Real Brides Share How They Celebrated Valentine’s With Their Partners

By Divya Arora .

While we all truly believe that love, our partner, and our relationship should be celebrated every day but, let’s be honest, reveling in the vibe of Valentine’s Day, has an undeniable charm of its own. Be it going all out there to do something special for our partner or simply staying in to spend some time with them, this day is “The” day of love that couples celebrate in their own special ways.

To brim your hearts with love and happiness unbound on this special day, we’re gonna be sharing some romantic and mushy tales of togetherness and celebration right here with you. Basically, we got in touch with our adorable brides and to-be-brides and asked them to share the memories of the first Valentine’s Day they spent with their husband or fiancé.

And believe us when we say, their memories and their stories are sure to woo your hearts making you go all “awwwww!” So without further ado, let’s dive right into their memories!


Benaisha and Yash's Valentine's traditions are forever strong!

So our Valentine’s tradition since 2008 has always been dinners at Royal China restaurant. We practically order the same thing and end the meal with the same chocolate cake too. We love Chinese and cake. We like traditions and we keep them consistent. This Valentine we will have Chinese and cake somewhere here in New York and not Royal China.💁🏼‍♀


Image: Naman Verma

Shania's Valentine's with Arvind surely was a romantic dream!

Arvind had picked me up from my parents’ business and he had a whole night planned for us! He took me to his truck where on the seat he had put 48 red roses! The most beautiful roses I had ever seen. He had made reservations downtown Vancouver at our favorite restaurant and we spent the night talking and enjoying some drinks! Definitely a night to remember.

But it changes after marriage…he can’t keep surprises in his stomach.😂

Tanya and Neev's Valentine's shenanigans are the sweetest!

On Valentine’s Day we like to do something very low-key like cooking each other a meal and watching a movie together in bed!😊

Seema & Sunny made sure to first spread love & then celebrate. (V-Day essence restored!)

My husband and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day working at our company Venus ET Fleur- our flowers live for an entire year. So our job is to spread the love and make sure our clients are happy. After Valentine’s Day, we went to Jamaica and had an amazing romantic relaxing trip with each other.💖

Karen & Sunny's is the most heartwarming Valentine's tale (*silently sobbing*)!

Sunny and I have been together for 7 years now!!

I still remember our first valentine’s day – it was quite magical. Sunny told me we were having a casual lunch somewhere near the beach so I got dressed in my cute red dress as you do on Valentine’s Day. We arrived at the most beautiful waterfront restaurant and as I stepped outside of the car, Sunny told me to open the car boot. I couldn’t believe what I saw inside!! There was a stunning bouquet of 12 roses, big teddy bear, balloons which had ‘I love you’ on them, chocolates, candles, cute heart shaped cushion and the traditional Punjabi anklets! Regardless of the things we both gave each other, it was the unconditional love that we celebrate every day of our lives together.

Fast forward, every year he has kept the tradition of getting me 12 more roses than previous year for another year of togetherness (even adding in a fake rose to show that not all roses die!). We both know each other’s love language so everyday feels like Valentine’s Day!

Sanjana & Amrit's V-day plans are just adorable!

This year, we’re celebrating our first Valentine’s Day as a husband and wife. We’re not into big, grandiose gestures. Amrit and I really enjoy the simple, small, beautiful things. Like making time to start a new TV show together, or eating something we’ve been craving for a while or cuddling and laughing at something on our phone. We’re going to dinner this Friday! And probably snuggle up with some wine after.
For me personally, Valentine’s Day should be like any other day when you’re married, filled with love and respect. Well, the only difference is flowers…who doesn’t love flowers? Lots of flowers!

Devika and Neil going all sneaky & lovey-dovey!

Neil (then my boyfriend) was travelling and he’s not a romantic person so I had no expectations. But at some point in the day, I found a huge bouquet of lilies in my cabin with the sweetest note promising me a super fun life together (even though we weren’t engaged!) I remember being a little shy because that meant my team knew something was up in my personal life haha.. but I felt so special. I do still have that note ❤

And how for Mani & Hark it's about celebrating each other whenever you can!

We don’t really do Valentine’s Day. We just did dinner together and nothing crazy tbh! For New Years Eve I did a cute little date night for us. I made a little tent in my living room, threw some pillows and blankets and watched a movie. I cooked him Italian and we had champagne.

It was our first NYE as an engaged couple and our last “unmarried” one too so it was nice to do something!

Image: Mani Jassal

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