17 Enchanting Peach Colored Decor Ideas For Your Ceremonies

By Divya Arora .

Probably the prettiest color for a romantic and dreamy pastel-hued affair, the color peach quite powerfully strikes a chord with everybody’s artistic sensibilities. Perfect for both summer and winter weddings, a peach colored decoration looks absolutely soothing and rejuvenating at the same time. No wonder peach is one of the highly incorporated colors at weddings.

Moreover, for how it can be easily and flawlessly styled in truckloads of ways, this hue is an unparalleled hit in the entire color palette. Infuse it with distinctive hues like white, pinks, blues, yellows, lilacs, or orange, or simply incorporate it in your rustic or an all white & green formal affair, you would never go wrong with peach.

Furthermore, this color works like magic even for those glamorous night time ceremonies. Simply notch it up with lights, chandeliers, or colorful blooms and you’re all set to breathe in the wedding decor of your dreams.

With that said, for how it is an ultimate and timeless wedding decor color, we thought to brim you up with some bewitching peach colored decoration ideas for your soiree.

So prep up your mood boards and get ready to bookmark some amazeballin’ ideas right away!

1. A heavenly wedding entrance

We bet a night time wedding entrance has never looked this elegant and warm. A peachy draped walkway further amped up with fancy florals, chandeliers, candles, and fairy lights, this also doubles up as a breathtaking backdrop to get your pictures clicked in front of.

2. A classy guest seating

While decking up those gold and ivory tiffany chairs with peach fabrics lent an elegant vibe to the guest chair seating, those leafy cones are a charmer. You don’t always need to go overboard with your decor because sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter.

3. Blend of peach & rustic

This breathtaking mandap is the perfect example of infusing peach in your rustic wedding decor. An ivory and peach draped mandap festooned with light-hued florals and foliage, this setup is bound to steal all the charm. Add some lights or candles and this mandap is going to look more extravagant for the night time ceremony.

4. All peach seating lounges

We just can’t take our eyes off this peachy seating area that’s amped up in such stylish ways. While the dark hued cushions bring out that perfect dash of contrast to the setting, the cascading chandeliers and lamps light it all up so glamorously.

5. That floral charm

Peachy floral centerpieces are one great element to include in your wedding decor to add that subtle touch of hue. For instance, this small all foral centerpiece done in peach flowers would deck up your table settings in a classy and sophisticated way especially when intermixed with lit up white decor.

Image: Zohaib Ali

6. A quaint mehndi seating

For how baby pink, red, and white make up for some amazing colors that coordinate with peach in this bridal setting, we really suggest you bookmark this. While the gorgeous drapes lend a cabana-like feel, the triple-hued hanging floral garlands make up for such a stunning backdrop. It’s elegant, spirited, and merry, all at the same time.

7. Cozy canopies

Whether to incorporate this for a poolside or a beachside day mehndi or for a night ceremony, this peach colour decoration idea is a great pick. While colorful pompom strings and fairy lights beautifully deck up the canopy, the Bohemian elemental decor alongside completes the setup admirably. If not for your wedding, you can also have a setup like this done for your pre-wedding or that bridesmaids shoot.

Decor: Fireflies

8. A beauteous entryway

Done in peach colored drapes tied like a curtain, this arched entrance is a sure shot showstopper to welcome your guests in style. For how it’s all lined with heavy foliage, tied with bunched flowers, and further accentuated with lit up chandeliers, we’re so rooting for this.

Decor: Fireflies

9. Drenched in peach

A magnificent setup breathing in pristine hues, abundant florals, and lights, even going all out there and exuberant with this hue looks marvelous. For as plush and exquisite it looks, we believe, it would make for a great reception decor.

Decor: Tanvi & Co.

10. A surreal mix

Crafted in bespoke class and grace, this white and peach color decoration idea for an entrance is for keeps without a doubt. While the dual-toned drapes are all about subtlety, the fern and candle accentuated white installations speak of glamour.

11. Infused florals

This floral mandap has specifically tugged at our hearts. The way white, peach, light pink, and maroon blooms entwine together to exude a peachy feel is too gorgeous to not pin to your mood boards. Set up under vast skies and against a scenic backdrop, this mandap would unquestionably be a delightful treat to the eyes.

12. An adorable color combination

Pink and peach are one of best color combinations and that is a given. Be it for the decor or even for your outfits, you can never go wrong with this combo. No wonder this dreamy decor looks super pretty when further accessorized with antique vessels, florals, and chandeliers.

13. Something for the pillars

Whether it’s an indoor hall or an outdoor space, it is bound to have pillars that can be decked up in smart ways one of which surely is this! Minimal drapes tied up with bunched florals while creeper foliage further elevate it is such a bomb idea.

14. Timeless flowers

This peach colored decoration idea is worth taking a screenshot RN. We love how uniquely it’s highlighted with mogra and tuberose garlands making it look super offbeat while a simplistic pink and peach ceiling tops it off.

15. A peach & ivory stage

When your wedding stage is supposed to be a highlight of your decor, make sure it outshines like it’s meant to. This peach and ivory stage enhanced with white and green florals, chandeliers, and lights is one bewitching idea that’s worth bookmarking to your list.

16. Just a hint is enough

We are absolutely smitten by this elegant and classy wedding decor idea that boasts of a formal color combination of white and green. Doing just the chairs in peach adds that perfect splash of a color while keeping it all surreal and light toned.

Image: Naman Verma

17. Scalloping drapes for the win

Drapes accentuated with plush greens and chandeliers always work be it at the walkway or the entire area for that matter. Peach fabric decorated with foliage and fern is also one of the classiest ways to host a forest or nature themed ceremony.


With such peach colored decoration ideas that are sure to grab all eyeballs, we bet your wedding ceremony themed around this hue will impress your guests big time! While of course, leaving you with gorgeous memories aplenty.

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