41 Simple Mehndi Designs for your Fingers

By Carryl Fernandes .

Be it a festival, wedding or any other function, mehndi has always added extra awe to the occasion. For ages, it has been said and believed that mehndi symbolizes a new beginning. Well, not just that but there are also tell-tales that say – the deeper the color of the mehndi, the better your married life would be! There is absolutely no wedding that is complete without the application of mehndi.

Something that has currently been trending these days is the simple finger mehndi design. There are no limitations when it comes to design. They can vary from the most delicate to the most elaborate designs. Many of you’ll prefer a minimal design while some of you would opt for a traditional one. Do remember! Mehndi with never fail to add that extra glam and aura to your entire look for the occasion.

We have shortlisted popular simple finger mehndi designs with images to ensure that you look the cutest with these designs on your palm for the occasions to come.

1. Go Geometric

Geometric Finger Mehndi Design is always very eye-catching as they are different from regular designs. It is different, modern and extremely classy as not everyone dares to try it.

Photo: Pinterest

2. Roses All over

Have receiving a rose from someone you love ever excited you? Well, if yes, then get that embedded on your fingers! These beautifully drawn roses are definitely speaking volumes.

Mehndi: Pinterest

3. Try the fuller look

Try the fuller but yet simple finger mehndi design and be that one girl who likes to stand out from the crowd and try something different. Mix and match and create a design that includes flowers, leaves, symmetric lines, etc.

Mehndi: Nurah Shenna

4. Boho Finger Mehndi Design

This boho design is a total thumbs up for women who want to stand out and try something apart from the usual. Give easy-breezy design a shot and we know that it will surely make some heads turn.

5. Flower Power

No mehndi design is complete without floral motifs in it. They imbibe in all sorts of designs and make the design look even more beautiful and unique. The only thing to keep in mind while working with floral designs is that the lines and curves are clean and in precision.

6. Soothing Paisleys

Transform and complete your mehndi design by adding some paisleys and loops joined to flowers or linearly filled designs. Paisleys have a very festive finish to it. This can also be used in between heavy designs.

Mehndi: Nurah Shenna

7. Heavy Mesh Finger Mehndi Design

This design comprises of a detailed mesh that is garnished with small flowers and leaves. This latest simple finger mehndi design is our top pick for all new-age brides and bridesmaid. While the bridesmaids can replicate this and the brides can incorporate details from this design into their bridal mehndi design.

8. Jewellery Inspired Finger Mehndi Design

Jewellery inspired Finger Mehndi Design is perfectly suited for a casual affair or an in house occasion. It goes best with an indo-western outfit. This mehndi design is beautifully drawn that has a chain connecting the index finger. This is Elegance at its best.

Mehndi: Nurah Shenna

9. Dreamcatcher Inspired Finger Mehndi Design

A mehndi design inspired by a dreamcatcher is the latest simple finger mehndi design. Think out of the box and try something different this season. You can experiment with dreamcatchers, feathers and so much more.

Mehndi: Pinterest

10. Chessboard Inspired Finger Mehndi Design

Keep your mehndi game on point by getting this chessboard inspired finger mehndi design done on your hand. This pattern is now gaining a lot of popularity and is on our must-try list. What do you think about it?

Mehndi: Pinterest

11. Contemporary Finger Mehndi Design

The contemporary finger mehndi design is a popular simple finger mehndi design. A type where you can experiment and try multiple variations. It is just like its name explains. It is the best option for women who do not want to go overboard and yet have the best.

12. Symmetrical Finger Mehndi Design

There is something so soothing about this symmetrical design that we cannot ignore. Slay your mehndi shoot and opt for this design. We absolutely loved this one and are sure you can’t wait to try it out too!

13. Peacock Feather Motif Designs

This finger mehndi design is inspired by a peacock feather. The peacock feather and the designs around is the main highlight of this design. It is completed with tiny dots and small leaves around it.

14. Zig-Zag All The Way

This is a modern and one of the latest simple finger mehndi designs! You will definitely get continuous compliments for this zig-zag design on your finger done by mehndi. Don’t think too much and decorate your hand with this zig-zag design.

15. Minimal Finger Mehndi Design

Get something simple but yet something with a meaning. This minimalistic one finger mehndi design is an absolute stunner. The middle finger is covered with a peacock design. Bookmark this if you are someone who cannot handle the other overly detailed designs.

