Top 70 Leg Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding

By Divya Arora .

While those minimal and subtle bridal feet mehndi designs look super flamboyant and exquisite, we believe that somehow, the charm of the timeless full leg mehndi designs is unparalleled. Just like those arms breathing in the ethereal beauty of mehndi, getting your legs etched in surreal designs only elevates your bridal look further. After all, bridal henna makes up for one sacred and meaningful part of a bride’s solah shringar along with sindoor, bangles, payal, etc.

With that said, how elaborate you want to go on your bridal mehndi is your choice. Be it just a little above the ankles, halfway across, or going all the way up till knees, each leg mehndi design looks as breathtaking as the other.

Image: Safarsaga

Latest Leg Mehndi Designs

With enough inspiration floating around for your hand mehndi designs, we curated this blog to fill your kitties with some unique and trendy leg mehndi designs this time.

Rich in geometric lines and circles, mandalas, flora and fauna motifs, varied floral patterns, and even portraits for that matter, these designs are some of the best leg mehndi designs that we’ve collated for you right here!

While you’d be going all wow and oh my god on every design here, make sure to bookmark the ones that speaks and connects with you the most. Go get scrolling!

1. The art of geometry and leaves

Marked with lines, floral motifs, leaf shapes, and dots, this leg mehndi design is brimming with intricacy. We can’t help but fall in love with how each and every pattern blends into each other so beautifully.

Mehndi: Amrita Kale

2. About skylines

Topped with dark skylines of Qutub Minar (Delhi) and stars, this trendy leg mehndi design is so unique. While those lotuses and the scallops look all definitive, the Delhi Skyline left our eyes wide open.

3. All about huge motifs

Highlighted with checkered paisley motifs and concentric leaf shapes, the symmetry of this leg mehndi design is to die for! And for how each pattern stands out from the other yet, entwine gracefully to look perfectly stitched together, this design has left our minds boggling.

4. Touch of Boho chic

This contemporary leg mehndi design is perfect for the modern brides who want their design to boast of a rather distinctive edge. From hypnotizing circular patterns to the cascading string-like designs, this beauty is so worth adding to your saved lists.

Mehndi: Henna Lounge

5. Highlighting dark strokes

For how bold strokes outline the lighter ones, the beauty of this leg mehndi design is unmatched. And while the entire leg is replete with a labyrinth of patterns, the empty space right above the design on the toes defines it in such a spectacular way.

Mehndi: Anjali Henna

6. Design with a twist

For how the cascading motifs are topped with a jaal pattern further amped up with lotuses, this henna pattern surely makes up for one popular leg mehndi designs! Accompanied with such an offbeat jaal design on the feet mingling with shaded lotuses, the complete design has struck a chord with our hearts.

Mehndi: Shiba Pathan

7. Unique lotuses

We love how these uniquely etched lotuses and dotted leaves complete this design flawlessly that consists of a floral mandala in the centre surrounded with huge squared checks.

8. Go classic

A traditional leg mehndi design replete with lines, circular florals, paisley motifs and ample space in-between to let it all stand out. We especially love how each part of this leg mehndi design is made to stand out by using repeating lines to separate them yet have them be a part of one single design.

9. A floral blend

Making up for one of the best leg mehndi designs, we love how this design is such a pretty amalgamation of florals, leaves, and accentuating dark strokes. Coupled with paneled scallops and lines, this design looks oh-so-unique.

10. The charm of empty spaces

For how the leftover spaces let this bewitching leg mehndi design outshine, we’re totally rooting for this! Also, what a unique and offbeat way of sketching a jaal design that makes it a floral pattern yet maintains the vibe of the checks!

11. Ditch going OTT

Go minimal on the feet along with a gorgeous design going just halfway up your legs makes up for that perfect balance between subtle and extra. It looks intricate yet super neat simultaneously.

Mehndi: Amrita Kale

12. Go Arabic

This is surely one of the best leg mehndi designs that’s done in Arabic pattern and accentuated with stunning peacock-like paisley motifs. And not to forget how tiny dots throughout the pattern makes it look more decorative.

13. A touch of all

We love how this top leg mehndi design is replete with concentric circles, florals, Arabic designs, geometric patterns and that gorgeous leafy bel. Each design coincides with the other like it’s just meant to be!

14. The beauty of dots and lines

Laden with dots and lines highlighting this half leg mehndi design, this pattern surely goes the all time classic way!

