25 Best Tamil Marriage Songs For Your Wedding Ceremonies

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

Music has no language, it just consists of emotions!

Your wedding day will include plenty of events, from mehndi night to sangeet to making your bridal entrance and exchanging vows and even your first dance as a couple. For each significant moment, you need to choose your wedding songs thoughtfully.

Whether you are going to have English, Hindi, or Tamil songs for your whimsical wedding, there’s one thing that would be common, and which is – emotions.

From slow to fast, romantic to the instrumental, and everything in between, this list has the best Tamil wedding songs that you’d love!

Latest and Trending Tamil Marriage Songs

Although the glitz and glam often take most of the attention of the wedding ceremony, there’s one thing that really sets the tone for your celebration, and that is ‘music’. The best wedding songs bring out all the feels, emotions and make your wedding day feel like a giant love fest.

We recommend checking out our list of best Tamil Mariage Songs of all time and pick the ones that really speak to you.

1. Thumbi Thullal

The Mozart of Madras gives a song beautifully expressing the wedding traditions of two different cultures of two different states.

2. Mangalyam Thantunane

Mangalyam Thanthunane… is the mantra that is recited in most Tamil Hindu weddings when the Mangalsutra is tied around the bride. The same has been created as a song by A.R.Rahman in this song from Alaipayuthey…

3. Kaatru Veliyidai - Saarattu Vandiyila

A song that has become a part of all weddings to mark the entry of the bridegroom expressing the love that her family has for her.

A colorful riot of a song from Kaatru Veliyidai. Sarattu Vandiyila is a choreographer’s delight!

4. Ammi Mitichachi

Stepping on the Ammi (black stone) is another auspicious moment for the bride in the traditional ceremony. This song has all the fun and fervor of a village wedding starting with ‘Ammi Midithal’ aka Stepping on the stone. The song features Reel to Real couple Suriya and Jyothika which makes it more special

5. Thodakkam Mangalyam

What’s a wedding without a song n’ dance with cousins? This song is all about that and more! The bride goes all out having a fun  time with her cousins at her wedding

6. Kalyanam 2.0

From ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’, a tale about Kalyanam 2.0 (original of Shubh mangal saavdhan), this song blends all the traditional wedding songs that are sung at a wedding in a melodic track.

A recreation of a traditional song with a western twist without losing the essence of the classic.

7. En Jeevan

A soulful song expressing the feelings of a bridegroom who is about to start a new chapter of her life.

8. Aaha Kalyanam

A Super Wedding song from a Super film featuring a Superstar! Anthony Daasan sings in Anirudh’s music for the Rajini starrer ‘Petta’. What a treat this song is to dance for!

9. Ullam Paadum

The first time we heard this song in the movie 2 States, we instantly fell in love with it. It is one of the best songs to be played for the bride’s entrance or while exchanging varmalas.

10. Anbil Avan

What happens when an Accordion played at Christian weddings is blended with Nadaswaram, played at Hindu weddings? You get the lovely ‘Anbil Avan’, the perfect ‘ever after’ wedding song

11. Ok Kanmani!

On the topic of the perfect ‘ever after’ wedding songs, here’s another beauty from Oh-so-romantic Ok Kanmani! A YouTube search on this song gives you a sneak peek into the most beautiful wedding videos with this track

12. Manappenin Satthiyam and Manamaganin Satthiyam

All about vows! Manappenin Satthiyam (Bride’s vow) and Manamaganin Satthiyam (Groom’s vow) make for perfect songs to play for the Bride and Groom’s entries.

13. Dharala Prabhu

The anthem for all grooms from the Rockstar of Tamil Cinema.

14. Athan Varuvaga

What’s a wedding with the fun n’ tease by the near and dear ones?

Don’t we all have an aunt like the one featured in this song? ‘Athan Varuvaga’ from Dumm Dumm Dumm!

15. Ragasiyamai

As the bride and groom exchange glances secretly, this song ‘Ragasiyamai’ From ‘Dumm Dumm Dumm’ captures the mood perfectly.

16. Come on Girls

Why should wedding celebrations be only about the big fat Sangeet, Mehendi, and likes? Celebrate it, Anirudh style!

‘Come on Girls’ from 3 keeps it simple. A Destination wedding at a Chennai Pub!

17. Thodakkam Mangalyam

A must-have on all wedding playlists to dance with friends and family to celebrate the fun of coming together.

18. Manamagale

The welcoming of the bride symbolizes the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s beautiful composition welcomes the bride talking about the glory and prosperity associated with it.

19. Managamale Marumagale

We take you back in time to the ‘60s with this famous song that welcomes the bride. Don’t miss the lyrics with a special emphasis on what her new home is all about.

20. Kedakkari

Takkida dattha… Takkida dattha… Just beat it, Tamil style.

The brothers sing and dance on the joyous occasion of their only sister’s wedding.

21. Alaipayuthey Yaro Yarodi

Calling all singles to mingle. This wedding is the perfect occasion to sing n ‘dance with the bride, groom, and their friends (ahem!)

22. Mangalyam

No wedding playlist would be complete without this recreation of the Sanskrit marriage hymn by the Mozart of Madras.

23. Jothi Neranjava…

Of Pomp, Grandeur, and splendor. From Haldi to Kanyadhaan, this song covers it all, Maharaja style!

24. Idicha Pachcharisi

Isn’t it fun watching our uncles and aunts dance away to glory at our wedding ceremonies? This family will put Saroj Khan to shame! Watch out for not just Dhanush and Genelia but Bhagyaraj and Ambika put a step or two for ‘Idicha Pachcharisi’…


It’s Dumm Dumm Dumm time. Rajini style! Watch out for Thalaivar’s inimitable dance for Anirudh’s rocking number from Darbar

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