5 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Home Wedding Decor

By Divya Arora .

Are you soon getting married and planning to take your pheras at your home? Because if you are, then this guide is so meant for you!

With your mood boards brimming with the choicest wedding decor inspiration, bringing it all to life isn’t a cakewalk and takes a lot of thoughtful planning. More so, if it is a home wedding which, owing to the recent times, has become quite a rage and a preference.

When it comes to planning the decor for your home soiree, it becomes much more difficult because of space restrictions. We know what a hard time this is for all those brides who had been fantasizing about their extensive wedding decor and now have to change or downsize it all. But, fret not!

You can get married amidst the wedding decor of your dreams while the walls of your home breathing in your childhood memories elevate it all with the warm vibes it is built in. We’ve enlisted five things that you need to take in consideration before you set out to plan your home wedding decor.

These tips are surely going to ease up your decor planning and help you weave the wedding that you’ve always desired. Start taking notes!

1. Manage your space

When planning the decor for your home, figure out the key focus areas and the additional nooks and corners that can further add to the vibe. While you decorate those main areas, don’t sideline elements like the staircases, corners, ceilings, that narrow lobby and other such spaces that you think do not require any decor. Just a tad bit of adornments would work wonders for the entire theme.

2. Avoid bulky elements

Big pieces and hefty elements in your home wedding decor isn’t something that you should be keen on incorporating; even if it is a mandap setup. Go compact and plan the decor smartly in a way that it includes everything that is essential while leaving ample space for guests to move around.

For instance, have a single backdrop that works both as a photo op and a backdrop for your open mandap. Or simply set up your mandap seating beneath that tree in your yard. If you’re short on space, instead of incorporating additional elements try decorating the areas that your house has to offer.

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3. Theme it up

Hosting your wedding at home doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for a themed decor. Whether it’s going pastel-hued or absolute vibrant, or going all lit for a night ceremony or choosing a traditional vibe for the morning haldi, planning the decor around themes is a great idea in fact. Innovate and personalize it further in a way that resonates with the two of you to take the decor a notch above and make it stand out.

4. What’s the key?

The key to planning the decor for your home wedding lies in what your place has to offer. Your aim should be to further enhance the beauty of your home which is unique to everybody’s.

Is there a huge empty wall? How about decorating it or setting an arched mandap against it? Does your house boast of a big terrace? Well, that’s where you should be setting up the mandap! If your home has a garden or a backyard use those natural greens as a base for the decor and work around them. Is there a tree in your garden that stands tall like it owns the place? Decorate that tree with florals for the day and blingy elements for the night or maybe even take your pheras underneath it.

Similarly the colors that your house’s walls are painted in can also set the tone for your wedding decor.

5. What not to forget!

Regardless of the theme you’re picking, there are some elements that you mustn’t forget infusing into the decor so take notes right away.

Flowers- They simply make everything pretty and a wedding decor is somehow incomplete without flowers. Whether you choose marigolds in distinctive hues for the haldi or mehendi or pick up roses and jasmine for the wedding, flowers cannot be missed.

Lights- Whether you adorn your home and the greens with fairy lights or miniature bulbs or include paper lamps or small chandeliers, the choice is yours.

Candles- Just like flowers, candles seem to make everything warm and heavenly and you cannot go without incorporating them in the decor. Hang them from the trees in terrariums or place them around the setups or table counters but, don’t forget them!

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