50+ Minimal Mehndi Designs For Your Intimate Wedding

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Not every bride wants to fill their hands with mehndi, some likes to keep it minimal, in fact, it has been our personal favorite since forever.

Whether it’s for your bff’s wedding, or your own wedding, especially during the lockdown when finding a mehndi artist won’t really be easy.

Simplicity is the key to nailing a trend, whether you like your mehndi to be intricate, arabic, geometric, traditional, or a plain mandala, we have got it all covered for you.

Take inspiration or bookmark these minimal and easy mehndi designs for your intimate wedding. 

1. Plain Mandala Mehndi Design

This is one of the most gorgeous mehndi designs for your intimate wedding at home. And don’t forget, it’s very easy and you can even make it yourself.

Mehndi: Nighat Kazim

2. Intricate Mandala Mehndi Design

If you adore symmetry, then this mehndi design will win your heart. This design is very simple with the palm covered in the circle and some elements on the fingers making everything look very pretty.

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

Mehndi: Heena By KM

Image: Toko Mehndi

Mehndi: Heena By MK

Mehndi: Anjali Heena

Mehndi: Heena Lounge

Mehndi: Heena By MK

Image: Pinterest

Mehndi: Heena By MK

3. Full Hand Mehndi Design

If you like your mehndi to fill your hand, but not be a ‘handful’ then this one is perfect to satiate your minimalistic needs.

It lets each motif and design breathe and stand out elegantly.


Mehndi: Heena Lounge

Image: Pinterest

4. Minimal Royal Mehndi Portrait

This gorgeous, yet minimal royal wedding portrait looks very dreamy. Not only do they make for perfect pictures as each detail out-shines beautifully, but also look perfectly coordinated with your wedding theme.

5. Arabic Mehndi Design

These Arabic mehndi designs in motifs, lines, flowers, and patterns along with the thick mehndi lining makes it one of the most loved designs.

Mehndi: Jesma Mithun

Image: Pinterest

Mehndi: Minal Beauty

6. A Floral Mandala Mehndi Design

With a flowery twist to the traditional mandala, this delicate, yet simple floral circle mehndi design will definitely make for great wedding pictures.

It’s up to you if you want to fill your fingers with motifs, leaves or similar elements, or wants to leave it all blank.

Mehndi: Hayats Henna

Mehndi: Nighat Kazim

7. Mehndi Only On Fingers

The patterns are very simple with just lines, dots, or motifs forming only on your fingers. It makes everything look or merge beautifully together.

Mehndi: Heena By Taj

Image: Pinterest

Image: Heena by MK

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

8. Back Hand Mehndi Design

Even if you don’t want to have a full hand mehndi design or anything on your front hand, then go ahead and bookmark these backhand mehndi designs for your intimate wedding.

Whether you like to have flowers, dots, or any other elements, these effortlessly symmetrical mehndi designs are perfect for your wedding.

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

Mehndi: Heena By MK

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

9. Half and Half Mehndi Design

This half and half mehndi design had us swooning over the attention to detail, and looks very pretty for your big day.

10. Geometric Mehndi Design

These designs are perfect for the brides who do not like to go with the traditional or Arabic mehndi designs. They look gorgeous and truly unique in every sense.

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

11. Full Back Hand Mehndi Design

These designs will not only add to your entire bridal aesthetic but also looks great in photos.

12. Birds & Bells Mehndi Design

We cannot help but adore these ultra-gorgeous mehndi designs beautified with birds and bells.

13. One Finger Mehndi Design

This single patterned finger mehndi design is very easy to make and look lovely for your wedding.

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