Top 41 Nail Art Designs To Get Glamorous Wedding Ready Nails

By Divya Arora .

The one thing that a woman tends to forget dressing up while dolling up for her or her best friend’s wedding is her nails; mostly leaving it up for a last minute coat of a complementing color. And well, while you’d be thoughtfully and oh-so carefully planning even the tiniest details of your look, why leave those gorgeous nails of yours? Especially if you’re “the bride”! Well, because dressing them up in artistic and fancy ways is only going to elevate your look further!

While so many of us love going sans nail art at weddings and would simply flaunt a pretty color, we know there are so many of us who would literally swear by a stunning nail art. Be it the elaborately embellished nails or simplistically patterned beauties, a fabulous nail art design always steals glances and those “wow” gasps! And hence, if you’re a sucker for creatively and splendidly curated nails then you’ve landed at the right place!

To help you weave your bridal or wedding look fantasies in a marvelous and flawless manner, we created this nail art design book for you to chalk out your favorites for yourself. So, get your bag of inspiration and all the “OMGs” ready!!

Image: Plush Affairs

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

Latest Nail Art Designs

Right from the hefty use of a nude palette to extremely out there holographic and chrome patterns, these latest nail art designs are surely going to brim you with some major inspo!

Of chic hues

A blend of a sorbet color, holographic charm, and rose gold glitter topped with Swarovski stones and gold nail striping tape, this trending nail art design is perfect for both brides and bridesmaids. It’s super chic and looks absolutely modish.

Popping florals

A nude base topped with pretty blooms finely lined with glitter, this latest nail art design is an amazing pick. It is the perfect amalgamation of subtlety and brightness with just the right tinch of bling without going too over the top.

The marble touch

Being one of the best nail art designs there ever is, the marble effect nail art is one stunner that you can’t miss bookmarking. Irrelevant of the shape and size of your nails, this will only look exquisite and add to your look.

Nail Art: Hugs x Kisses

Go abstract

This abstract nail art done in two distinctive hues of the same color palette mixed with white, would make up for such an edgy pick for both brides and bridesmaids alike. Amped with gold flakes, this subdued nail art design with a pop of bling is a sure shot bomb. In fact, you need to save this beauty for all your festive and the usual nail art needs as well.

Nail Art: Nails By Dianna

A little unconventional

Go off the track and opt for a bridal nail art in a rather edgy and uncommon hue such as dark green. This nail art is all the more perfect for you if you’re slipping into a pastel green or blue outfit in your wedding day. While this gorgeous hue would look great with all the colors you could possibly pick for your soirees, this entire design is a beauty sparkling with just the right pop of gold flakes.

Nail Art: Nails By Liv

Portrait personalization

Taking the bridal look personalization game notches higher, this bride opted to have a portrait of her love etched onto her ring fingernail. Clubbed with glittery and 3D floral embellished nails, the entire nail art design is worth bookmarking to your inspiration boards.

Image: Allied

That lace charm

Lace nails are one of the prettiest types of nail art designs out there and look absolutely elegant and graceful to wear. Taking the classic lace designs a notch above is this latest nail art design that boasts of edgy hues of grey and blue with the tiniest gold bling!

Nail Art: Hugs x Kisses

The reverse henna pattern

While this nail art can be done in any color that you’d prefer, there’s something about the charm of peach that beautifies this white reverse henna design and that gold bling in an unmatched way! This would make up for one great pick for all the brides out there and in fact, anybody for that matter.

Go vibrant

To complement your colorful and vivid personality, this vibrant nail art design that’s a hearty blend of different colors entwining with each other flawlessly is surely for keeps. Step off that classic edge, take an offbeat route and pick for yourself this riot of colors to pep up your look!

Spark it up!

Splendid with chrome (metallic), wine glitter, and gel nail paint ornamented with stones, this unique nail art design has our hearts. Right from the hues to the design everything about this art makes it worth adding to your mood boards whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid. It’s super flashy and of course, so glamorously out there!