16. Lotus Inspired Finger Mehndi Design

Add the Indian touch to your mehndi by having lotus motifs incorporated in your mehndi. A lotus symbolizes purity, rebirth, and self-regeneration. Perfect for brides-to-be as they are taking on a new journey.

17. Simplicity At Its Best!

Don’t want to go overboard? No problem! We’ve got you covered with this simply beautiful design. Go for multi-sized dots along with some semi-circles and you are good to go.

Photo: Pinterest

18. A Dreamy Leafy-Affair

Ornate your fingers with a lovely leaf design.  This design starts from the forearm and then has two adorable branches intertwined which are beautifully running up till the pointer finger. You can add extra awe to it by adding the rings at the edge of every finger.

Photo: Pinterest

19. Circular designs

The fine lines in this design add to the uniqueness of the entire look. It will make your fingers look longer and also very stylish. This is definitely for you if you are an accessory enthusiast that likes finger rings and other hand accessories.

Mehndi: Nurah Shenna

20. Just one Finger Mehndi Design

Slay in this one finger mehndi design which isn’t too much or too little. Small flowers and leaves cover one finger all throughout. A good option for those who want to keep it simple and elegant.

21. Mandala Design

It is believed that concentric circles bring inner peace to those who expose themselves to it. Mandala designs are all about concentric circles with small designs in the inner circles. Mandala designs are very unique and currently also the latest simple finger mehndi design to choose.

Photo: Pinterest

22. Linear Simple Finger Mehndi Design

This is currently the most trending simple finger mehndi design. This design will encapsulate and define your fingers with lines, dots, circles and rectangular patterns. You can also add your own creativity and get a linear design that is at a completely different level.

Mehndi: Henna by Taj

23. Multi-Motif Finger Mehndi Design

This is a complete package i.e. a little of everything in one big design. It comprises of flowers of all sizes to leaves and paisleys along with the mesh design and also the fingertips completely covered in mehndi. This is on our top simple finger mehndi design list!

24. Traditional Bridal Finger Mehndi design

Attention all the brides-to-be! This one is for you’ll. Draw inspirations from this design for your big day. You can choose to personalize this design by adding your better halves initial or maybe a memorable date. It would be fun when you would ask him to find what you have written for him in between your mehndi design.

25. A Haath Phool Affair

No woman can ever say no a gorgeous haath phool especially if done with mehndi. A haath phool has a charm of its own. Embellish your fingers with a design chosen by us, just for you!

Photo: Pinterest

26. Chic Quarter Finger Mehndi Design

Quarter finger mehndi designs are minimalistic yet elegant. They don’t look too much nor too little on the hand. While this looks chic it can also be done in a jiffy. The end result is something elegant that can be achieved so quickly.

Photo: Pinterest

27. Finger Band Mehndi Designs

Design your fingers with fuller-looking bands with intricate swirls, flowers and mesh patterns in between multiple fine lines. This is an absolute stunner.

Photo: Pinterest

28. One Single Vine

The single vine finger mehndi design is the most dominant one at any event. It is considered to be a short and sweet design and is perfect for guests at an occasion or even for kids. This design works well for both the front and the back side of the finger as it is one diagonal line running across the finger. Decorate it with leaves and flowers for the perfect traditional look.

Photo: Pinterest

29. Traditional Arabic Finger Mehndi design

If thin intricate lines with swirls are your thing then you surely need to opt for a traditional Arabic finger mehndi design. A sleek design of leaves and flowers on the back of the hand that is spread across the fingers is what is giving it – its charm.

Photo: Pinterest

30. The Creepers Effect

A minimalistic simple design with vines crawling through the fingers. Something like this is perfect if you want to enjoy the feeling of mehndi without trying too much. The twirl effect on the front side is what is giving this design an edgy look. You can replace it with something else if you wish to. If not, add some dots in between a mesh design to make it look fuller.

Photo: Pinterest

31. Finger Filled Mehndi Design

Want to steal everyone’s attention? Fill your fingertips with mehndi as it will get it a more fuller and complete look. Get this done and we are sure that you will have people asking you about where you got your mehndi done from. The only sad part of this design is when it fades away.

32. Lacey Designs

The lacey simple finger mehndi design is the most sought after ones. This consists of intricate details and therefore it is most recommended for brides or bridesmaids with broader fingers as there runs a risk of smudgy designs.

