Modern Romantic Indian Wedding

Arati & Satish


Mango Studios provides a glimpse into Arati & Satish’s beautiful Canadian Indian wedding.

Wedding style…

Their three-day Indian wedding was as traditional as it was modern. Indian weddings can last up to a week and include more than a thousand guests, but Arati and Shakti worked hard to condense the number of events and size of the guest list. Even so, their big day turned into three extra-big days, with between 200 and 400 guests each.

Favorite moments as a photographer…

Wow, where do we start? Hands down, spending three epic days photographing Arati and Satish’s wedding was one of the highlights of this summer. Everything, from their designer outfits to their larger-than-life choreographed dancing performance, was nothing short of A-M-A-Z-ING! However, among all of these grand things, what really inspired us was the connection. During those three days, we really got to know Arati and Satish and what beautiful, down-to-earth spirits they both are. As a wedding photographer, it is very important for us to tell a story of their big days that states true to who they are. We used our signature candid and photojournalistic approach to catch every emotion.

About The Couple

How they met

Arati and Satish started dating in 2010, shortly after Kanwar hired Sharma to run communications and strategy for his recently launched design agency, Jet Cooper (the company was acquired by Shopify in 2013).

How he proposed

They got engaged in July 2015, when Kanwar (a self-described obsessive planner) orchestrated a lavishly decorated surprise rooftop proposal at the Soho House. Arati laughed the whole time – she finds cute things kind of cheesy.

The Details

Wedding Planning

Arati and Satish enlisted the help of wedding planner, Melissa Samborski of Events By One Fine Day. The design and decor for each of the events were based on the color schemes of her wedding outfits.

For her wedding shopping, Arati traveled to India and enlisted a few well-known designers such as Sabyasachi to bring her wardrobe visions to life. Bridelan serviced Arati’s Sabyasachi lehengas. Arati also used Bridelan’s Personal Shopper service which entailed shopping for other family members and putting together her jewelry which was purchased from Jaipur.

Wedding Events

The wedding was held over three days in mid-August 2016 at various venues across Toronto, Canada:

  1. Sangeet – Wednesday PM, Chataeu Le Parc, Vaughan, 200 guests.
  2. Mehendi & Haldi – Thursday AM/PM, Bride & Groom Home.
  3. Wedding Ceremony – Friday AM/PM, Copper Creek Golf Club, 300 guests.
  4. Reception – Saturday PM, Royal Ontario Museum, 400 guests.


Arati and Satish kicked off celebrations with a Sangeet, a pre-wedding party where family and friends dress in bright colors and perform choreographed dances to Bollywood songs.

DECOR: They decorated the venue with marigold garlands, a flower that represents the vibrancy of life. Florals by Pink Twig Floral Boutique.

ARATI’S OUTFIT: She chose bright green ensembles with flashes of pink and gold by Ekaya Banaras.

JEWELRY: Purchased through Bridelan.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Amplified Soul Makeup & Hair Couture.

SATISH’S OUTFIT: Green kurta set custom made in India.

Haldi & Mehendi

Arati and Satish also held some pre-wedding events at home the day before the wedding. At Satish’s family’s home, things got a little messy, with his cousins covering him in a traditional turmeric mixture for the Haldi.

Meanwhile, Arati brought in a henna artist, and requested a silhouette of the CN Tower and a Lauryn Hill lyric, ‘Loving you is like a song I replay, every three minutes and thirty seconds of every day’.

Wedding Ceremony

On the day of the Ceremony, Arati woke up at 4 AM to start the getting-ready process. At the venue, Satish rode in on a decked-out white horse. After, as is customary, the groom’s family danced into the venue to meet the bride’s family. The Ceremony was originally going to be held outside, but Toronto was experiencing a blistering August heatwave, so the event was moved it indoors. The priest read traditional Hindu prayers and translated everything for the non-Hindi-speaking guests. The pair also broke with tradition momentarily to read their own vows. There’s no kissing in a Hindu ceremony, so the couple sealed the deal with a spontaneous high-five.

DECOR: Floral decor by Pink Twig Floral Boutique.

ARATI’S OUTFIT: Red and gold lehenga by Sabyasachi.

JEWELRY: Purchased through Bridelan.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Amplified Soul Makeup & Hair Couture.

SATISH’S OUTFITSherwani by Sabyasachi.


Booking the Royal Ontario Museum for their Reception was the first thing the couple did after they got engaged. The 400 guests entered through the majestic rotunda and enjoyed cocktails in the Gloria Chen Court before dinner and dancing in the Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery. For the rest of the evening, the music was a mix of traditional Indian songs and old-school hip hop. A Tribe Called Quest played during dinner, and there was a lot of Drake. Arati isn’t a big dessert fan, so she let Satish arrange the sweets table. His choice? Tim Horton’s doughnuts and full-sized chocolate bars from Costco. The kids had a field day!

DECOR: Floral decor by Pink Twig Floral Boutique. Stationery by Veronica Wong.

ARATI’S OUTFIT: A shimmering gold lehenga by Sabyasachi.

JEWELRY: Purchased through Bridelan.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Amplified Soul Makeup & Hair Couture.

SATISH’S OUTFIT: Tuxedo by Garrison Bespoke.

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