A glittery mix

If you go gaga over glitter and absolutely love breathing in glitter then this popular nail art design is for you. This glitter French mani is done using a mix of 5 colors and it was further sprinkled with some holographic glitter that gave it all a perfect pop.

Nail Art: Enaildiaries

Simple Nail Art Designs

Be it a beautiful and alternative take on that French manicure or a simplistic pattern with minimal designs, these simple nail art designs are totally meant for all the minimalists out there!

A ‘gold flakes’ affair

A perfect bridal nail art design, such red nails with just gold flakes amping up the entire design is a great choice. If you’re not a nail art person really but, would love to wear something pretty on your nails without going too overboard, this design is for you. It’s graceful and boasts of just the right dash of gold.

The basic French mani

If the classic and basic satiates your senses the most then you probably know that a classic French manicure is what you should go for. It’s a forever thing and well, a classy one too.

Bow up the glitter

This surreal nail art design has tugged at our hearts and how!! It’s super adorable and we’re one hundred percent rooting for this. A subtle hued topped with striping gold tape, golden glitter, and a cutesy little bow, this clearly is one of the best nail art designs there ever could be and would make your hands look super pretty.

Nail Art: BeeQNails

For a voguish appeal

Go a little eccentric for your wedding or your best friend’s wedding with this latest nail art design that boasts of offbeat hues with a tad bit of bling. For how just one finger glams up the entire subdued design, this is definitely a great option for all the minimalists out there.

Nail Art: Nail Vogue

Litter glitter

Up your French mani game with a glitter third nail if a simple French manicure is well, way too simple for you. This popular nail art design is sure to satisfy your need for tasteful timelessness without having you going the clichéd way.

Subtlety at its best

This subtle French manicure in the palest of peach with just an embellished third fingernail to pop it all up is sure to strike a chord with every minimalist out there. This nail art design is a perfect example of how a French mani needn’t only be white and too visible.

Nail Art: Nailbug

Uniquely glimmering

A sparkly nail art done in gold metallic, golden glitter, baby pink color, and intricately placed stones, this popular nail art design will satisfy every bridal nail fantasy ever. It’s just the kind of nail art a bride would want to flaunt on her wedding day without making it look too extra or too subtle.

Nail Art: Nails By Juhi

A starry affair

An amazing pick for those who want nothing but a subtle glimmer on their nails, this nude nail art design highlighted with subtle glitter and tiny holo stars is your savior. Without going too OTT or too basic, these nails are going to add umpteens to your bridal glow and your overall look.

Nail Art: Nails By Liv

Jewel ‘em up!

Subtly bejeweled nails are a big time stunner and elevate a wedding look pretty flamboyantly. A nude pink shade topped with tiny studs and stones and just a hint of glitter is what your nails would need to stand out in their sorbet-hued glory on your wedding day!

French mani with stones

Yet another elegant take on a basic French manicure, this nail art design can also be your savior if you desire a basic nail art but, with an uncommon twist. Just a little bit of bling can literally amp up a basic nail art by multifold.

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

The subdued glam

This trending nail art design with light glittery and stone highlights is such a simple yet fancy art to flaunt on your wedding. Not just that but, this is a perfect pick for your usual everyday nail art needs too.

Image: Razz Nischal

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

Stone up that pink

Most of the times, it’s usually the artsy play of colors and stones that makes up for a nail art design that’s distinctive from others. For instance, a studded third fingernail and a teensy line on the forefinger is all it took to up this baby pink nail art.

Chrome that outshines

For how the dusty mauve nails are minimally accentuated with silver glitter and a chrome fingernail, this modish nail art design is worth saving. It’s super edgy and chic that makes it a perfect pick for all the bridesmaids.

Nail Art: Nails By Juhi

Damn that delicacy!

This muted dreamy nail art is one finery that’s going to make your eyes sparkle for sure! Curated in white and toned down dainty glitter, this beauty deserves to be on your nails!

Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

When we said “you all”, we meant it!! If you’re someone who has got short nails then, fret not because we’ve collated some of the prettiest nail art designs that are perfect for you!

