11 Mangalsutra Designs That You Need To Bookmark RN

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

What is a Mangalsutra?

A Mangalsutra (meaning auspicious bond) holds a very special meaning in Hindu weddings. It’s not just a piece of jewellery worn by brides, it’s a holy thread that a groom ties around a bride’s neck in an Indian wedding ceremony that indicates the beginning of their new journey. 

While we’ve been totally crushing on the attention to detail every couple pays for their wedding ceremonies and their attires, one thing that really catches our attention is how brides are experimenting with their Mangalsutra designs. They no longer want to wear traditional Mangalsutra with longer chains and prefer to keep it simple, fancy, and trendy. 

And for all these millennial brides, here are our favorite and trendy Mangalsutra designs that you can wear on your wedding day or even every day after the wedding.

1. Moonshine Mangalsutra

This partially beaded diamond mangalsutra collectively make a perfect look for a melodious evening.

2. Tri-bead Heirloom Mangalsutra

This bewitching meenakari Mangalsutra amped up Pratishtha’s look by multi-folds. It is an heirloom piece that Shaun’s mom passed on to Pratishtha just like it has been passed on through generations in their family.

We particularly loved the tri-bead along the Mangalsutra chain.

3. One Diamond Mangalsutra

Deepika Padukone picked up a sparkling solitaire Mangalsutra with a single black and gold beaded chain. We love this minimal design that looks really casual and something that you can even wear on a daily basis.

4. A Cluster Of Diamonds Mangalsutra

If you don’t want anything fancy, but just a cluster of diamonds and a pendant with gold and black beads for your mangalsutra, then take Inspiration from PeeCee’s gorgeous Mangalsutra.

Her drop-shaped diamond Mangalsutra along with three fairly sized diamonds designed by Sabyasachi is slightly unconventional, especially for modern brides.

5. Sun sign Mangalsutra

Sonam Kapoor, the fashionista of Bollywood left no stone turned when it came to her wedding looks and especially to her Mangalsutra that’s designed by Usheeta Rawtani.

Her Mangalsutra was a symbolic representation of her and Anand’s sun signs (Gemini & Leo) beaded on each side and then coming together and becoming one with a solitaire in the center.

6. Solitaire Mangalsutra

This solitaire-look diamond mangalsutra ensures a graceful and stylish appearance. This is best for brides who are looking for something minimal and classy.

Design: Sampat Jewelers

Floral Accessories: Nazooq Petals

Venue: Hayes Mansion

Model: Devyani Ray

7. Traditional Oxidised Mangalsutra

If you want something traditional and heavy, then this piece is a stunning choice.

8. Satyam Shivam Sundaram Mangalsutra

Aashka Goradia’s Mangalsutra carved with ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ written over it symbolizes her love and dedication towards God Shiva.

The first time I saw this unique Mangalsutra, I fell in love with it instantly.

9. Seven Vows

This gorgeous Mangalsutra with 7 diamonds, each symbolizing vows is what makes this a very special and thoughtful one.

10. A Gold Pendant Mangalsutra

This stunning gold pendant Mangalsutra with a huge diamond in the center makes a fashion statement.

Design: Papilior

11. A fancy cut diamond mangalsutra

A fancy cut diamond Mangalsutra paired with this pink dhoti set really accentuates your overall look. 

Design: Sampat Jewelers

Hair & Makeup Artist: Bridal Boutique by Raman Brar

Outfit: Riya Collective

Flower Accessories: Nazooq Petals

Venue: Hayes Mansion

Model: Manita Rawat

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