Payal Keyal: Your One-Stop Destination For Voguish Bridal Outfits

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Every bride-to-be has her own pool of bridal fantasies that she dives right into as soon as her wedding is fixed. And of course, the one that tops the unending list is her bridal look and outfit! Whether it’s donning a traditional red bridal lehenga, hearty pastels or an entirely offbeat color, every ‘bridal look of dreams’ is drenched in opulence & class that’s unmatched. And the one brand that caters to such bridal dreams with equal exquisiteness and tale telling designs is Payal Keyal.

Known for fashioning pieces in unparalleled designs, distinctive silhouettes, and choicest hues, Payal Keyal has been satiating bridal desires for a long time now! A gorgeous blend of the classic bridal aesthetics and contemporary finery, every Payal Keyal outfit is weaved brilliantly with a thread of timelessness. And that’s exactly what makes her collections a total charmer!

For that matter, her range of bridesmaid outfits, pre & post-wedding ceremonies, and designer sarees has been leaving every heart spoilt for choices.

And when we got in touch with the celebrated couturier, the ideologies and design ethics that further unfolded were tastefully avant-garde. And definitely something that’ll surely make you want to be a Payal Keyal bride on your big day!

Tell us about the label Payal Keyal.

After Graduating in B.Sc (Fashion Design) from ARCH ACADEMY of Design, I started designing for my label in 2016 to showcase my eloquent way of redefining grace and beauty.

I believe in creating a strong language and a visual identity so that our clients can feel and associate the clothes with me just by looking at it. In a way, I always aim at creating something that represents my brand identity. After a successful and proud participation in the Indian Wedding Show, 2017, Payal Keyal label is uniquely varied from their competitors.

It is all about the fusion of fresh and young yet deep rooted ethnic ethics. My journey with Payal Keyal label so far has been a mystic pathway, I’ve just grown with time and made my identity so strong that now my clothes will always leave a quintessential streak behind every beholder.

What are its guiding philosophies & ideologies?

We have deep rooted ethnic design philosophies perfectly blended with modernity in a manner like none other. Every Payal Keyal attire is unique and has a persona that fits its wearer. Whether you are the bride or the bride’s relative, our attires will never fail to stun you.

The amalgam of colors, patterns, and exquisite details I put in my couture are bound in a way that they can speak for themselves.

Apart from looking charming and beautiful, I always want to dress my brides-to-be, to feel comfortable and confident on their special day.

What inspires your work & collections?

My couture is always eclectic and mostly inspired by our country’s authentic and diverse culture. Be it the Kashmiri essence, the Mughlai intricacy or Rajputana royalties. Our collection is always an eye-pleasing experience for others as we indulge in current fashion streaks and give them our own special touch.

For me couture is not just about fashion but, it’s a wild space I create where you can fly to do anything and everything that has never been done before. Our label effortlessly translates the deep-rooted diverse Indian motifs with contemporary aesthetics.

What makes Payal Keyal outshine & sets it apart from others in the same business?

Our strength lies in our design process. The strongest aspect in our label is our execution to fulfill our client’s needs and wishes. We go in detail to produce every outfit and from every pattern & silhouette to color palette with each motif and embellishment, everything is laid down and thought about in great depth to create perfection for our client’s satisfaction.

We work on detailed exquisite ethics to create something unique for all our clients to make them feel special on their day. The inspiration that we derive from our from Indian tradition and culture is always appealing to the clients and our effort to produce the best couture and to give complete satisfaction to the clients is always an utmost priority.

How would you define your pieces— traditional, contemporary, or a blend of both?

I always want to give a serene contemporary look to my brides. Thus, this infusion of opulence and comfort, oozing with class, sophistication, and elegance is what any bride needs to weave her personal fairy-tale. The novelty of our creations lies in this perfect marriage of femininity & luxury. Each of our trousseau is carefully crafted to make a statement wherever you go.

Tell us about your latest launch 'The White Mughals'.

The collection is a masterpiece of endeared Mughal architecture and their dressing sense.
Our couture experts sourced every minute detail and embellishment to assure every garment should carry an essence and identity of its own.

The collection simply shows congenial and attractive forms of Mughals and their serene ethics. Inspired by the book ‘The White Mughals’ by WIlliam Darymple, this Payal Keyal collection aims at the storytelling of the forbidden lovers with a never ending thirst of intricacy and elegance.

How has COVID-19 impacted your work & how are you dealing with it?

This pandemic definitely has created a lot of setbacks in our aim to progress as a couturier. It had made the process of material sourcing and transportation a real problem. Even the customer flow has decreased overall. But we are trying to combat that with a lot of positivity and by inculcating new methods of sales like virtual shopping on online platforms, video conferencing and whats-app calls. We believe that with problems, comes the reasons to find innovative solutions to them.

Along with this, we are trying to work extensively on our social media platforms to bring in brand awareness and showcase our identity in a unique way. We are just trying to serve our clients with all of our potential and creativity in the best way we can. All we can do is to be headstrong and hopeful for the things to get better.

Authored by Divya Arora

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