8 Heartwarming Ways To Make Raksha Bandhan 2020 Extra Special

By Divya Arora .

Our brothers are truly the unsung heroes of our lives who deserve to be all appreciated and showered with love. Whether it’s taking care of us since our childhood or forever making our happiness a priority. Whether it’s being the unspoken allies of our wedding planning journey whilst spoiling us to bits or walking us down the aisle or bidding us adieu with teary eyes during the vidaai. One can never feel blessed and grateful enough for their presence to be honest!

And that’s exactly why we always want to make them feel special and spoil them with the best especially, on Raksha Bandhan.

A celebration that’s a time for honoring the brother-sister bond, Raksha Bandhan is a festival of family get-togethers, savoring yummy food and sweets, and of course gifts. 😛 However, we all know how the pandemic is going to affect our celebrations this year. While on one hand, families are avoiding gatherings as a safety measure, some can’t even make it to their homes for the festivity.

But, for how we’ve been forever guiding you for everything weddings, we’re here to help out with your Raksha Bandhan celebrations too this year. Whether you’re away from your brother or celebrating with them but don’t know how to make it special for them, we’ve got you covered.

Listed below are some hearty and simple ways to make Raksha Bandhan 2020 extra special and enjoyable. So start taking notes and get set plan!

1. If you’re celebrating together

Whether you and your sibling(s) / cousins live together or at drivable distances to be able to celebrate the day with each other, here’s how you can have a blast together! Yes, going a little over the top because, we know how the world literally needs any chance to make this sad year a bit happier.

Get set binge-watch

How about a marathon of your favorite movies and series or finally watching the ones that have been on your watch list for long?! Simply stay in, order your favorite delicacies and spend the entire day laughing and sobbing with the characters on screen.

Cook or bake together

If ordering food from outside gets you all worked up and anxious then how about cooking your favorite delicacies at home itself? Whether it’s something that you have been craving to eat for a long time or something that you guys can never stop hogging, simply cook or bake them together. While that’s going to be absolute fun, it’s also going to be an amazing breather for your mum.

Play games

Whether it’s playing outdoor games in your backyard or indoor games like cards, different board games, Jenga, Carrom etc., a day spent indulging in our childhood games always work! And if the gathering is a bit bigger, you know how Antakshari and Dumb Charades is a great pick, right?

Relive Memories

Taking a trip down that memory lane is always a refreshing breather and a nostalgic ride. So walk down the lanes of your childhood with those old photos! Reminisce all the memories you made at your or your sibling’s wedding! It’s going to be one hearty and joyous ride, we bet!

2. If you’re away from them

Of course, we understand how it would be upsetting for you to not being able to meet and celebrate this day with them. But because the recent times call for making the best of what we have, here’s how you can make this day special both for them and for yourself!
And also ladies, don’t forget to post that Rakhi to them!

Send them personalized gifts

Whether you’re looking a gift or a gorgeous hamper for your sister or your brother, the Internet is flooded with truckloads of options for everyone. Be it a grooming kit along with some stylish masks for him or a quirky hamper of the favorite products for her, there are enough ways out there to spoil them.

Gift something handmade

Handmade gifts are always heart warming to give and receive and so, gift them something that you’ve made yourself. In fact, you can also DIY a Rakhi to add that extra personalized touch and send it to your brother by post!

Do dress up

Even if you won’t be celebrating the day together, don’t forget to slip out of your PJs and into your festive wear because dressing up is a mood changer. And of course, that video calling sesh would feel more real and joyous. In fact, you can even decide on your outfit hues and styles beforehand so that you go all coordinating on that video call.

Party virtually

While of course, you’d be video calling your brother or sister but, for those of you who have been getting together with their cousins on this day, we have it sorted for you as well. How about getting your entire gang of cousins on a conference video call and celebrating the day online? Right from the Rakhi tying ceremony and devouring the sweets to spending time talking and maybe even raising a toast to each other, do all that you can.

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