41 Backhand Mehndi Designs For Brides & Bridesmaids

By Carryl Fernandes .

The application of mehndi has always been a sign of an occasion along with having a festive feel to it. It has so much value in our Indian culture and hence it is also an important part of the wedding rituals in our Indian cultures. Not just occasions, but the love for mehndi among women has grown so much that they even apply it without an occasion.

The best part about mehndi designs is that you can go all out and experiment with multiple motifs to create a unique design. The type of design chosen speaks volumes about the bride and also defines her personality.

Here is our listicle of some popular simple mehndi designs for backhands. Why wait? Go ahead and bookmark the ones you like!

1. Keep It Traditional

The most popular simple mehndi design for backhands is the traditional design. It is so easy to identify and achieve as well. There is also one thing that is common among these traditional designs which are, it is always a combination of multiple designs to achieve one big design. Also, the same design will be replicated on both hands as you can see in this image.

Mehendi: Heena By Divya

2. The Floral Touch

The beauty of these designs lies in the placement of the flowers. If asked, our pro-tip would be to mix and match and try out a variety of different flowers and of different sizes as well. Floral never runs out of fashion.

Mehendi: Nurah S Heena

3. Birds and Cage

We are completely crushing over this design and the creativity of the mehndi design. As you can see the birds and the cage are a complete standout in this design. We would recommend this design for girls with broader hands as it will be easier to display the design and will also avoid smudging.

4. Love for Lotus

This design has always been on the list for some trending simple mehndi designs for back hands. Lotuses, when incorporated in mehndi designs, look breathtakingly beautiful. While you can have other motifs in your mehndi design, don’t forget to add some lotuses to it.

Mehendi: Heena By Divya

5. The Mirror Effect

Another classic concept used in mehndi design is the mirror effect. It is the idea of having the same design on both hands. In which one hand is the mirror of the other. In this design, there are flowers, criss-cross like patterns, fine lines and so much more.

Mehendi: Heena By Taj

6. Jaali Design

These days another trending simple mehndi designs for backhands is the jaali design. It is nothing but a net-like pattern that is drawn with mehndi on the hands. In this design, the jaali effect is drawn and completed with some floral motifs to maintain a good balance of both.

Mehendi: Heena By Divya

7. A Little of Everything

This design is a complete definition of elegance. It is a mix of everything. This mehndi artist ensured to incorporate everything that is essential for a bride in her bridal mehndi. It is a good mix of flowers, elephants, a peacock design and a bride and groom as well.

8. A Peacock design

Something that really makes this design stand out, is the incorporation of the peacock. This design is more of a traditional one and has a more classic finish to it.

9. The Royal Touch

We are absolutely sworn away by this mehndi design. It has got such a royal feel to it with a portrait of a king and a queen along with the very famous Taj Mahal. Isn’t this the best simple mehndi designs for backhands you have seen till now?

Mehendi: Heena By Taj

10. The Dream Girl

Want to display your passion for dance on your hand? Get this drawn by your mehndi artist on your hand. The main design was garnished with small little leaves and some flowers as well.

Mehendi: Heena By Taj

11. Simplicity At Its Best

This mehndi design totally defines simplicity. A beautiful design with a modern touch to it. This design is very easy to achieve and isn’t messy as well. It also works well for bridesmaids and family members.

Mehendi: Heena By Divya

12. Jewellery Inspired Design

This design is inspired by the look of a hand accessory.  The attractive part of this design is the string like motif that is joining the two big circles.

13. Jhumka Inspired Mehndi Design

How stunning are these jhumkas? The artist has beautifully incorporated jhumkas in the middle of the mehndi design, making it the main motif, along with jaali design at the side and topped it up with peacock design at the top. This design works perfectly well for a traditional bride.

14. The Glove Effect

The best part about applying mehndi is that you can give it your own unique touch. Similarly, this style of applying mehndi is very unique. These designs are done in a way to look like you are wearing a glove in the hand.

15. Classic Arabic Design

This is how traditional Arabic designs look like. It is also a very popular simple mehndi design for backhands that brides opt for. Avoid going overboard as it may take away the elegance of this design.

16. Peacock Illusion

This is a very simple design achieved by mehndi on the backhand. If you look carefully, you will be able to see that the design gives you an illusion of peacocks in it. This design is apt for a family member for festivals or family gatherings.

17. Criss-Cross

The criss-cross pattern spruces up any given pattern or any given style for that matter. Add a few circles and flowers and you will achieve the design you always wanted for your backhands.

18. Complete Opposites

Why replicate the same design on both your backhands, when you can enjoy two different patterns and let them look equally beautiful. Have a look at this mismatched mehndi design and you will know what we mean!

19. Fairy-tale Inspired Mehndi Design

How about getting a fairy-tale-inspired mehndi design hand? While you are stepping into your design of marrying your prince charming, try out this princessy mehndi design.

20. A Floral Mesh

Always thought that the mesh-like pattern looked gorgeous? Take a look at this design which is a mesh that has a floral touch to it. We totally love this one! What do you think?

Mehndi: Heena By Taj

21. Space It Out!

Try out an exquisite mix of geometric and floral patterns and leave symmetrical gaps in between. Believe us, this is one of the most trending simple mehndi designs for back hands.

22. Minimal Magic

While your front hand mehndi design can be ornate, opt for a simple design for your backhands as it will help strike a good balance among both. Check out this design that has the right amount of twists and swirls.

23. Love For Swirls and Twirls

Looking to create a fun vibe with your mehndi design? Opt for a swirly twirly mehndi pattern for the back of your hands. They look fun and trendy. These kinds of patterns take a lot of skills.

