9 Skincare Products Brides Must Add To Their Wedding Trousseau

By Divya Arora .

Planning and shopping for your trousseau and stacking it up with all that you need and all that you want is quite an exciting and overwhelming phase of the entire wedding planning journey that every bride-to-be goes through. From gorgeous outfits, stellar shoes and glimmering jewels to makeup, healthcare, and skin & hair care essentials, it’s like the entire world goes into it.
Which is why it requires a lot of planning and maintaining checklists too. Picking up one aspect of your bridal trousseau today i.e. skincare, we’ve enlisted the nine must have skincare essentials that should unquestionably make it to your trousseau. At all costs.

These essentials in fact should be a part of your everyday skincare routine because taking care of your skin is a lifestyle that one must keep themselves indulged in.

1. Moisturizer & Lotion

A moisturizer and hydrating body lotion or cream goes without saying basically. They are the essentials that needn’t even be reminded of tbh.

2. Sunscreen

Be it summers or winters, you just can’t do without a good sunscreen in fact, you shouldn’t. A sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 or more should unquestionably make it to your trousseau if you don’t want them harmful UV radiation and the sun damaging your skin.

3. Face Wash & Shower Gels

These for obvious reasons are absolute basic but amidst all that planning and trousseau preps, chances are, you might just forget packing them. So do not forget jotting them down in your checklist thinking “oh, of course, I’m not gonna forget them!”

4. Face Oils & Serums

While you do have your moisturizers always in your kitty, face oils and serums are the necessities that your face most definitely need and your skin is going to thank you for using them. Known for keeping your face hydrated and refreshing while making it glow, these oils and serums penetrate your skin much more easily while rejuvenating and replenishing it from the inside.

5. Scrubs and Exfoliators

Helpful in removing dead skin cells and keeping your skin healthy, exfoliators should definitely make it to your trousseau. Exfoliating your face and body twice every week is essential for a healthy glowing skin that breathes free of clogged pores.

6. Face Packs & Masks

Packs and sheet masks make for an important part of your skincare regimen and shouldn’t be forgotten at any costs. With a variety of packs and masks available, choose your favorites and stock up your trousseau right away!

7. Vitamin e capsules

Vitamin E oil is a game changer tbh—one that literally works wonders for your skin and even hair. Be it lightening stretch marks, scars and dark circles, promoting lash and hair growth, reversing ageing, treating your dry nail beds and cuticles or simply moisturizing your skin, the benefits of vitamin e oil are innumerable. Simply cut a capsule, extract its oil and mix it in your carrier oils, packs and exfoliators or even moisturizers and apply it onto your skin.

8. Rose Water

While because of its anti-inflammatory properties rose water helps in soothing your skin and controlling acne, because of its antioxidant properties it delays your skin’s ageing process and works as an astringent too. This is that one product that you can rely on for so many uses for it’s no less than a savior!

9. Makeup Remover

Now obviously, going to bed with your makeup on is a strict no-no! It clogs your pores, damages your skin and of course, the more these chemicals stay on your face, the harmful it gets for your skin. So make sure to drop in a good makeup remover in your kitty.

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