Adorable Couple Portraits That’ll Cheer You Up Amidst Quarantine

By Divya Arora .

While we’re all quarantined inside our homes and have figured out umpteen ways to spend this time productively, the general wave of boredom and sadness still persists. For how fast paced our lives had become, coming to a standstill all of a sudden is bound to throw us all off track. And not to forget how all kinds of events and celebrations, including weddings have been postponed or cancelled further making all of us crankier and moodier than before!

But we at The Crimson Bride have decided to try and make your days a bit happier, lighter, and more cheerful. To begin with, we’ve collated some of the most adorable couple portraits that won’t just give you ideas for your wedding album but, also uplift your moods. After all, when can a cutesy and love filled couple portrait not make you smile, right? So without further ado, let’s get scrolling!

But, before that, stay home and stay safe guys!

A hug is all that we need from our partner.

And of course, a kiss too! πŸ˜‰

Explore your fun kiddish side too during the photo sessions.

Pooches come first, bae later!

Image: Gaatha

Couple portraits that scream cheer! Quite literally for that matter.

Speeding off into a new beginning be like!

Image: Fotowalle

Don’t forget to ask your photographer to capture your booze shenanigans specifically! πŸ˜‰

Image: Shutterdown

“I’ll help you with your overweight outfits FLAB” is the new way to commit guys!

He’s too happy about his mehndi and she’s just too happy to have him!

Exactly how you should be spending time with your boo RN!

Image: Safarsaga

This is just her lehenga skirt bud. There’s more to come! πŸ˜›

Reveling in the colors of life and love.

Image: Chelizondo

Right before phoolon ki holi themed haldi ceremony!

When he took “tenu leke main jaawanga” too seriously.❀

Royally leading the way!

How about sassing it a notch above?

Sealing it with a kiss and in the most picturesque manner.

Not taking our eyes off this mushy portrait. Just not!😍

The solace you find in your partner’s arms is unparalleled!

And when is a piggy ride not fun?!

Go cheesy go naughty.

Her hearty laugh says it all!

Kissed & sunkissed!

Is a wedding album ever complete without that clichΓ© dance pose?

Joy with props is inevitable.

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