reception at a 200 pax ballroom will make the space look empty and less inviting. Doing research beforehand on the venue will ensure that you choose the perfect space for the number of guests that you are expecting. Private gardens, chapels, and small estates are great options for intimate weddings.

3. Go for smaller details rather than big statement pieces

Smaller styling details at an intimate wedding can create a warmer ambiance and make your guests feel more comfortable, rather than opting for big ceiling installations or extravagant centerpieces.

For example, cozy lighting such as candles can be used, as well as creating seating and table layouts to make everyone feel included. Low and lush florals are also a great way to make tables feel luxurious!


4. Stick to your guest list once it’s been finalised 

Once you start planning a small wedding, it will be difficult to keep the guest list to the maximum number – you’ll realize it’s harder to do than you thought!

Anna Wang tells, a good tip to make it easier is to ask yourself ‘Have I spoken to this person recently and/or will their presence be meaningful to me?’ More often than not that will help you cull your guest list and stick to the numbers once it’s been finalized.

5. Consider personalising elements of the wedding

This is what makes an intimate wedding so fun! As there aren’t many guests, introducing details like hand-finished touches and personalized favours will be easier.

For example, working on completely bespoke table settings or personalized notes for each individual guest will be an impactful way to show them how much they mean to you. It can be quite touching to receive these gifts as a guest which is something special a small wedding can allow.

6. Ensure that the big day is still organised to a tee

Although you may feel that your small wedding isn’t on the same scale as a larger one, the flow and organisation of the day still have to be clear to everyone in the bridal party (including the bride and groom).

Make sure no details are overlooked and everyone understands the responsibilities given to them. A wedding coordinator or on-the-day coordinator can help you with creating a truly seamless experience. Coordination and organisation are key for a small guest list.

7. Always have a backup plan

Just because a wedding is intimate, doesn’t mean unforeseen circumstances can’t happen! Things like bad weather, guests arriving late, and issues with vendors can arise, so ensure you have a contingency plan with the bridal party if anything does happen.

For example, if you are planning a garden reception and it rains, can your guests head indoors to continue?

8. It’s all about YOU!

Anna Wang shares, “At the end of the day, you’re here to celebrate a life of commitment and love to each other, so let loose and have fun! Enjoy your big day with the people around you even if (touchwood!) things don’t go 100% to what you planned. What’s most important are the memories you create with your loved ones on your wedding day.”

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