Image: Pinterest

24. The Chessboard Design

This chessboard inspired mehndi design will keep your mehndi game on point! It is done by mehndi and in a way that creates an effect of a chessboard. Would you dare to try this one out? Try and incorporate small similar motifs.

Mehndi: Heena By Taj

25. You can never go wrong with florals

Who doesn’t love flowers! There is no comparison of the freshness it brings to any pattern. Florals are the most commonly used motif in mehndi designs. They seem to curl and fit effortlessly into any design. You can play around with the size and the different variants of flowers.

Image: Pinterest

26. Perfect Paisley

When it comes to mehndi designs, paisley has always been an all-time favourite. If you are confused over what to incorporate in your mehndi design then place your safe bet and go with a design with a paisley motif. It is believed that paisleys bring you good luck and that’s exactly what you require before you begin your new journey.

27. A complete package

This design has made it to one of the most trending simple mehndi designs for backhands. This image is a complete definition of a creatively curated design. One very important thing to remember in mehndi designs is to maintain a balance.

28. The Mandala Style

The circles in the design are known as ‘Mandala’. It is slowing starting to gain its popularity among mehndi designs. It is up to you to decide if you want to go contemporary or traditional; something heavy or something minimalistic. Make sure to choose something that you like the best.

Mehndi: Heena House

29. The Art of Detailing

We can’t stop swooning over this full arm mehndi design. It absolutely defines perfection. This mehndi design has to be the best simple mehndi designs for backhands. It consists of multiple elements, some of which can’t even be explained. A complete package with multiple motifs such as lotuses, mesh design, small flowers, a king and queen portrait and so much more!

Image: Pinterest

30. An Overdose of Circles

Circles are beautiful when added to mehndi. This design has multiple circular designs, from a mandala kind of design to smaller circles and semi-circles. Something like this looks very neat and elegant.

31. #GOT Inspired Mehndi Design

Who doesn’t love games of thrones! This bride seems to be a Netflix enthusiast, she ensured that she portraited that while deciding her mehndi design. Be fearless and different and add elements of your favourite TV or online series onto your hands with mehndi.

32. Intricate Detailing

The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. This design completely proves this right. Such beautiful detailing with so much thought and effort put in by the mehndi artist. It is absolutely commendable. While the detailing swept us away, another thing that caught our eye was the traditional bride and groom portrait in the mehndi.

33. Keep It Rosy

Spread the love! This may sound cliché but why not have roses on your hand? Roses are a form of expressing love. Balance your mehndi design with small designs along with bigger motifs, in this design the roses are doing its job.

34. Only On The Fingers

This style is also getting famous and becoming a top simple mehndi design for backhands. The focus in this design is on the fingers unlike the other designs seen above. You can get a different pattern on each finger. It looks absolutely classy as it is something out of the box.

35. The Layered Effect

Have you noticed that most of the mehndi designs will have one main motif and then smaller fillers around it? This design above is unlike that! This pattern has multiple sets of designs next to each other or above and below each other. This design is totally a people charmer.

Mehndi: Arora Mehndi

36. Go Half & Half

Looking for something that is easy on complexity? Opt for this half and half kind of design. The symmetrical design is split from the middle and gets completed only when the hands are joined together. Flowers, checks, and leaves for an alluring design. For brides that do not want to spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for their mehndi to get completed, they should definitely opt for this as this will hardly take any time.

Mehndi: Arora Mehndi

37. Lotus And Checks For The Win!

Lotus and checkered motifs in mehndi design are the current hottest and also most trending simple mehndi designs for backhands. A mix of both gives the design such a soothing artistic feel. This is best suited for a bride who wants a traditional design without making it look too extravagant.

Image: Pinterest

38. Classic Heavily Detailed Bridal Design

How tasteful is this heavily detailed bridal mehndi design? This design looks very difficult but it is actually very simple and just requires a steady hand, skilled mehndi artist and a lot of patience. A design like this will match all your wedding ceremony outfits. How eager are you to try this for your big day?

39. Go unique & Ace It!

Ever imagined that your mehndi design could have a motif like the queen of hearts and a king of hearts inspired cards drawn? Well, this bride turned that imagination into reality. We absolutely admire the creativity of this bride for thinking of something like this and also kudos to the mehndi artist who got the brides’ imagination to reality.

40. Simple Yet Drop Dead Gorgeous

Many brides these days have started to embrace the trend of minimal and subtle mehndi design designs. A mehndi design like this will compliment your pre-wedding and post-wedding outfits. Something that looks very odds is when mehndi starts to fade, this design is made out of small motifs so fading also wouldn’t be an issue.

41. A Religious Twist

The application of mehndi is always considered festive. Most religions believe that before starting anything or doing anything in life it is very important to pray to the Gods above for guidance and care. What better way of wishing for luck and success for your big day, by incorporating religious elements to your mehndi design.


Why settle for less when you can do so much with your mehndi designs, isn’t it? There are so many ways in today’s time to make mehndi designs to a whole new level. Adding a personalized touch, extravagant motifs, food image designs, pets name or portrait is not an unknown facet or element. The true beauty of a mehndi design lies in its placements of the motifs.  From fine lines and intricacies, it all depends on how well are they combined to form one big unique design.

With this complete list of simple mehndi designs for back hands images, we are sure that you have bookmarked a few! You can mix and match from the above designs, pick elements from different pictures and create a fusion of your own choice.

While these were some of our favorite picks for simple mehndi designs for backhands, do let us know what stole your heart!


Edited & Published By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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