25 Chic Half-Tie Hairstyles To Satisfy Your Bridal Hair Desires

By Divya Arora .

With distinctive braids, cascading waves or curls, a little twist here and a little twist there, half-tie bridal hairstyles look as cheerful as the sunshine on a winter morning. Further embellished with stunning hair accessories or fresh florals, and they look like the prettiest garden of art and hues blending happily into each other.

Perfect for all your pre and post wedding ceremonies, half-tied hairstyles are a hit amongst brides and even bridesmaids for that matter, and are always going to be. Such is the charm of these hairstyles that they end up becoming a delightful sight to awe at while of course, they soak the wearer in a rather spirited & jovial aura.

Whether it’s simply twisting your side hair strands and tying them at the back or going all intricately elaborate, half-tie hairdos can be done in numerous ways. And each hairstyle speaks of a story of its own.

If you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration for your post #lockdown soiree, then these half-tie hairdos are exactly what you need to add to your idea bank RN!

Refreshing at its best

While the bride’s gorgeous locks are half-tied with twisted hair strands and further accentuated with rosettes, this hairstyle has surely charmed our thing for uniqueness. And those dainty flowers tho!

Let ‘em all swing

A Loose crown braid ending in a twist & highlighted with tight weaved braids, this hairstyle in a cascade of curls is super edgy and a chic one.

Stylishly distinguished

Elegant and dainty side braids tied at the back whilst the rest of your hair are left swinging in loose curls is one the adored half-tie hairstyles. And when you can easily DIY them too!

We’re hearting this!

A beauteous waterfall braid entwining into a heart shape that’s amped up with Baby’s Breath flowers, this half-open hairdo is such a graceful sight to even look at. It’ll elevate any look you’d want to pull off be it Indian or western.

Of heavy twists & curls

While the updo in done in thick twists and teamed up with a neat fishtail braid in the centre, the precisely done curls and hair accessories complete the hairstyle flawlessly.

A classic piece

We love how this bridey’s hair are so sumptuously left in curls while her twisted side strands are pinned a beautiful rosette. And of course, scattered florals anyway have an undeniable charm, isn’t it?

So princessy!

A neatly done crown braid marks this bride’s hair prettily while gold adornments further elevate its appeal. A simplistic yet charming bridal hairdo that needs to be bookmarked right away!

Hair: Reba Khan

The no accessory game

Even going sans accessories for your half-tied hairstyle looks equally enchanting. Let those twists or braids and curls do all the talking.

Hair: Reba Khan

Double fishtails

Go eclectic in your hair choices and have them done into two sleek gorgeous fishtails while letting the rest of the hair sway in loose curls. Tiny pearl hairpins add the perfect tinch of glam while keeping it all subtle and toned down.

Damn that bow!

As much as fabric bows look pretty on your bridal blouse backs, hair bows boast of an admirable charisma of their own. Take this hairstyle for instance. While a cutesy bow ties those locks, mini studded flowers and dragonflies surely add that extra oomph to this gorgeousness!

A mane full of beauty

Perfect for your mehndi ceremony, luscious locks accessorized with a bushel braid, flower pins, and tiny Baby’s Breath flowers is one helluva inspiration that you cannot miss out on!

Side swept florals

And often times, doing even a classic hairdo with a tad bit of edge can make it look so unique and out of the box. While the hair is done in side braids, it’s how the florals adorn those braids that make this masterpiece outshine.

Twists with a twist

Ditch the usual tight twisted hair and opt for this hairstyle that screams chic and freshness like no other. It’s super easy to do and of course, easy to manage as well.

Medley of braids

We bet you wouldn’t have come across a braided half open hairdo like this one ever! For how each braid stands out from the other without making it all look like a mishmash, this half-tie hairstyle is worth the keeps. And a few violet florals make it such a mesmerizing treat to keep gazing at.

Rounding it up perfectly

We absolutely love this half-tie hairstyle that reflects a beautiful blend of simplicity and glam all at the same time.

Pin it up!

One of best and most favored half-tie hairstyles amongst brides and bridesmaids, side braided hair prettified with a glorious hairclip always work. Leave your hair in soft waves or bold curls, it’s going to look equally splendid.

Simple tied twists

If you don’t want to go too overboard and elaborate with your hairdo, sleek side twists simply tied with a hairclip or a small floral accessory should be your go to. It’ll leave most of your mane happily swinging whilst adding an edge to your hairdo front.

Braids that grab eyeballs

An accessorized crown braid coupled with tight fishtails and soft curls, this flamboyant hairstyle is as perfect for your mehndi as it is for that glam sangeet night. The detailed intricacy in unquestionably to die for.

Of twists and puff

Yet another minimalistic yet chic hairstyle that’s going to strike a chord with every millennial bride’s heart for its grace and beauty.

Distinctive details matter

While a fine crown braid ties the hair, the floral accessories further tying up the strands loosely, clearly sets this hairstyle apart from the rest. It’s all about the tiny little details that take a hairstyle a notch above and this hairstyle proves just that!

The accessory tie

Let your OTT hair accessory do the talking while it ties up your heavy curls in a super unique way. This hairstyle is such a glam alternative take on the classic half-ties.

Of rosette & braids

With enchanting different sized braids and a rosette in the centre, this hairstyle speaks volumes. It is perfect for a rather contemporary and Boho look and you must screenshot this idea right now!

The classic Baby’s Breath

Irrelevant of what your hairstyle is, be it a bun, a braid, or a half-tie, the prowess of simple Baby’s Breath flowers to elevate your hairdo is simply unbeatable. Period.

And edgy hairstyle

An apt pick for your sangeet or reception dinner, this scattered half-tied hairstyle is without a doubt a showstopper! People won’t be able to take their eyes off it!

The sleek hair radiance

It isn’t always necessary that you have to have your cascading hair left in curls. Sometimes, simple straight hair looks equally exquisite and well of course, different!

Hair: Reba Khan

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