Marwar Couture: Redefining Bridal Lehengas With A Bold Use Of Colors

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Stemming from the Keyal bridal fashion empire, Marwar Couture launched just a few months ago and has already made a mark for itself in the wedding fashion world with brides going all head over heels for their pieces. Breathing in rich traditional craft and extravagant silhouettes epitomizing the heritage of Jodhpore, their bridal lehengas revel in a charm that’s unmatched.

Of all the royal and opulent things that Marwar Couture lehengas are, they are a vibrant concoction of distinctive hues the most. Whether it’s different-hued pieces paired up together or shades weaved together through embroideries, prints, and appliqué work, the ensembles are always a hearty medley of the world’s colors. And that’s exactly what sets them apart—a confident and striking use of colors, all entwining to create a masterpiece.

For instance, apart from the trending chevron pattern, what makes this piece outshine is the bold and unabashed use of colors like navy, maroon, red, peach, olive, baby pink, browns, and lots of gold. While the lehenga is a riot of colors, even the dupatta boasts of different hues over the borders.

We even found you a super contemporary Marwar Couture lehenga that’s a blend of pastels topped with a dash of navy and maroon in the blouse. Right from Ivory, baby pink, golds and rose golds to orange and red, and embroidered greens, this outfit is a total charmer.

Makeup/Source: Aarushi Oswal

This lehenga is the new bridal favorite and for all the right reasons. For how so many brides have been choosing this colorful piece, it had to make it here. With cranberry, pastel pink, and olive making up for its weaves, the bright dash of yellow totally takes it all a notch above.

Makeup/Source: Tanya Kaur

A voguish piece for all the millennial brides out there, this mix of lilac, baby pink, orange, maroon and golds topped with contrasting embroideries is yet another stunning example of Marwar Couture’s color play. This lehenga as well has been trending and winning bridal hearts all over.

This bride took the internet by a storm for her royal wedding look of which, the opulent lehenga was a showstopper. While the outfit is drenched in varying tones of bridal reds and pinks, the slight yet remarkable hints of turquoise and olive mixed with golds is exactly what elevates the piece.

And it’s time for us to introduce you to our favorite Marwar Couture lehenga that epitomizes blending hues in the most graceful and gorgeous way. Firstly, we’re stoked at the wine lehenga skirt that breathes not just in embroidered vases & peacocks but also in other hues like pastel pink, sky blue, and gold. What stole our hearts secondly, is the artfully curated blouse in shades of bottle green and mustard brown. And finally, what tops it off beautifully are the contrasting double dupattas.

A lehenga that got the bridal world talking because of the completely different hues paired perfectly and the elaborately embroidered peacocks, this multi-hued piece will have you swooning.

This Marwar Couture staple with different earthy hues, green, and red mixing together is the ultimate traditional bridal lehenga for the new-age bride. It’s weaved in all the charisma that makes for a royal piece.

With their inherent style of having every outfit crafted in distinctive colors complementing each other like the world’s never known, their color play is worth crushing over. And, if you love artsy pieces and desire being a Marwar Couture bride, you know where to head to!

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