51 Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids

By Carryl Fernandes .

No Indian festival or celebration is complete without the application of mehndi. Remember the excitement of applying mehndi when you were a kid? A design of your choice that would remain for days and also smell so good and look very cute on the hand.

Mehndi designs for adults and kids are almost the same but kids turn out to be much cuter, smaller and harder to decide on the design.

The most beautiful things in life are always associated with joy that is found in smaller and happier memories. The application of mehndi happens to be one of them while it may seem to be something so small but yet be so memorable and joy-giving.

Hence, here is a list of 51 Simple Mehndi Design for Kids curated by us to help you decide on the best design for your kid.

1. Floral Twist

You can never go wrong with florals especially if it’s to do with kids. While kids may not understand the significance of flowers, they definitely love the look of it.

Photo: Pinterest

2. Try Something Unique!

If you are bored of the same old paisleys, flowers and mandala designs then you may want to opt for something different than the usual like a strawberry or any of your favorite fruits.

Photo: Pinterest

3. Not Less Than A Fairytale

A mix of stars and a fairy in a mehndi design can get really fascinating for children. So simple yet so dreamy.

Photo: Pinterest

4. A Mix of Flowers and Dangles

A minimalistic mehndi design with flowers and a chain-like pattern would definitely be one of the best designs for your kids. It will look super cute on those small little hands and we are sure you will adore it as much as we do.

Photo: Pinterest

5. Love for Unicorns

If your baby doll is in love with fairytale creatures then incorporating a unicorn design in her mehndi will get her super excited.

Photo: Pinterest

6. Haath Phool Design

If you are attending a family function or any other celebration and you do not want to bother your kid by filling her hands with heavy and uncomfortable jewellery then why not try a Haath Phool mehndi design instead. A design with flowers, leaves and some dots will look very attractive.

Photo: Pinterest

7. Mandala Design

Mandalas are circular designs with some detailing in it. Kids get attracted to geometrical design and so these have always been a popular choice among children.

8. Keep it Basic

Sometimes for those small little hands, basic designs can really do the trick. Also, we know how kids love fidgeting and are not patient at all so in such a case it is best to opt for a small motif design like one big flower, heart or maybe just polka dots.

Photo: Pinterest

9. Abstract Art

We are totally crushing over this abstract design for kids. It’s a complete package – with flowers, thin lines, and intricate details.

Photo: Pinterest

10. An Uber-Cute Animal

How about getting your smallies favourite animal caricature etched on their hand? Maybe a cute little rhino, turtle or just a fish. Trust us, they will love it. When something as cute as this would be drawn on their hands they would be more careful and not let it get messy or smashed.

Photo: Pinterest

11. A Little Criss-Cross

A design like this works beautifully for young girls. A mix of florals, jaali design and a few dots, is making this design look absolutely stunning.

Photo: Pinterest

12. A Huge Peacock Motif

A design with one big peacock motif will always look really stylish and pretty. A mix of curvy lines, dots and paisleys. This may sound a little complex but trust us it is very easy to achieve. Join a few paisleys and fill them with dots and lines and there you go the design is ready.

13. Love for Roses

How cute is this design? Elements like roses, leaves and a mesh pattern and tada! You have got something that your little one would love.

Photo: Pinterest

14. Curly Tales

Another interesting design for kids that is simple and fancy. An Arabic creeper design with flowers and swirls from the palm moving to the fingers. You can also add a garnish of leaves or dots around it.

Photo: Pinterest

15. Minimalistic Flower Design

Simple Arabic design looks gorgeous and effortless and we cannot stop obsessing over it. It is easy and also has a natural aura to it. 

Photo: Pinterest

16. Try Thinner Strokes

Adorn your munchkins small palms with a design that is not very complicated. Go for a design with thin lines and something that doesn’t have too much happening on it as it will take longer to dry and may result in your kid getting restless.

17. For the Little Animal Lovers

An adorable design with cat paws, ears and whiskers etched on your kid’s hand. If your little doll loves animals then this has to be the perfect design for her! Isn’t it?

Photo: Pinterest

18.  Elegant Fish Design

If your girl is one of the impatient ones who would not be able to sit along to get a full-coverage design then you should definitely go with this option. Try a minimal and simple fish-like pattern that could be modified as per your kid.

Photo: Pinterest

19. Cute Smileys

These smileys are one of the first few things kids learn to draw. Having these smileys drawn on your little one’s palms will definitely make them smile.

Photo: Pinterest

20. A Blend of Edgy Motifs

Encourage your little girl to add elements of her choice to her mehndi design. This will bring out the creative side of her and also allow her to have everything she likes on her hand like curvy lines, dots, hearts, etc. 

Photo: Pinterest

21. Keep it Traditional

Mehndi on kids tends to look adorable as their hands are small and cute. A detailed design would look fabulous but at the same time require a lot of patience.

Photo: Pinterest

22. A Full Coverage Design

A full-coverage mehndi design has always been a top pick. When it comes to a full coverage mehndi design for kids you need to be sure enough if they are willing to sit through the entire process or not. In case your kid is, then without thinking any further go for a full-coverage design for her. You can try heart, swirls, checkered and mesh-like patterns.

Photo: Pinterest

23.  We Heart This!

A heart motif like this one wouldn’t look too much or too little on your little girl’s palm. We think this is extremely cute and a must-try!

