A Gorgeous Quarantined Home Wedding of Megha & Tusshar In Delhi

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

A few months ago, the word ‘Quarantined Wedding’ was not even added to our vocabulary, and now it has become a new normal. Couples are getting married in an intimate ceremony at home, with the closest of their friends and family just like Megha and Tusshar.

After the pandemic happened, the couple waited for weeks to get things to go back to normal, but with daily updates and guidelines on COVID-19 from the government, they both knew it was time to go ahead with their marriage, but not exactly as they had originally planned. 

Megha and Tusshar had their dreamy 3-day wedding planned at the ITC Mughal, Agra to be attended by friends and family traveling from different parts of the world, followed a few weeks later by a Quarantined wedding at home suddenly seems unarguable.

About The Couple

Megha shared “Throughout our lives, Tusshar and I were both skeptical of getting married and could never even imagine an arranged marriage being the way forward for us, but then we found each other. We both found someone who would break those walls and makes it seamless. After meeting each other all those doubts and apprehensions quickly went away and both of us wanted to be with each other. It was a feeling neither of us had felt before.”

How did you decide to do a lockdown wedding?

With the unforeseen scenario of the pandemic, the couple decided for a quarantined wedding as soon the government gave some relaxation on the state lockdown.

Megha, the bride shared “The lockdown paused all our wedding plans indefinitely. With no way forward, we were confused and disappointed. Then we decided that the best way to kick start our new lives, is an intimate wedding with our closest families, taking care of all the safety guidelines. With an overly enthusiastic group of family and friends organizing it all felt like a piece of cake.”

Megha's Look

Having a clothing brand herself, Megha wanted to keep the heritage alive and thus, picked her mother’s vintage saree that was designed for her years ago.

Tusshar's Look

Complementing his gorgeous bride, Tusshar looked dapper in a black and white sherwani paired with a peach safa and three-stringed pearl mala.

How many guests were attending the wedding?

Megha shared “Going down from 300 people to just 30 people was really hard for us, but then we realized it’s the wedding that matters the most to us. Luckily, a few of our closest friends and family were a part of the celebrations, personally and over 150 people attended the wedding virtually on a Zoom video call.”

DIY Decor

Megha and her family did the decor themselves and created a backdrop with makeshift materials and the ever-blooming spring flowers seen around their house.

Tips for to be brides planning a quarantined wedding

For all the upcoming brides wanting to get married at this time, we would just like to say be brave and be loving. It all just works out in the end.

Photographer: Gautam Khullar Photography

Makeup: Gomit Chopra

Hairstylist: Deepak Sheshodiya

About The Author

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