Sabyasachi’s Bridal Collection ‘Charbagh’ Is For Every Winter Bride

By Divya Arora .

It was just last week when Sabyasachi announced the dates of his upcoming Winter 2019 Bridal launch— Charbagh on Instagram that left us all anticipating the new magic he’d be unveiling soon. Fast forward a week ahead i.e., yesterday, we’re waiting with our phones in our hands, eyes glued to his Instagram feed and boom, there it is! His first post for the night! And the journey that he took us on for that hour or so, through his collection launch was one magnificent, artistic and bewitching ride with lots of ‘woahs’ and ‘oh my gods’.

As the magician decodes in his captions, “Charbagh, four gardens of blooms nourished by one source, is a bridal collection that talks about four distinct trends or sensibilities, making room for every bride’s dreams.” Featuring four collections named Devi, Nargis, Isfahan, and Chowk, Charbagh is an aesthetically expressive blend of embroideries and work done in traditional craft with an exquisite play of colors and fabrics.

The Devi Collection

Featuring bespoke red bridal lehengas in different designs, styles, and work forms, this collection is all for the brides who the timeless and traditional red bridal look. Sabyasachi expresses how a red bridal look is more about emotions and wrote,” Most girl’s families have almost always remarked that when the bride steps out of the changing room wearing a red lehenga for the time, they look like a goddess.” And hence, the name ‘Devi’.

The Isfahan Collection

Paving way for Islamic art, Isfahan is a collection with outfits in a combination of velvets, organzas, muslins and, mul mul whereas Sabyasachi writes, “Indian purple is replaced by faded jamun, fuchsia gives way to pomegranate and bright feroza comes shrouded in layers of patina.” Done in Mughal motifs and Persian flora and fauna, the outfits are gloriously embellished with decadent Zardozi in gold and silver with tiny specks of mina in silk floss.

The Nargis Collection

Beautiful and intricate floral embroideries and motifs did on a comparatively lighter color palette marks this serene bridal collection.

The Chowk Collection

This collection that brimmed from rather rural roots than urban, is quite a creative mix of fabrics and varied hues so unique that you won’t be able to take your eyes off the outfits!

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