Photo: Pinterest

24. A Glove Like Design

A lacy glove-like mehndi design looks like a nice edgy hand accessory. The mehndi design can feature a sharp paisley motif amid a fancy leaf pattern and other interesting details combining together to form one gorgeous pattern.

25. Lotus Inspired Design

Lotus motifs in mehndi are very soothing. Ther are not too mainstream for kids and works well for a simple design.

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

26. Etch Yourself

Kids love the idea of writing their names or name initials everywhere. It is also one of the first few things that they learn to write and like at the same time. Having the same thing written on their hand would totally excite them and keep them looking at their palm all the time.

Photo: Pinterest

27. Keep it Simple

A simple and cute design for kids with not too much happening as remember the motive of it is to not go overboard and at the same time keep it classy.

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

28. A Trail of Stars

Grab the little stars from the sky and get them right onto your munchkins hands. Kids are always fascinated with stars. It may seem like an ordinary design but it is actually is a whimsical design your girl can get.

Mehndi: Girly Heena

29. Swirls and Twirls

This swirl and twirl design are so different from the rest. The swirls and twirls are ending with beautiful leaves and small buds of flowers. Something like this is perfect if you do not want to do too much.

Photo: Pinterest

30. Fly High Like a Butterfly

Which kid doesn’t like chasing butterflies? How about having it drawn on their hand instead. Get a small butterfly mehndi design on those small little palms and garnish it with flowers and stars around it.

Photo: Pinterest

31. For The Little Cat Lovers

Get something like this done for your smallie if she likes cats. This looks adorable and wouldn’t even take time to draw.

Photo: Pinterest

32. One Finger Mehndi Design

A mehndi design done on just one finger can be attractive as well. It would be relatively less fuller than the other design but like it has been said that the simplest of things can look the best.

33. Playful Paisleys

Paisleys are very popular among mehndi artist. They are easy to draw and also look very appealing. 

Mehndi: Devi Mehndi

34. Ornamental Hues

Give an ornamental vibe to the mehndi design by incorporating thin lines with dots over it and it joining from one side to the other. Getting something like this on your kid’s hand would mean that you would save the trouble of a hand accessory.

Photo: Pinterest

35. Innovation At Its Best

Something so innovative and creative. It totally looks like something with a lot of thought behind it. Would you want to try something as different as this for your little girl?

Photo: Pinterest

36. Bumble Bee Mehndi Design

A tiny cartoon looking bee is an adorable idea for your kid’s little palm. It proves to be the best for kids that love these tiny creatures.

Photo: Pinterest

37. Cutesy Trail Mehndi Design

A design with flowers and leaves work best with children as it is simple to create and also form great designs.

Mehndi: Amrita Henna

38. Simple yet Elegant

Kids are often fussy and fidgety especially when it comes to their hands. Therefore, a simple design with just some drops and heart detailing can really look good on those palms.

Photo: Pinterest

39. Something For the Besties

Abstract designs like these totally attract kids. It can also make those little hands look fuller. You can take inspiration from this picture and get this done for your kid and her bestie.

Mehndi: Toko Mehndi

40. Meshed and Shaded

An intricate mehndi design with a flower in the middle connected with a mesh and shaded dome would look pretty on those small hands. Mesh patterns are very popular among mehndi designs.

Photo: Pinterest

41. Heart Jewellery Design Mehndi

While kids love drawing hearts and everything cute, why not get that etched on their hands. Get a simple one-finger design with hearts etched on your kid’s small hands.

Mehndi: Pinterest

42. Looped Flower Design

Draw a flower in the center and then connect those to one and another with loop-like designs. You can also add an added aura to this design by filling the tips of the finger completely by mehndi.

Mehndi: Heena House

43. Go For Something Easy

You do not need to choose elaborate designs for it to look good. Anything drawn on those tiny little palms looks good. Things that are effortless, always look the best.

Photo: Pinterest

44. Mismatched Designs

Having the same design on both hands have become very common these days. Something that is different and out of the box is to have different designs on both those small hands.

Photo: Pinterest

45. All About the Curves

A design like this would require a lot of patience. Opt for something like this only if your girl is patient enough to wait through the process. With all that being said, we love this one!

Photo: Pinterest

46. Intricate Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are very common in the mehndi world and kids love shapes so why not etch a mix of shapes and other prominent details and create a unique design for your little princess.

Photo: Pinterest

47. All in One

Ever thought of everything that your kids love the most? Get all of it etched on your kid’s hand. Will be extremely exciting for you and definitely her. 

Photo: Pinterest

48. One-Sided Design

A gorgeous design created alongside the hand is something very surreal. Get a mehndi design done only to one side of the hand and you will be amazed by how kids would love it.

Photo: Pinterest

49. Spaced Out

A design like this is very modern and also easy to create. While working with children it is important to try something that is effortless and quick to achieve. A design like this is one of those.

Photo: Pinterest

50. Delightful and Dainty

Dainty jewellery inspired designs are a perfect definition of elegance. Try a jewellery inspired design on your little one’s hand and you’ll be amazed by how cute it will look once done.

Photo: Pinterest

51. A Mix of Roses and Curves

If your little girl is a fashionista just like you are, you’ve got to get her to try this out then. It features a stunning floral motif with edgy swirls and dotted chain designs. 

Photo: Pinterest


Finding a cute and unique design for your princess can be a taxing and a difficult job. This is why to ease it out for you we came up with this listicle of 51 Simple Mehndi Design for Kids. We hope that you were able to find the perfect design of your choice and something that would excite your little one. You can also write to us and let us know what you loved the most.


Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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