A Royal Wedding Bespoke Of A Dreamy Affair

Raabia & Sameer


Brimmed with sheer love and magic, Raabia and Sameer’s wedding bespoke of royalty and a dreamy affair. With the duo looking like Mughal king and queen, the bridesmaid that gave us oodles of outfit inspiration and grandeur than life soiree, the bewitching charm of this wedding kept us magnetized throughout! 

About The Couple

How did they meet?

Rabiaa “My kindergarten bestie who also played the role of my wingman orchestrated the whole thing. He ran into Sameer and his cousin at dinner and instantly thought of hooking me up with him. Within a few days, Sameer sent me a DM via Instagram and the rest is history! He was living in Seattle and I was living in San Francisco and we did long distance for 2 years but that only brought us more close! “

How are they as a couple?

Having a taste for fine things in life. We love exploring the restaurant and giving our food buds a treaty delight. When it comes to traveling, we sail both ways, whether it is to cosset ourselves with spa’s massage and relaxing activities or opening ourselves to new experiences.  

Tell us about your proposal story

The fairytale proposal came late for me because my heart already knew where it belongs before he dropped the big question. For us things were out of other, His family came over to ask for my hand and the next day we had our engagement party. Since our wedding was only 6 months away we both got caught up with the wedding planning process, the proposal got lost within that time and I had given up on getting my fairytale proposal. Low and behold, Sameer was planning behind the scenes with my sisters on exactly how and when he was going to propose to me. My bridal shower was one month before the wedding and Sameer was out of town. I thought I wasn’t going to see him until the wedding. During one of my bridal shower games, my sisters wanted to show me a video. On that video, appeared Sameer on one knee holding an engagement ring in the middle of a field with red rose petals spelling out “Will you marry me?” I was then prompted to turn around and there was Sameer in person. 

The Details

Wedding Style

Hosted in The Resort at Pelican Hill, Rabiaa and Sameer’s wedding ceremonies looked at what dreams are made of. Looking straight out of a fairytale, the wedding was exactly how the bride wanted. With Chandeliers, cherry blossom and white dove being a part of this beautiful wedding, it looked all bits of ethereal and romantic. 

Ethereal and Romantic Decor

Kudos to the event planner, Saadia Kibriya (Kismet Event Design), who also happens to be Rabiaa’s sister. She left no stone unturned in turning this dreamy affair into a reality. 

Vibrant & Colorful Mehendi Soiree

Held at Fete the Venue Costa Mesa, CA, the inspiration for Mehendi ceremony was based on Rabiaa’s cocktail bird name Chbuz. Colors like burnt orange, grey and yellow marked the décor making the soiree vibrant, chirp and colorful.

Mehendi Look

Dolled up in vivid hues of yellow and burnt orange, Rabiaa’s outfit inspiration was also taken from the bird, Chubz. While she swept her hair sideways in a ponytail embellished with flowers of marigold ornaments, Sameer drenched a floral bandh gala in the hues of dark blue to compliment the bride.

Wedding Bridal Look

Looking all bits of regal and radiant like a diamond, Rabiaa truly looked like a fairy in every sense. With her dewy makeup in soft and natural tones, her natural beauty and her even more beautiful smile had us bowled over! Adorning a charismatic gown in hues of rose gold with a trail which was all glitz and gold, she really was sparkling like crystal.

Wedding Groom Look

Putting the best fashion foot forward, Sameer also left no stones unturned in looking as splendid and majestic like the bride. He chose a classic white embroidered bandh gala from Nomi Ansari with a hint of blush pink as his pocket square to compliment the bride.

The Bride & The Bridesmaids Look

Not only did the duo but also the bridesmaid had some major outfit inspiration for us! Opting for all the rich tones with a hint of sparkle had our eyes shining with the very sight of their pictures!

The Motifs and Pattern Outfits

Besides the tones, the motifs and pattern and trail of the outfit makes them stand out even more! Kudos to Archna Vig (Manshaa The Designer Studio) for designing these dreamy outfits of the bride and bridesmaid! 

Tips For The Brides-To-Be

A piece of advice for all the brides straight from our newly married bride, Rabiaa – “Everyone will have opinions, allow it to go in one ear and out the other. Just focus on what you want and what will make you and your fiancé happy, the rest is just noise! “


Written By: Simran Keswani

Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja