From Shell To Tassels: 17 Trending Kalire Designs To Check Out RN

By Divya Arora .

Making up for the prettiest and happiest bridal accessory that a bride wears on her wedding day, kaliras boast of an unparalleled charm that elevates her look unlike any other. Right from their eye sparkling bling to the unique design and their tinkling sound, everything about kaliras is adorable and worth incorporating in your wedding look.

In fact, much like any other aspect of the wedding fashion industry, the kaliras too undergo makeovers over time, spoiling brides with truckloads of designs to choose from. For that matter, when it comes to personalizing, brides themselves get down to using their creative geniuses to fashion a design that’s never been never seen before or is utterly unique to their journey.

And if you’re someone who’s been looking for some of the best kalire designs to pick from or some ideas to have yours customized, you’re definitely in for a treat! We chalked out some of the most adorable and mesmerizing styles and designs for you enlisting them right here. So, go get scrolling!

1. Shell Beauties

Seashell or Cowrie shell kaliras are the latest and the prettiest fad in town and can be worn with both traditional and contemporary bridal looks. Go for the all shell ones or a design that’s a mix with the traditional ones but, you can never go wrong with seashells.

2. Whimsical Floral Garlands

Beautiful all floral garlands or strings make up for one of the most popular kalire designs that brides are obsessing over and well, so are we. They without a doubt add an unparalleled beauty to your bridal look whilst making up for a unique element!

Image: Rasem Bappy

3. Classic long stunners

The timelessness of the classic long pearl-stringed kaliras is to die for and if you’re a sucker of OTT then these stunners are so meant for you. Whether it’s a multi-tiered beauty or a single long one, the ‘extra factor’ of these kalira designs is worth infusing into your bridal look.

Image: Safarsaga

4. Themes that matter to you

For her wedding look, Trishala got her kalire customized in a safari inspired theme and the result was unquestionably worth obsessing over. Featuring different birds and animals along with hanging ghungroos, these big kaliras totally stole the show.

5. Go out of the box

Perfect for the bridey who wants to go all eclectic and unconventional on her big day, this peppy kalira design is to die for. Crafted with metallic bugs, sea shells, pearls, trinkets, and oversized bells, these kaliras are sure to enliven your look with their bold and out there vibe.

6. Personalized charms

This design features stunning ceremonial charms like baraat and doli along with the bride and her man’s name making it one of the most trendy kalire designs. Crafted in a traditional yet edgy design, these kaliras are a perfect blend of personalized elements and the essence of a wedding ceremony.

Kalire: Be Abhika

7. Timeless tiered charmers

If going both absolutely minimal and extra isn’t your thing then this latest kalira design makes up for a happy balance between the two. With the strings marked with small jhumkis at the end, this traditional yet contemporary design must make it your mood boards.

Kalire: Free Rani

8. The mini kaliras

A raging trend for quite a while now, mini kaliras are one of the most popular kalire designs that are literally a bridal favorite. These smaller versions of the traditional beauties look both adorable and stylish while adding umpteens to a bride’s wedding day look.

Kalire: Free Rani

9. Matching with lehenga? Yes!

If wearing something unique on your big day has been on your mind then this trendy kalira design is what you should pick! Traditional kaliras further accentuated with huge tassels made from the lehenga fabric itself, this design will surely up the chic factor of your look.

Kalire: Mani Jassal

10. The initial game

This bride suited herself with kaliras that were heavily highlighted with her and her husband’s initials throughout. Whether it’s the strings accentuated with the NP charm or the kalira bracelet made entirely with recurring initials, Nikita sure knew her initials game and pulled it off strongly!

11. The tassel fun

Go fun and playful by incorporating colored thread tassels in your kaliras. Whether they match or complement your outfit color or contrast it, tasseled kalire designs are such a refreshing treat to the eyes.

Kalire: Be Abhika

12. Unlike anything

Fashioned in cascading dancing peacocks and a bunch of filigree hearts, this is unquestionably one of the best kalire designs we’ve come across. These kaliras are a sure shot head turner and probably the prettiest accessory to top your bridal look with!

13. For the modish bride

A design that would resonate with every millennial heart, these kaliras are bound to elevate your wedding day look. Curated with delicate silver gota festooned with airy gold fans, glittery sea shells, gold beads, and silver leaves, this dainty piece is simply brilliant. While it’s an unconventional piece, it’s also lightweight and perfect for the brides who want to ditch being loaded with baubles!

Kalire: Sona Sitara

14. Are you a LEGO fan?

If Lego has your heart and soul, then get yourself a pair of kaliras that are ornamented with Lego charms just like this bride did. Picking up a traditional long stringed piece, this bride got her kaliras customized with Lego elements and boy we’re sold!

Image: Memoire

15. Kalash auspiciousness

These ghunghroo and kalash kaliras simply have our hearts. These beauties make up for one of the best kalire designs ever and we can’t help but vouch for these! Kalash topped with a coconut and mango leaves is as it is an auspicious element in any ritual. And incorporating that in your kaliras is such a great idea!

16. Floral intricacies

What came and flourished as a raging trend soon became a wedding jewellery classic and well, nobody ever gets enough of the floral kaliras. Gorgeous silk flowers adorning the traditional bridal kaliras are a highly sought after design and amps up a bride’s look unquestionably.

Kalire: Mortantra

17. The charisma of photos

One of the unique ways to add a personalized touch to your bridal kalire designs is to have your couple photos incorporated as charms. For instance, while this bride got her and her love’s initials added, she also included their photos at every string end making her accessory stand out!

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