Latest & Prettiest Mini Kaleeres For The Millennial Brides

By Divya Arora .

While the world of weddings is whirlwinding towards minimalism, new trends keep surfacing every now and then breaking the stereotypical standards of Indian weddings. Especially when it comes to the bridal scenes.

While we were rejoicing in the wave of minimal outfits, jewellery, makeup, and revamped chooda scenes, we’ve already started noticing subtle hints of yet another traditional aspect getting a makeover all over again in a new way. Well, we’re talking about the pretty eye charmers—kaleere and no, we’re not talking about the floral, bulky, or palki ones.

It’s the cutest and the smallest of kaleere that are striking a chord with every minimalist bride out there this time. Cascading from chic bangles, these voguish mini kaleera designs are no less than a statement in themselves and are going to charm every neo-traditional bride’s aesthetics. Go have a look!

Mani dons these adorable and charming gold kaleera bangles for her engagement bash and we’re totally drooling over them.

Real bride Nayla wore these stunning small kaleere with cascading pearl strings with a jhumki in the middle hanging from kadas done in striking gota pusalu work and we’re sold!

And how about just simply going shorter on the traditional kaleeras?

This is the tiniest kaleera design we’ve ever seen and just perfect for brides who want it all to be absolute minimal but don’t want to skip on traditions too.

Here are some more bangle kaliras or jhumka bangles that you would love to wear instead of the long and bulky ones at your wedding.

Accessory: Fooljhadi

Jewellery: Just Jewellery

Accessory: Fooljhadi

Accessory: Provoke Fashions

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