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By Divya Arora .

“The word ‘Urzuv’ in Kashmiri means blessing. Urzuv Durkot is a term locally used to greet each other, wishing them to be blessed with a strong and healthy knee (‘kot’)!”

As Vatsala Hali, founder of the luxury fashion label Urzuv—offering Kashmiri shawls & stoles—explains the meaning of the word, we can’t help but swoon over how perfectly this name befits the brand! Because indeed, snuggling into warm & soft Kashmiri stoles in the chilly weather is nothing less than a blessing—a blessing that’s as beautiful looking outside as it is comforting at its core.

Urzuv: The Spirit of Kashmir’ is a label that brings the exquisite Kashmiri craft sprawled across rich winter fabrics to the world. Boasting of dreamy embroideries in exotic hues & a blend of distinctive threads, these stoles are every bit aesthetic & voguish, making up for not just a necessity but, a style statement as well.

While these beauties are a winter wardrobe essential, they’re the perfect addition to your festive & wedding looks for when you want to frolic about in your designer pieces but, don’t want to freeze to death. And as much of a spectacular choice they make as wedding favors, these coveted pieces by Urzuv oh-so-seamlessly blend with your wedding outfits too. Of course, keeping you stylish and warm throughout your nuptials.

So, if you fancy the understated magnificence of Kashmiri craft, you know where to get your hands on the most charming pieces ever. In fact, here’s a little insight into Urzuv by the creative genius behind the brand herself who further unravels how her collections breathe in the valley’s surrealism.

About the label Urzuv, its guiding philosophies, and ideologies.

Urzuv is an ode to my motherland Kashmir, which is not just a tourist destination but also, a home to extremely talented and highly spirited craftsmen. My brand is a gentle reminder of that spirit!

The idea of Urzuv came to me about a year ago, when I was doing my wedding shopping in Delhi. Hustling through the markets, I saw that Kashmiri clothing was highly underrepresented in mainstream fashion. This intrigued and pushed me back to exploring the craft in much more detail and this was the beginning of my journey of creating ‘Urzuv’.

At Urzuv, we believe that Kashmir comes alive through its locals and their artistry and we work with some of the finest karigars from the valley to offer exquisite, handcrafted products to our customers. Our fashion label presents the finest works of Kashmiri craft and our endeavor is to put it on the global map.

Inspiration behind the work and designs.

Urzuv is a homegrown brand with Kashmir at its heart. The sheer love towards the craft drives us every day to showcase the products to a wider audience.

Kashmiri craft is acclaimed for its elaborate designs and intricate hand embroidery. The natural and mystic beauty of the valley has played muse for the designers since time immemorial. The embroidery mostly consists of the maple leaves, twigs, lotus blooms, paisley patterns, vines and floral motifs. The designs come alive when multicolored silk, cotton, woolen or metallic threads are woven into the fabric.

At Urzuv we are taking this heritage forward and presenting these silhouettes in a more contemporary way.

Ways for a winter bride to incorporate Urzuv’s pieces in her wedding or pre & post wedding looks.

From the finest Pashmina stoles to intricate Tilla embroidery shawls, our products are a must have for every bride’s wedding trousseau. Most of our Indian weddings happen in chilly winters; while we all love to dress up in our designer outfits, during the course of the ceremonies we often end up wrapping ourselves into cozy warm stoles. Starting from amber yellow to our royal blue Pashmina we have something to suit every occasion whether it is mehendi, haldi, cocktail or the wedding day!

A Pashmina masterpiece can be a timeless possession for any bride, and it can be passed on from one generation to another. Such hand woven treasures are classic pieces that never go out of fashion.

Pashminas are also perfect gifts for your loved ones who are attending the wedding. Neutral colors for men, bright colors for women, softer tones for elderly and pastel hues for the bridesmaids are thoughtful gifts they can cherish forever!

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