Skincare & Fitness Regime: 6 Months to the Wedding

By Sonali Vij .

Well, much as guests shall notice and rave about a bride’s designer lehenga, gorgeous gems, and accessories- there is one thing that gets noticed way more than all this and that is the glow on her face.

Also, it is truly an enriching feeling to look at yourself in the mirror all decked up by a leading makeup artist, but for that natural glow, you may yourself have to work a little hard and not just a day or two before the wedding but about 6 months in advance.

6 months may sound a lot but investing in healthy skin and fitness regimes is the best gift you give yourself before the wedding.

So, brides-to-be listen up now and thank us later!

1. Stay Hydrated

Your morning ritual is important so starting your day well and on a healthy note is the key. You can have Fennel seed water for the essential nutrients that can help the texture of your skin too! Overall, stay hydrated and keep sipping on some detox water made of lime, cucumber, and mint – while mint and cucumber work well as an anti-inflammatory, lime contains vitamin C. Also, using sunscreen before you take on the day is a must!

2. Exfoliate Yourself

Getting rid of the dead skin cells is also the key to enhance radiant skin so scrub your body well. However, excessive exfoliation is also not good. And trust us when we say that some of the best scrubs are homemade. So, instead of stocking up your cupboards with endless scrubs, you could try the easy ones including the Orange Scrub which is made of orange peel powder, curd, lemon juice and add rose water if you wish to!

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3. Cleansing Everyday

You just cannot do without daily cleansing. With all the shopping and running around- you expose your skin to lots of dust and pollution so cleansing is extremely essential! Also, do not commit the sin of going to bed with make-up on!

4. Consult a Dermatologist

Well, professional help is always a good idea! It is important that you seek help early and get your skin examined for all the woes which need to be addressed. Anything dramatic close to the wedding wouldn’t be a great idea! Also, don’t forget to ask about beauty vitamins for healthy hair and glowing skin.

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5. Pamper Yourself with Facials and Massages

Wedding time is also the time for unlimited pampering! Hence, have your facial timetable set-up with your beautician! Discuss with her in advance your wedding date so she can work within that time frame basis what suits your skin the best! Also, maybe it is a good time to regularly call home the massage aunty – your mom has been talking about!

6. Nail Care & Brows on Point

You don’t want your wedding pictures with bitten paws or not pleasant looking nails. Ensure you are taking regular care of your nails and using good quality hand and nail creams besides making it for your manicure appointments.

We all want our brows to be on point, don’t we? A small shift that will help a long way is to timely ditch the tweezer. We all land up being guilty of over-plucking, don’t we?

7. Take Adequate Sleep

Yes, you must have heard this before but you just can’t do without adequate sleep for your skin to look fresh and healthy and to keep those dark circles at bay! Also, in addition to cleansing mentioned above – toning and moisturizing regularly are extremely vital. And you may hate to hear it but avoid alcohol as much as possible and take healthy juices instead!

8. Lip Care

Applying a good lip balm every night and exfoliating your lips once in a week shall take good care of the lips as well!

And did just someone say that sweating it out brings that glow too? Well, skincare needs to be backed with some fitness and overall health care too! So, exercising regularly and eating healthy is very important. Whether it is going for morning yoga or dance class in the evening- try and incorporate some form of exercise which also makes for a great stress buster!

It is extremely important that you only gradually improve your diet and don’t take any drastic measures! Avoid as much junk and fried stuff and say hello to hydrating liquids like coconut water. You may wish to include some green tea in your diet as well!

A few sets of dumbbells under professional guidance shall definitely help in toning up, the results of which shall be well applauded when you dazzle in your wedding lehenga! Another way to reduce stress and unwind is to meditate for like fifteen minutes daily and you’ll feel much calmer and at peace with yourself!

Edited & Published By Neha Garg Ahuja

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Sonali Vij

She is a full-time sports and events manager, part-time lifestyle blogger and a Journalism Graduate from Delhi University. She is a true fashion lover and believes in the magic of travel! P.S. She is a new bride! Follow her on Instagram @helipadonheels