This Beachy Fairy Tale Proposal Will Make Your Hearts Happy

By Divya Arora .

Love, they say, always finds you exactly when you’re meant to, not earlier and not later but, precisely when you’re destined to. And Hanna & Shahrukh’s tale of love is a proof of destiny playing its part to find you what the Universe has decided for you

When the two talked on Facebook three years ago only to end up stop talking, they didn’t know that fate had something else in store for them entirely. They didn’t know that they would be crossing paths again only to fall in love with each other truly and completely this time.

And for as mushy their love story is, Shahrukh knew that the proposal had to be equally special and nothing short of a fairy tale. And boy it surely has set the standards high for this proposal literally satiates every women’s proposal dreams. Go have a look for yourself!

P.S. Men, take notes please!

Hanna S Khan, a blogger, and Shahrukh Merchant went out on their first date after a mutual friend decided to set them up. After a month of talking and getting to know each other, when they finally met, they just couldn’t leave each other’s side. Their date lasted for four hours over seven course dinner where they, as the bride says, “talked about everything there is under the moon to discuss.”

Their conversations especially made Hanna feel positive about themselves for how Shahrukh kept saying “us” whenever he talked about the future. They dated for about six months until he popped the question and she said yes!

*Can’t wait for the #HansUpForSrk wedding already!*

The two were vacationing in Bahrain where Shahrukh had planned the surprise proposal on a private beach along with Vikram from Mpire Events. Taking cues from the hints that Hanna had been dropping during their dating phase, suggestions from friends, and the team, they curated a setup that was straight outta Hanna’s dreams. In fact, straight outta everybody’s dream!

A gorgeously lit up path led to a serene canopied table seating set up against the sunset and ocean. Fairy lights, candles, and roses marked the entire space whereas, live artists and carefully selected food menu topped it all off flawlessly.

Check out all the heart warming photos and the adorable video framed exceptionally by AHD Studio.

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Our story : A random Facebook conversation that happened 3 years ago rung a bell in my head when a friend of mine mentioned the name “Shahrukh Merchant” and coaxed me into going on a date with him . (I had spoken to him once on Facebook 3 years ago and stopped replying when he asked me out on a date 🙈😄 ) . I decided to give him a fair chance this time around and we went on our first date after a month of talking . The first time we met over dinner we spoke for 4hours and I never wanted that night to end ! He used the word “us” 💕whenever he spoke about the future and that made me feel some kind of way . He started calling my best friend and would talk about how things would be if I married him 🦋 When people ask me “When did you know you wanted to marry Shahrukh ? “ my answer has always been “ The first time I met him “ !! 💯❤️ . I’m glad he asked though (9months later) and I could have never imagined it to be this beautiful, he’s made me cry some happy tears . Thank you @shahrukhmerchant for giving me #TheProposal of my dreams & always making me feel like I’m the woman of yours💭☺️💓 . (P.S – He chose the song for the proposal) Music 🎶Just the way you are @brunomars . Shot by : @ahdstudiobh Planned by : @mpirevents .

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