The Best and The Ultimate Wedding Video Song That Made Us Cry!

By Neha Garg Ahuja .

The music, the vows, the love between Radhika and Rohan, the gorgeous cinematography by the maestro – The Wedding Filmer—is there anything about this wedding video that doesn’t make us cry? For anyone as addicted to watching wedding videos as we are, this is just PERFECT!

And the best part is just not this beautiful video capturing the emotions of two hearts, but also the utterly romantic, soulful music that connects you two, something that makes you smile and cry, both at the same time.

The song, Vekheya, The Wedding Filmer Originals is exactly what you have been looking for to enhance the emotions captured on your special day. The song amplifies the storytelling and is undoubtedly the Wedding. Song. Of. The. Year.

It’s perfect, it’s the most beautiful song and trust me, I have heard it at least 107 times by now (or maybe 150 times, by the time you read it)

We dare you to watch this video and not get emo by the end!

Music: Kingshuk Chakravarty

Lyrics: Sumit Kohli

Female Vocals: Asees Kaur

Male Vocals: Joell Mukherjee

Backing Vocals: Jaspreet Jazz

Music production: Joell Mukherjee

Mixed and Mastered By: Gaurav Chopra

Label: The Wedding Filmer

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