10 Priceless Gestures To Pamper Your Man With This Valentine’s Day

By Divya Arora .

And it’s finally the ‘all hearts and roses’ time of the year, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we know how you ladies would be fretting over what to get your fiance or your husband!
While gifting them their favorite or much desired stuff makes for a great choice, let’s face it, there’s something entirely magical about the non-materialistic ones! Be it planning some kinda surprise for them, giving them something handmade, taking them out on a date etc., the charm of such thoughtful gestures always stands out!

And to ideate you with such adorable gestures and priceless surprises, we’ve curated a list of all the mushy things that you can do for your man this Valentine’s Day to make him feel special and loved. So go outta your way, plan surprises for him and give him memories that he’d cherish for a lifetime.

1. Get A Photoshoot

Getting a fun photoshoot or that much awaited pre-wedding shoot done on Valentine’s Day is surely going to make that whole “photoshoot experience” way more special. This would be a great way to not just make your photoshoot memories hearty but also make this day a far more uniquely memorable one.

2. A Short Weekend Escapade

Shut out the world and plan a quick getaway to a quiet hill or go all beachy to spend some time together. Valentine’s Day is anyway on a Friday so take an off, pack your bags and go lose yourselves in your own love world!

3. A Jar Of Notes

Make your man a jar of “Reasons Why I Love you” containing small little colorful notes with each note scribbled with one reason. Alternatively, you can also make an “Our Memories” jar wherein each note has one memory that you two have made together till now.

If you’ve met each other through an arranged setup and it hasn’t been a long time, then you can make him a jar with notes where you simply write your heart out. Be it writing him motivational phrases, wishes and dreams about your future together or everything that you like about him, write down everything you want to say to him.

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4. The Classic “Open When” Notes/Letters

Along with other gifts that you picked up for him, write him a bunch of letters and each for a specific time to open. For instance, open when feeling demotivated, open when you feel sad and low, open when you’re feeling anxious etc. This would surely make up for one of the most special Valentine’s Day gifts for him because sometimes when life gets a little rough, little reminders like these restores all that faith and hope.

5. A Date At Home

If you don’t wanna go out then plan an intimate dinner date for him at the home itself. Cook his favorite food, deck up the house with candles, flowers and maybe even fairy lights, have a playlist ready and voila, a relaxing yet romantic date is ready!

6. Couple Spa

Now who doesn’t need a little relaxing break every now and then, right? Well, make the most of this Valentine’s Day and go spend a day together at a spa. Get that therapeutic massage and then later head out for a lunch or a dinner date.

7. TV/Movie Series Marathon

A day spent binge watching his favorite TV or movie series while binge eating and drinking those favorite delicacies is a simple yet impactful way of making this day special. Remember, it isn’t about huge gestures but spending quality time with each other.

8. A Surprise Date

Plan him a surprise date complete with wine and dine, a little decor with roses and candles. Book a cozy nook or a private space at his favorite restaurant or a classic date-ish place. Have it decked up a little complemented by that perfect romantic music and spend your evening drowning into each other’s eyes (too cliche, we know ;)!)

9. Make Him A Photo Book

A photo album consisting of all the memories you’ve made together till now is a great handmade gift for him. In fact, going forward, make sure to keep filling up those leftover blank pages together for its really gonna bring you two closer every time you’d be sitting down to work on it.

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10. How About A Proposal?

Yes, we mean it! If you just know and are ready to tie a knot or are anyway soon going to get married then you might as well make everything more special. It is surely going to sweep him off his feet as he would be least expecting it. And believe us, it needn’t specifically be a grand proposal. A simple and intimate one with heartfelt emotions would do too!

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