A Royal Muslim Wedding With Voguish Decor & Unique Bridal Looks

Farihah & Wayne


There’s a saying by William Shakespeare that goes something like, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And as much truth it beholds, it ain’t any less truer that, love has a power that can not only move mountains and break barriers but, even change the course of a person’s lifetime. Such has been the tale of Farihah & Wayne who managed to prove their love stronger than anything else and found their happy ending in each other’s arms forever.

For how they belonged to two entirely different communities, their journey sure did hit a few bumps but boy, when it was finally time to tie the knot, their joyous celebrations were a sight to behold! Whether it was the official at home ceremony back in 2018 or their post Nikaah events a few months back, their revelries were a sartorial blend of contemporary and traditional.

Right from their tale and the surreal wedding photos to the distinctively themed ceremonies & the couple’s choicest wedding looks, every single aspect of this soiree will leave you floored. And of course, pinning ideas to your mood boards!

About The Couple

Their Tale

Farihah & Wayne met each five years ago through a friend. She and her friend were leaving Starbucks when they came across Wayne and his friend. Wayne and Farihah immediately felt a connection and he ended up adding Farihah on Facebook as soon as he got home. The two got talking and on their first date they talked for five hours straight. The bride further says, “I swear he never stopped staring into my soul once. We had our first kiss that day too and it felt like fireworks! I remember leaving his house and texting my best friend saying “I’m going to marry this guy.”

The duo loves spending time with each other doing everything together whether it’s going on an adventures, relaxing, going for a walk, partying or glamping (glamorous camping) and just can’t get enough of each other! “We’re a very energetic and expressive couple. We grew very close and comfortable with one another extremely early on in the relationship. We love bouncing off each other’s energy and when I say it feels like I’m married to my best friend, I mean it. It’s a connection neither of us can explain but, if I had to summarize it in words, it would have to be ‘ ‘soul mates’.” 

The Proposal

Hailing from different cultures and communities (Farihah, a muslim from Bangladesh & raised in NZ and Wayne, a South African), the journey for the couple wasn’t easy when it came to convincing her parents. The two had been living together for about 2.5 years when Farihah & her family had to visit her grandparents in Bangladesh for a month (the longest they’d been apart ever). During that time Wayne asked Farihah’s parents for her hand in marriage but since, they weren’t too responsive, he decided to go out of his way to prove his love for her!

On their way back home from the airport the day Farihah came back, Wayne told her that he has a surprise for her and all she had to do was follow his instructions. On getting home he walked her straight to the bathroom so she could have a shower and asked her to tell him when she’s done. He then brought her out blindfolded to the room where he’d arranged around 200 candles, a canopy over the bed, and rose petals on the floor spelling out ‘Marry Me’. For how Wayne wasn’t a typical romantic, this came out as a really wonderful shock to her seeing how much efforts he’d put into while making sure she didn’t notice.

When she took her blindfold off, there he was on his knee with a ring in his hands, nervous and shaking, telling her how she is the most amazing woman he’s ever met and how this month apart proved to him that she’s his soulmate. “Tbh the rest is a blur because I was on cloud nine, my face covered in tears and I couldn’t stop smiling!!! (honestly this was the proposal of my dreams!),” quotes the bride.

After that her parents got to know him and fell in love with his kind and innocent heart. So much so, that Farihah’s mum has been ever since calling her their daughter-in-law and Wayne, their son!

The Details

Farihah's Engagement Ring

Wayne put a lot of time and thought to find that perfect ring for Farihah that matched her personality and represented their love the best. But, her ring story goes further still. She says, “Unfortunately, a year later I was at work and put my ring in my apron by accident and completely forgot that I had put it in there and walked to my car and in that time it had somehow fallen out of my apron. I was so so distraught when I realized & I called Wayne & he immediately told me not to worry, that at least he didn’t lose me (lol). He met me at work and we looked for an hour and couldn’t find it. Wayne wasn’t upset at all, but I just felt so bad because i know how hard he worked to save up for the ring! But being the wonderful man he is, on our anniversary (8 months later) he had saved up for another ring and re-proposed to me which was the sweetest! This ring is stunning too! It’s a beautiful pear shape and was handcrafted by a NZ designer. :)”

Wedding Planning & Details

The couple officially tied the knot back in 2018 in an intimate ceremony at Farihah’s mum’s house in Epsom, Auckland. They took about a year and a half to plan the other events which they hosted in December 2019 for about 450 people.

They first created mood boards for each event taking inspiration from The Crimson Bride, Etsy, and Pinterest. While for their mehndi, they opted to go all bright and colorful for a refreshing summer feel, for their reception, they were inspired by their outfits and an enchanted forest theme.