Of intricate stamping

A super elegant and minimal nail art design, this stamped beauty is bound to have you crushing big time! Done using a gold polish used over a stamping plate on a nude base coat to fabricate a dainty floral design, this surely is one of the best nail art designs that you can opt for!

Nail Art: Nails By Miri

The subdued enchantments

Crafted using varied nude shades, glitter, and gold flakes, this pretty nail art design is a must save. Be it for the wedding ceremonies, celebrating festivities, or simply having it done just because you feel like, these nails would look beyond amazing.

Nail Art: Hugs x Kisses

Go lovey-dovey

This pretty pink and red nail art design glammed up using matching glitter would look surreal and would complement your pastel-hued wedding day outfit so gracefully. It’s a wedding after all and hearts just deserve to be everywhere possible! 😉

The color play

Make all that baby pink pop with tad bit of contrasting hues used in varied motifs and designs. This fun nail art is going to be a great pick if you want to pull off something peppy for your best friend’s wedding.

OTT glitter

Instead of having a single or two nails done in glitter, have all your nails done in glitter and that one fingernail in a pretty pattern or motif to break the monotony of it. If there’s no such thing as “too much shimmer” for you then, this latest nail art design is what you should be going for.

When sequins speak

A gorgeously studded nail art design using Swarovski, minute beads, and tiny pearls, over a coat of nude gel polish, this striking design is simply spectacular.

Nail Art: Bling Nails

The white intricacy

Etched finely over a coat of pastel shade, these studded white florals are absolutely breathtaking to look at. Drawn with a striking finesse and symmetry, this latest nail art design has left us totally floored.

Nail Art: Nails By Miri

Nail Art Designs For Long Nails

These designs that we’ve enlisted here would look abs-freakin-lutely gorgeous on your long nails, we bet!

An exquisite medley

We are oh-so swooning over these wedding nails that boast of hearty glitter, blingy Swarovski, and 3D petals put together in the fanciest way possible. It is no less than the nails wearing jewels of their own just like the bride.

Muted extravagance

This charming nail art design breathing in a pretty pink hue, huge studded florals, and shimmer is one plush design that’s going to make your nails outshine tbh. It’s subtle elegance literally oozes with an unmatched vivaciousness that’s so heart tugging.

Of all things glamour

The best to let the art on your nails shine out is to do it on a rather nude and subtle base and yes, exactly like this popular nail art design. Be it the gold striping tape or the metallic highlights, these nails are the perfect nails that a bride could wear on her d-day.

The geometric patterns

Crafting a striking balance of subdued and extra in this trending nail art design, the geometric patterns sure have been used creatively while of course, the stones took it all a notch above.

To complement your bridal red

Done over a relatively nude base using glitter, striping tape, stones, and white, this elaborate nail art design is what you must bookmark if you’d be slipping into a red bridal lehenga. While this nail art would complement all of your wedding outfits irrelevant of their hues, it’s going to be super flattering with your traditional outfit.

The magic of fairies

This pretty pink nail art design has our hearts unquestionably. While of course, we love the minimal use of golf flakes, we can’t stop obsessing over that fairy design that’s literally screaming magic to us!

Nail Art: Nail Vogue

A pretty bel

While bel patterns have a prowess to beautify any henna design, we didn’t know bels could look so splendid on nails as well until we saw this nail art design. Bringing about an unmatched radiance to the matte pink nails, this simplistic leafy bel is enough!

Nail Art: Just Nails

Nails that shine

We can’t stop ourselves from rooting for this bridal nail art pattern that’s a whimsical mix of a pastel hue, minute pearls, and lots of gold. These nails are what we can appropriately call wedding nails simply for how they can make anyone’s eyes gleam.

Image: Plush Affairs

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

Lavender mania

For your gorgeous lavender nails, transparent extensions topped with quaint floral design and stones are phenomenal. They tone it all down gloriously while adding lots of elegance.

Nail Art: Just Nails


Whether you’re fond of going minimal and simple or you’re the one screaming extra, whether you love boasting bling or are a true rooter of subdued, these nail art designs are for every girl out there who loves decking up her nails, no matter what!

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