21 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes We’ve Ever Seen

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

We have always been obsessed with wedding cakes. Some of us like the extravagant cakes adorning with a cascade of flowers, and others love the idea of keeping it simple, and elegant.

Sometimes, choosing a wedding cake feels like checking off yet another box on your wedding to-do list (Lehenga? Check! Makeup? Check! Decor? Check! Cake? Check!) But, now, people are being conscious about their choices and what they want in their wedding as they embark on this new and joyous journey.

Rather than ordering some traditional cake, the couple explores the options that seem almost endless. There are flavors and designs more than one that could make you fall in love and have them at your wedding or reception.

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1. Accentuated with flowers and leaves cake

Have you ever seen a cake more ready for a gorgeous garden wedding? This cake wrapped in beautiful olive leaves is perfect for an outdoor elegance.

You can also add colorful flowers to add more gorgeousness to it.

2. A Cascading Floral Cake

This super smooth buttercream cake makes for the most perfect backdrop for the cascading flowers RN.

Incorporating beautiful pink peonies giving a touch of romance, this cake truly draws all our attention!

3. Sequins Cake

Can you believe these sequins on the cake are edible? No, we aren’t kidding!

This gorgeous beauty embellished with sequins in an incredible way is truly enriching our hearts. You can follow the same patterns shown below or get more artistic with the design.

4. Cascading Flower with An Artistic Touch

Decorating a wedding cake with fresh flowers is not a new concept, but this vine of flowers with an ultra artistic peacock painting at the bottom really makes it incredible.

Bookmark this wedding cake if it resonates with your artistic vibe!

5. Textured Cake

This textured buttercream on an all-white cake look is so entrancing! You can choose to adorn the cake with the similar color flower or go for something colorful for a pop of color.

6. Dreamy Sugar Flowers and buds

Cake or artwork? This masterpiece, garnished with fondant painting in multi hues is a result of modern art.

We love the color palette in this five-tiered fondant cake, but what makes it unique is the middle tier in a totally different color, grabbing the eyeballs.

7. A Succulent Dream

What a beautiful statement of succulents and fresh flowers, adding to the beauty of a wedding cake.

8. Marble Cake

This gorgeous marble cake being the perfect backdrop to a half-naked cake looks so chic and effortless.

9. Bring Out The Greens!

Have you ever seen a cake look so elegant? You can drape a simple, white nude wedding cake in greenery to give an eco-friendly and organic vibe.
The lemon covered with the edible olive branches is making this cake, a simple stunner!

10. Keep it simple

The best thing about a cheesecake is that it doesn’t need to be fancy. This two-tiered cheesecake beautifully decorated with colorful florals look so elegant. 

We love it when simplicity speaks volumes!

11. Floral Illustrations

Instead of simply adorning your wedding cake with flowers, ask if your baker can make a floral painting on a cake.

The detailed work with so much depth in the lush leaves and blooms is giving a spring vibe to this gorgeousness, without even being over the top.



12. Watercolor Wedding Cake

This simple, multi-tiered cake goes for a spin with a watercolor design throughout the cake. Accentuating the cake with flowers and leaves only makes it look prettier!

13. Textile Inspired Wedding Cake

This Peruvian textile inspired stunner cake is taking our hearts away!

Festooned with gorgeous floral embroidery with a pop of colors makes it a perfect tropical wedding cake.

14. Lace & Ruffles Wedding Cake

This classic lace and ruffles cake is perfection in every way.

The addition of these handcrafted sugar flowers in matching color makes it a unique and subtle experience.

15. A Fruitful Delight

A vine of fresh fruits dressing up frosted tiers and seminude layers is making us eat this cake, right now!

Instead of a fruit vine, you can also place the fresh fruits and herbs as a dressing on the top.

16. A Monochromatic Affair

The monochromatic technique is too enchanting and eye appealing to the eyes. The floral and bird detailing on this four-tiered cake is perfect for an intimate wedding reception.

17. Macaroon Tower

This macaroon tower with a hand-painted cake base looks so pretty that it must have been hard to cut it.
PS: We love how it’s surrounded by flowers and ferns to give a rustic vibe.

18. Pastel Hued Multi-Tiered Cake

A six-tiered pastel-hued cake with fresh flowers in a mauve and pink palette and complimenting green leaves is adding a dash of romance.

19. Beautiful Buttercream Painting Cake

To achieve this bohemian rhapsody, the use of edible pressed flowers accentuates the aesthetics of your wedding cake. 

20. For Flower Lovers

All these one-tier floral cakes are too pretty to eat!

A classic buttercream cake will never go out of style, especially when combined with a smattering of pretty flowers! As much as we love simple and elegant cakes, these colorful floral cakes in multi hues will always have a place in our hearts.

Cake: Ivenoven

Cake: Ivenoven

Cake: Ivenoven

21. Classic Meets Modern Wedding Cake

Simple wedding cakes are perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony, especially for someone who prefers a minimalistic touch.

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