Their wedding vision was quite artistically and gorgeously put together by different professionals like Raj Tents, Covers Decoration Hire, Stylish Weddings & Events, and their venue teams.

Furthermore, the teams of Logan West, Chasewild, and Aidan Rogers, captured the entire soiree quintessentially framing even the tiniest of details in remarkable aesthetics.

Mehndi / Holud Ceremony

Hosted at the bride’s mum’s home in May 2018, the couple’s boisterous mehndi ceremony was a night of fun, dancing, and celebrating the couple’s union like a one big party. While the decor boasted of hearty florals and fairy lights, the couple donned traditional looks in hues of mustard yellow and crimson.

The Serene Nikaah

Hosted at a mosque in Auckland with the entourage moving to the home later for the rest of the festivities, the couple officially got married the next day where they exchanged their rings under a minimally done arched structure.

While Wayne opted for a teal and gold bandhgala for the ceremony, Farihah slipped into a heavily embellished wine and peacock blue suit looking surreal.

The Moroccan Mehndi

A vibrant, summery, and dynamic ceremony with bright colors marking the space, the mehndi was hosted at the Markovina Estate Winery in Kumeu, Auckland. The moroccan themed event boasted of distinctive canopies and teepees done in done in pretty hues of pinks and oranges accentuated with off-white and beige. Fresh florals, candles, fairy lights and stringed bulbs further elevated the ambiance of the space!

Farihah's Look

For her spirited mehndi celebrations, Farihah slipped into a ravishing purple and fuchsia Ritu Kumar saree bedazzling with pretty embellishments. She accessorized her outfit with gorgeous gold and pearl jewels that were a blend of a dainty choker, a cascading panchlada, huge chaand bali earrings, a matching maang-tikka and bangles.

While hairstylist Ricky Zhou gave her long flower adorned tousled braid, makeup artist Chay Roberts gave her a magenta lip with soft colored eyelids.

Wayne's Look

Wayne, on the other hand, donned a navy and cream kurta and a printed nehru jacket set from Manyavar pulling off a perfectly traditional look.

Bride & Groom Squads

The bridal party donned similar green silk sarees with their hair done in a bun teamed up with minimal makeup and nude lips. The groom squad, whereas, wore light blue kurtas with a stole that created a stark contrast.

The Glamorous Reception

Hosted at The Great Room, Cordis Hotel, Auckland, the enchanted forest themed reception was a magnificent medley of hefty foliage and lush greens amped up with pretty florals, cream couches, and chandeliers.

The spacious venue was decked up according to the couple’s pre-selected ensembles and they wanted a contrast that would let their outfits shine but also complement them at the same time!

Farihah's Voguish Look

Farihah slipped into a bewitching dusty blue and rose pink Shyamal & Bhumika ensemble replete with intricate sequined embroideries. She paired up her outfit with glorious polki & emerald jewels from Sabyasachi and an elaborate matha-patti from Amrapali. Royal kadas, pretty kaleeras, and dainty haath-phools stitched up her look flawlessly.

While Chay Roberts gave her a flushed look and a deep wine lip for that chic pop of hue, Ricky Zhou had her hair tied in a neat & sleek bun.

Wayne's Look

Wayne complemented his wife stunningly in a pastel pink Shyamal & Bhumika sherwani which he teamed up with an embroidered stole and a royal five-stringed pearl mala.

The Bridal Party

On the reception, the bridesmaids slipped into matching light beige sarees along with golden blouses. They had their hair left open and their lips painted in a bold hue!

The Groomsmen

All the groomsmen on the finale day wore dark navy suits coupled with a crisp white shirt and a burgandy tie to set an edgy contrast to Wayne’s blush pink!

Tips From The Bride

  • Remember to remind yourself to focus on what truly matters, which is celebrating the beautiful journey and the beautiful love you and your partner share.
  • Make a moodboard!! Make a moodboard of all your favorite themes, colors, trends and start to design your dream wedding based off that!
  • Don’t stop smiling & give yourself TIME!! Account for extra time please!
  • Don’t forget to DELEGATE! I was super blessed to have a really supportive partner who really took the time to  help me through every step of the wedding.
  • At the end of the day, no wedding will ever be perfect, PLEASE PREPARE YOURSELF for things to go wrong!
  • Remember to EAT!! this will make you feel 100 times better trust me. Low blood sugar can make you feel  tired and irritable, so it’s important to keep your blood sugar levels nice and high!
  • Make heaps of lists or get a super organised wedding planner (make sure you do your research first) and take the time to get to know your planner, they have to be your best friend through this journey, so you need someone who will support you and help you achieve your dreams! not work against you.

Farihah & Wayne's Wedding Film

Have a look at the couple’s oh-so-romantic wedding film that’s bound to leave you heartily smiling ear-to-ear!


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