Romantic Garden Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Seemagni & Pratyush


A romantic day in the beautiful Royal National Park in Audley sets the scene for an idyllic pre-wedding shoot for Seemagni and Pratyush. Through the lens of the talented photographer – Sidd Rishi Photography – we are able to witness the beautiful relationship that exists in this love story: wholesome, playful and amorous.

The shoot features a whimsical vintage theme with a lovely picnic setting: champagne, leather-backed books, and gorgeous flowers. Seemagni and Pratyush took special care in personally styling the shoot, with carefully selected and meaningful props reflecting themselves and their families. In the evening, and after a dress change, the couple moves to an intimate candlelit dinner setting complete with fairy lights. A perfect way to end their creative shoot. Every opportunity is taken to make the most of the outdoor surroundings. We especially loved the use of the paddle boat – so much fun and what a beautiful memory.

The lovely couple shares a few details about themselves and the inspiration behind the shoot, as well as helpful tips on getting the best out of your pre-wedding shoot.

About The Couple

How did we meet?

We both met seven years ago whilst we were working at Telstra. My workmates used to call me Apu, a character from the Simpsons. The first-day Seemagni walked in to work they all laughed and said: “Apu, your Manjula is here!”.

How we are as a couple?

We are very different from each other. We love and fight with each other with the same passion – but the best thing is that we both endeavor to make each other a better person.

How he proposed?

Pratyush made my cousin pretend that he was taking us on a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb for his birthday. When my cousin and the others didn’t turn up because they were apparently ‘running late’.

Pratyush suggested that we should still do the climb, even if they didn’t end up coming. As we reached the top, I could see his smile getting bigger and bigger and then he got down on one knee and proposed. Everyone around us started to cheer!

Afterward, we went to a beach near our place at Cabarita Park. He blindfolded me and had our favorite song playing in the background as he took me down to the beach to surprise me. When he opened the blindfold, I was completely blown away. He had organized a beautiful night picnic. With the help of my sister, he set out tiki lights down by the water and put up fairy lights in a tree. Underneath the tree, he laid out a beautiful, candle-lit picnic. It was by far the most romantic thing he has ever done for me.

What marriage means to us?

It means to be there for each other through life’s ups and downs and most importantly, not forgetting to appreciate each other along the way.

The Details


VISION: For our pre-wedding shoot, we wanted to do something very casual but also reflective of who we are as a couple. We both love to spend time outdoors, go on picnics and try new places. We got a lot of ideas and inspiration from Pinterest.

LOCATION: The Royal National Park in Audley, NSW. We went to the Audley Boatshed for shots on the boat. We chose the Royal National Park because we had spent a lot of time there when we were dating – either picnicking or going to the beach. It’s a great place for a photoshoot because there is so much variety in the scenery.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sidd of Sidd Rishi Photography was incredibly patient with us for the shoot as we had a few creative ideas that we wanted to try. We are extremely happy with our photos and cannot recommend Sidd enough.


Pratyush and I get stuck in the reeds of our rowboat was definitely a highlight. Another great moment was having our photographer get in another canoe so that he could capture us. Sidd truly went out of his way!

Décor & Styling

We didn’t hire a stylist for the shoot. We used our own props and styled the shoot ourselves. The process of collecting things that meant something to us and our families as props for the shoot was really meaningful. I loved seeing how it all came together in the end. We purchased the flowers from Pearsons Florists.

The Look

SEEMAGNI’S OUTFIT: Both dresses were from Seduce. Shoes from Tony Bianco.

HAIR & MAKEUP: Fareha Bridal Studio.

PRATYUSH’S OUTFIT: Shirt from Industrie. Bow-tie and suspenders from Roger David. Shoes from Lacoste.

Tips for Pre-Wedding Shoot

1. Relax and have fun. 

2. Wear something comfortable.

3. Use the shoot as an opportunity to get to trial your key professionals. It’s a great chance to get to know your wedding photographer and hair and makeup artist that you would like to use for your wedding.

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