15. The game of strokes

This top leg mehndi design is such a charming play of bold and light strokes further upped by pretty lotuses. While lines are used to demarcate different patterns, the small leaves are the showstoppers.

16. The charm of full leg mehndi

While we can’t really stop awing at how striking this leg mehndi design looks, we’re also hearting over the neatness and intricacy of it. Appropriate empty spaces throughout the design surely lend a unique edge to it all.

17. Going all bold and dark

A top leg mehndi design speaking of checkered pattern, bold outlines and dots, and filled spaces.

18. Circles galore

Replete with circular patterns, tiny leaves, and paan leaf motifs, this popular leg mehndi design is all about repetitiveness at its best. The patterns look so similar yet different making it a treat to look at.

19. A contemporary edge

While the feet are stunningly etched with different patterns and florals, the legs are so strikingly sketched with huge lotus motifs and geometry. And of course, the dotted patterns on the top are just unmissable.

Mehndi: Riva Designs

20. That Arabian touch

The surreal roses, traditional lotuses, dark lines, and that flowy leafy bel, basically, everything about this trendy leg mehndi design is worth crushing over.

21. A design radiating with natural elements

We’re completely swooned over this graceful design that boasts of pretty little birds, lotuses, intricate patterns and huge elephants! Do you see those small Swastiks drawn so finely? Sheer beauty!

22. A detailed floral bel

Arabic bel patterns look super graceful on your feet and legs and especially when accompanied with scallop designs. Also, they make up for one elegant alternative for the brides who want to ditch the full bridal legs.

23. A traditional design

The finesse of this top leg mehndi design has left us awestruck at the art that this is. With both open and tiny motifs mingling together, this design is one helluva charmer.

24. Flowing florals

While the front half of the feet is done in classic patterns, the bewitching floral design on the shins looks mind blowing! A perfect design if you’re wearing some edgy peep-toe ankle-length boots.

Mehndi: Henna Lounge

25. Of dots and bootis

For how dotted patterns and small bootis add umpteens to this pretty leg mehndi design, this should definitely make it to your bookmarks.

Mehndi: Henna Lounge

26. Absolute bridal charisma

One of the best leg mehndi designs that’ll tug at your hearts, this artwork will make even a minimalist bride fall in love with OTT.

27. That modern edge

The use of floral motifs in rather geometric shapes in this trendy leg mehndi design is so bomb!

28. All hearts & roses

For a huge mesmerizing heart on the centre of the feet, the all rose ends with flowy bels are the best. This design tbh, is a riot of charming florals.

Mehndi: Aman Gupta

29. Peacocks never go old

Whatever your leg mehndi design maybe, choosing peacocks for that splendid mehndi highlight can never go wrong. Never!

30. Go ultra mod

Let your super modern style speak in your mehndi too. This popular leg mehndi design is just the right pick for all the modern brides out there who love blending in the traditions with a dash of newness.

Mehndi: Henna Lounge

31. The jaal trend

Jaal patterns make up for one of the most commonly incorporated patterns in a mehndi design. And you can never go wrong with having your legs marked prominently with that.

Mehndi: Amrita Kale

32. That symmetry be so GORG

This top leg mehndi design so exquisitely starts with scallops and paisley in drop shape motifs and further blends into concentric circles, bootis, paan leaves and jaal.

33. Let the paisley do the talking

Just like jaal patterns, paisley motifs too are a hit in all kinda mehndi designs. Whether small or huge, they add a twist to your design like no other.

34. The Swan charm

While beauteous swans enchant the feet, patterns in contrasting shapes with leafy ends complete the design in an inexplicable manner.

35. Infusing lines and florals

We love how lines and floral motifs are incorporated alternatively and distinctively as the design reaches up leg.

36. All about dainty motifs and bootis

With dotted patterns, tiny bootis, and charming peacocks all blending in together so spiritedly, we can’t stop drooling over this trendy leg mehndi design.

37. The classic motifs

Why choose between roses and lotuses when you can actually have both of them incorporated in your mehndi design. For instance, huge single motifs of both the flowers in this leg mehndi design are stealing the show without outshining the other!

Mehndi: Hiral Henna

38. Light & open patterns

Your mehndi design needn’t always be all detailed and intricately done. Loose open patterns with empty spaces in between look equally breathtaking.

