Just Married? 13 Things You Can Do Now Apart From Netflix & Chill

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Who would have thought that the Coronavirus from China would bring a lockdown globally? From living our lives normally to sitting at home, quarantined, we are all hoping to get over this outbreak as soon as possible.

We know the next several weeks (or months) won’t be easy. But there are things you can do to make the most of your time at home, with the person you love.

For couples who are not married yet, video conferencing is the best possible way to stay connected with your partner but for couples who are recently married, here’s a list of ideas to spend time together and strengthen your bond.

1. Decorate/Setup your home

For some of you who are just married, now you have ample time to set up your new home. You can also do something creative and try your hands on DIY crafts.

2. Cook Together

Spice things up by cooking together (of course, take help from Youtube), followed by a date night with candles and some romantic music.

3. Develop a new hobby

Utilize the quarantine to start a new hobby like drawing, painting, reading or dancing together.

Photo: Joem Aldae

4. Pamper Yourself

Taking a relaxing bath, doing manicures, or applying homemade face masks would be best during this time. 

5. Workout Together

How about engaging in healthy activities like yoga, zumba, or other exercises? They are a lot of videos on Youtube to follow being at home!

6. Play a Board Game

Give Netflix a break and play some board games like the good old childhood days.

You can also play puzzle games to know each other better.

7. Finalize your wedding photos

This is the best time to finalize your photos and give it to the photographer so he can get your album once things are back to normal.

8. If you have already selected the wedding photos

Then it’s a great time go through them and relive the happy moments 🙂

9. Treat this as your extended honeymoon period :D

And spend quality time with each other. You might not get this bonus time period ever again!

10. How about a Karaoke session?

How about challenging your partner to a fun-filled game of karaoke? Singing some of your favorite songs is definitely going to boost your spirit and kill the time 😀

11. Recreate Your First Date! 

For couples that have been together for a while, it’s time to get creative and recreate your first date at home.

For instance – you met at a coffee shop for the first time? Make some coffee, and let the conversation get started.

Was it a dinner date? How about taking the help of Youtube and cook the same dish?

Photo: AHD Studio

12 Backyard Picnic! 

You’ve been inside a lot, it’s time to get some fresh air and spend some time in your backyard. Take some popcorn, chips, a bottle of wine or some snacks and move the seating outside.

13. Listen to your favorite songs

You can create a new playlist or listen to your existing one while sipping a glass of wine or romancing with your partner.

Well, you must make some intimate yet sexy use of this time.

About The Author

Neha Garg Ahuja

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