Image: Pinterest

33. Criss Cross Finger Mehndi Design

Cover your fingers with a stunning criss-cross pattern. It is an ideal design for a festival or family functions. You can complete the design by covering your finger caps with mehndi and excluding your nails.

Mehndi: Heena By Taj

34. The Glove Effect

If you are looking for something that looks effortless then go for this glove look simple finger mehndi design. This one looks quite unique and is so different from the usual designs. Complete the design with some flowers to the side.

35. Traditional Finger Mehndi Design

Application of mehndi on any occasion is a tradition itself. There are multiple trending simple finger mehndi designs that reflect tradition. Floral designs along with intricate motifs that fill and cover the hand and fingers completely looking absolutely elegant. This design is a complete inspiration for any mehndi loving women for any occasion.

36. Mesh And Floral Fusion

We are completely adorned by this fusion of flowers and the mesh. Three fingers beautifully covered in the flower-like design and then garnished with leaves and roses around it. Cute, isn’t it?

37. The Ornamental Grace

One of the most popular simple finger mehndi design is making an ornament in your design. It may look a bit tough to create but believe me it isn’t! In fact, it is one of the simple finger mehndi designs to create. The design is drawn in a way that looks like a finger chain or finger bracelet which is a popular ornament in the Indian culture. Wear a stunning ring with some diamonds on your index finger and you’re ready for the occasion.

Mehndi: Nurah Shenna

38. Semi mesh Finger Mehndi Design

Mesh and floral go hand in hand. The artist has maintained a complete balance wherein the mesh or the floral isn’t overpowering each other. This design really made us go ‘wow’. Would you go for this?

Photo: Pinterest

39. Free Finger Tip Finger Mehndi Design

This design isn’t as complicated as it looks. But it is definitely worth a try. More emphasis is put on the design that is on the back of the hand as compared to keeping the top part of the fingers nude which isn’t the case with most of the designs we have seen above. Another standout in this design is the mesh pattern that is drawn which is adding to the aura of the design.

Mehndi: Nurah Shenna

40. Simple Yet Beautiful Finger Mehndi Design

This is our pick on a simple yet very beautiful finger mehndi design. This design is easy to create and also looks very pretty. This design starts at the wrist with leaves and that gradually moves into creating geometric designs on the fingers.

Photo: Pinterest

41. Dotted Beauty

The design is a simple one to achieve with just dots or beads-like motifs joined together to form one big pattern. The design on the fingers meets and creates small little flowers. With a design like this, don’t forget to add a hidden message for your loved one.

Photo: Pinterest

How To Select The Best Finger Mehndi Design?

Here are some tips and things to keep in mind before you select the best finger mehndi design for your occasion.

1. While you are deciding on the best finger mehndi design for your big day, it is also important to research over a mehndi artist who would be able to execute those designs well. It is your day and you surely cannot compromise.

2. Do your research over the outfit you are going to wear for the event so that you can choose a design that complements what you’re wearing.

3. Take into consideration the type of hand that you have and based on that select a design. Girls that have slender and long fingers can go with any design as compared to girls with broader hands as then the design may look elongated.

4. Personalize your design a little by adding your or your loved one’s initials or maybe just have a date written.

5. While you may like all of these trending simple finger mehndi designs, you can also mix and match multiple ideas and come up with something totally out of the box.


The application of mehndi for any festival or occasion is a very exciting and full-filled experience. However, nowadays mehndi designs are more than just being a wedding custom or ritual. It is that ceremony that allows the bride and her bridesmaids to get creative with the designs and go for what is a reflection of their personality. Go for something minimal or extravagant, don’t forget it’s your day and you should make the most of it.

We hope that these tips and designs help you in your planning. Above all, don’t forget that the most important thing about your simple finger mehndi design is that you should be happy with what you’ve chosen.

Now you’re all set to get some amazing mehndi patterns put on your hands and fingers. You can also pick some of these styles for your bridesmaids, friends, and family. Lastly, don’t forget to click tonnes of pictures. It is your day! Make sure you make the most of it and make it a memorable one!

We hope that you found some swoon-worthy simple finger mehndi design with images from our shortlisted designs. If you already had something shortlisted, do share those images with us. We would love to see them!


Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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