39. Beaded string-like dots

Go high on dots for your mehendi design and instead of having the patterns drawn normally, have them etched in dotted lines to bring about a rather contemporary edge to your design.

40. The classic old-school patterns

A leg gorgeously full of the basic and classic patterns look equally ethereal and of course, abso-freakin-lutely bridal. It’s so goddamn intricate and detailed we can’t even fetch words to describe it. Mind=Blown!

41. The forever patterns

Dots and small bold leaves always complete a mehndi design in a way that no other pattern can. Be it coupled with other motifs or simply to elevate the lines and jaal patterns, they literally stitch up a mehndi design.

Mehndi: Amrita Kale

42. Mix it all up

Mehndi designs are all about mixing up unique patterns and motifs to curate a design that breathes of its own and this popular leg mehndi design is a graceful example of that.

43. Jaal and florals like never before

For how strategically sketched shaded florals are joined together with dot jaals, we are blown away by this artwork.

44. The sacredness of mandalas

With lines and the usual motifs marking the entire leg, the mandalas crown this trendy leg mehndi design in the most flamboyant manner.

45. Let them florals shine

The dotted jaal pattern surrounding the Arabic florals in the centre makes both kinda patterns mark their own presence. And of course, how can we miss out on those paisley peacocks drawn so precisely on the feet?!

46. All about leaf lines

While the lotuses look absolutely stunning in this one of the best leg mehndi designs, the leafy lines unquestionably are the charmers bringing about that distinctive edge to the entire design.

Mehndi: Sara's Henna

47. If you don’t want OTT

This pattern is just the right pick for the brides who don’t want to go all extra yet not ever-so-minimal.

48. A contemporary cuff pattern

A unique pattern with roses highlighted in the shaded space, this leg mehndi design accompanied with a mandala on the feet is worth saving to your list RN!

49. A design that stands out

While the cascading jhumkis and elephant motifs steal the show, the huge lotus motifs on the top exceptionally complements the entire design.

Mehndi: Raju Mehandi

50. Going all circular and bold

This full leg mehndi design makes up for that phenomenal bridal mehndi that enhances your entire bridal look by multifolds.

Mehndi: Hiral Henna

51. Of lines and royal motifs

While on one hand, the entire leg is etched in different line patterns and semi-circular designs, the royal motif on the top truly makes it all look absolutely admirable. It’s all about how all the varied patterns entwine together phenomenally to look like one splendid design.

Mehndi: Amrita Kale

52. The sanctity of lines and circles

The abundant use of lines and circles to craft this leg mehndi design has us floored and we literally can’t take our eyes off this pattern.

53. Bel-like feels

Even though the motifs used in this design are paisleys, paan leaf, lines, and semi-circles, they together lend a bel-like vibe to the design making it look so offbeat.

54. Popping motifs

Drawn so finely with details with a few motifs contrastingly popping out, this design undoubtedly makes up for one of the best leg mehndi designs ever!

55. Distinctive florals

This leg mehndi design is such an admirable amalgamation of florals and geometric floral bootis along with hanging jhumkis.

56. An infusion of everything different

Right from lines and jaal in a paan leaf design to florals and dotted patterns, everything in this trendy leg mehndi design comes together and fit phenomenally with each other.

57. Top it off in style

With lines forming a band, clutched together with a circular pattern, this design on the legs is no less than a cuff-style foot jewellery.

58. Go long and decent with circles

An Arabic bel pattern followed with the classic line and circle leg pattern, this leg mehndi design looks traditional yet edgy, all at the same time.

59. Dotted ends for crown-like feels

It’s truly surprising how even the tiniest of mehndi elements add so much to the entire design. For instance, the scalloped jaal pattern at the top with each scallop ending in three dots makes it look like a crown sitting atop that flamboyant design gracefully.

60. A leafy bel with a twist

With a lotus band at the ankle, a jaal pattern in the middle, and a uniquely crafted paan leaf with a huge rose motif, this trendly leg mehndi design is so out of the box.

61. The resting swans

For how this artistic leg mehndi design is topped with swans, this has surely struck a chord with our hearts.

Mehndi: Amrita Kale

62. Go bel all the way

A bewitching full leg mehndi design that’s etched all in the bel pattern, we are definitely adding this to our saved lists.

Mehndi: Minal Beauty

63. A simplistically charming design

Done in classic patterns and motifs, this mehndi design is so simplistic yet eye-catching.

