13 Fab & Voguish Shades Of Pink Lehenga For Your Wedding Day

By Divya Arora .

While red has always been a ‘traditional bridal lehenga color’ moghul, the pink palette has marked the bridal fashion scenes with its charm over the years quite extraordinarily. Brides have been donning distinctive shades of pink lehengas for their big day, making pink one of the most favorite lehenga colors and for reasons more than one.

Be it the happy feelings & love it makes the wearer feel, the merriness and fervor it sprinkles around, or simply how pretty every shade of pink is, bridal lehengas in this hue are always a stunner!

That being said, the pink bridal lehenga color palette is gorgeously vast and every shade lends an altogether different vibe with each one of them elevating a bride’s look uniquely. And of course, all those hues can be styled remarkably and in truckloads of ways. So, if you’re a bride-to-be who still hasn’t decided on her bridal lehenga color or you know that it has to be pink but aren’t sure about which one then, this look book is what you need!

Out of tons of vivacious shades of pink, we chalked out the most coveted and all time classic ones and collated them here for you to pick yours from! Ranging from quaint pastels to the bold and bright hues, this unparalleled spectrum will surely leave you all spoilt for choices. Start bookmarking!

Flamingo Pink

A pretty shade resonating with that of the Flamingos, this hue should definitely be considered if you’re planning to wear pink for your wedding. Irrelevant of the season or if it’s a day or a night affair, you can never go wrong with Flamingo pink. Team up your wedding lehenga with glorious polki or ruby jewels and you’re good to go!

Rose Pink

A stunning pastel hue brimming with freshness just like a light tinted rose, it will definitely make up for one of the best pink lehengas for wedding day. Whether it is royally embellished or replete with sorbet-hued floral embroideries, a bridal lehenga of this hue would look amazing for your daytime ceremonies. Coordinate it with a pastel decor to curate a theme that looks absolutely resplendent.

Rani Pink

One of the prettiest hues for a bridal lehenga in the pink color palette, a rani pink hued pick would make up for a gorgeous looking pink lehenga for wedding day. For all the brides who don’t want to opt for a red outfit but, want something traditional then, this is so meant for you. It boasts of a classic charm that’s similar to that of a red lehenga and is yet, drenched in the uniqueness of pink. Pair it up with diamonds, emeralds, kundan or gold and it will look breathtaking with everything.

Blush Pink

An enchanting pale pink hue that leans towards softness and a rather neutral palette, this is a favourite in a bride’s world. A blush pink lehenga is unquestionably one of the top pink wedding lehengas and well, rightly so! It’s perfect for a day soiree, sundowner pheras, and even for a night time ceremony and will add to your entire wedding in a distinctive way. Whether it is ornamented in silver work, gold work, colourful embroideries or antique sequins, the aesthetics of a blush pink lehenga are unique to each kind. There’s literally one for every bride out there.

Image: Zohaib Ali

Outfit: Astha Narang

Image: Shutterdown

Outfit: Anita Dongre

Fuschia Pink

This purplish-pink bright hue is perfect for the brides who want to go all bold and vivid looking like a sure shot head turner. With a tad bit of neon lying underneath, this hue is an offbeat and spirited one and can be paired with a blouse or a dupatta in a lighter tone if you don’t want to wear all Fuschia. Colors like softer pinks, beige, cream, mint green, powder blue, ice blue, etc., go relatively well with it. Emerald jewellery looks the best with a bridal lehenga of this color.

Salmon Pink

Yet another color that’s chirpy and happy, this orange-pink color looks absolutely ethereal. One of the latest shades of pink lehengas, it is a perfect pick for a day time wedding but, would look great for evening pheras too. Amp it up with a peach or a darker pink tulle second dupatta to break the monotony and you’d look absolutely amazing. Both neutral-hued decor and a bold red decor would coordinate well with your outfit.

Image: Safarsaga

Dusty Pink

Dusty pink or dusty rose is one of the most preferred shades of pink lehenga by brides out there. With an unparalleled charm, this hue flatters both warm and cool undertones so no matter what undertone your skin belongs to, dusty pink is only going to elevate your bridal look further. Just like salmon pink, this hue goes well with both pastel and bold decor and of course, can be teamed up with any type of jewellery. For your double dupattas, hues like champagne, beige, pastel greens and blues, and lilac would look amazing!


A rather offbeat and stark yet gorgeous color, this is clearly one of the most unique shades of pink lehenga and we love this to bits. A great choice for sundowner pheras or a night soiree, a bridal lehenga in this color is unquestionably going to make you stand out like a diva that you are. If you’re planning to get married in upcoming winters then you surely cannot miss out on bookmarking this one!

Baby Pink

A light pink colored lehenga just like blush pink is a perfect daytime or summer wedding pick. You can have it as minimally embroidered or heavily embellished as you want and it is only to look remarkable and nothing less. Pair up your lehenga with emeralds, rubies, & uncut diamonds, or create a contrast with sapphires or even a Navrattan for that matter, you will never go wrong with this. If nothing else strikes, go baby pink. Period.

Image: Safarsaga

Outfit: Asiana Couture

Hot Pink

A vivid and peppy hue, a hot pink lehenga for wedding day is one bomb of a choice. The brightness and happy cheer of this color is heat tugging and would make you look like a million bucks for sure! Uncut diamonds and emeralds look the best with it while a subtle-hued floral decor is what you should opt for to have your outfit complement it.

English Rose

A relatively lighter tone of rose pink with lesser mauve undertones, this stunning and latest shade of pink lehenga is to die for. It looks absolutely royal when etched with gold or silver work and paired with uncut diamonds or rubies. It’s radiance is as surreal during the evening pheras as it is during a daytime ceremony because this color lends a timeless grace to the wearer.

Powder Pink

A super light coral pink with wee bit of raspberry undertones, the aura of powder pink is somehow absolutely unique compared to the other similar lighter tones of pink. It’s a flowery color that would undoubtedly look splendid on you making you look all princessy. Create a gorgeous contrast with classic red chooda or bangle set to further up your look!

Image: Shutterdown

Outfit: Anita Dongre


Varying from a saturated purple to a deep pink, this is yet another color that’s a great option for the brides who want to pull off and ‘all out there’ look on their wedding day. If you want to add a dash of second color, a light pink or a light turquoise tulle dupatta would look good. Keep your makeup subtle to let your outfit shine.


While the pink palette has a lot of shades to offer and it might scare you away initially but, choosing the one that’s best for you isn’t a tough nut to crack. The first and the most important thing to do is to pick if you want to go dark and bright or pastel and soft. Start looking for lehengas in that selected palette and we’re sure you’d find that perfect shade of pink lehenga for yourself.

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