64. Look like a royalty

This leg mehndi design replete with florals, half circular patterns, lines, and detailed elephants will add that much needed whiff of regality to your entire bridal look.

65. Basic patterns done uniquely

With the paan leaf highlighting lotuses, lines marked with mini scalloped edges, and jaal pattern accentuated with dots, this mehndi design is a pretty alternate take on basic.

Mehndi: Raju Mehandi

66. Beautified peacocks

While peacock motifs are a huge part of mehndi designs, further taking it a notch above and decking up those peacock motifs is an altogether different kinda beauty.

Mehndi: Nazwa Anas

67. Elephants are a rage

We are absolutely bowled over this leg mehndi design that’s marked with intricate elephant motives, pretty swans, lots of lotuses, and that umbrella!

68. Huge roses

While bold strokes makes the entire leg mehndi design pop, those huge rose motifs are sure shot stunners tbh!

69. Mix in traditional with edge

While we couldn’t stop admiring those royal elephant with umbrella motifs, the prismatic design on the feet has an undeniable charisma of its own.

Mehndi: Mehndicultr

70. A minimal design

Your bridal leg mehndi design needn’t be all heavy and complete. Going subtle with a design like this also looks equally mesmerizing and in fact, brings that millennial touch.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Leg Mehndi Design

Choosing the right mehndi design both for your hands and legs is an essential task that so many brides skip out on. While your mehndi artist has a lot of options and designs for you to choose from, they are also happily up for personalization.

Be it a design you saved from online portals, or your wish to include personal elements like portraits, dates, names, and elements that matter to you or your relationship, there’s literally so much you can have incorporated in your mehndi. While brides mostly end up having such personalized elements infused in their hand mehndi designs, choosing the best leg mehndi design is also a task; even if from your mehndi artist’s design book.

So, here are the top five things to keep in mind before finalizing your leg mehndi design.

Do Your Homework
While you’re going to spend truckloads of your time researching about everything that’s trending or a passé for your bridal outfits & jewellery, make sure to take some time out for this too. For how new and unique mehndi themes keep popping up every now and then, it’s good to stay updated with what’s in and what’s not. After all, you might just end up liking something and your mehndi artist might be able to etch it on you.

Know Your Aesthetics
Figure out what design you’d like to have both for your hands and feet. Do you prefer going OTT on your mehndi or a bit subtle? Do you want to have traditional patterns etched on or you want to get a little experimental and opt for a rather contemporary design? Do you want to follow the trends and pick the ones that you like the best or would love to go the classic way? Ask yourself such questions to finalize the overall feel of your mehndi designs because it will make it much easier for you to come up with that design that’s gonna adorn your bridal hands and feet.

What simply brimmed up as a raging trend has become an indispensible part of the entire wedding industry. And for that matter, personalization is one crazy part of mehndi designs that’s loved to bits! There are a lot of personalized elements and motifs that you can have infused in your mehndi design for instance, dates, names, initials, proposal story, couple or family portraits, citylines etc. And of course, not to forget a couple of your favorites right from food, places, and materialistic things to series, characters, hobbies etc. There’s literally so much you can get incorporated in your design. And hence, it is essential to decide if you’d like to have such elements in your henna design or not and if yes then, what would that be. Yes, it’s going to be difficult but boy the resulting design would surely be worth all that.

Seek Your Artist’s Help
Mehndi artists are experts in their field and not just with their designing and kind of work but also with their knowledge. If you cannot decide your hand and leg mehndi design all by yourself, the best way out is to take your mehndi artist’s help. Sit with them, skim through their design book, give your ideas, and use their expertise to come to a final conclusion.

Make A Conscious Choice
Last but not the least, getting your bridal henna done isn’t easy and a matter of few hefty minutes. Both your hand and leg mehndi designs are going to take hours to first be etched and then to dry out. And the more elaborate your mehndi design is going to be, the more time taking it would be. While it is a lot of effort from your artist, it’s also going to be a lot of effort for you to just sit for hours and get it done. So don’t be all under pressure that you necessarily have to go all OTT with your designs. Choosing to go minimal is fine too and has a charm of its own tbh. So while you’re finalizing on that gorgeous mehndi design choose what you’d be getting into.

Now that we’ve satiated your bridal leg mehndi design desires with the choicest pin-worthy inspiration, we believe all that’s left to do is shortlist that one goddamn design that tugs at your heart the most!

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