The Crimson Bride’s ‘COVID-19 & Weddings’ Guide For Couples

By Divya Arora .

The Crimson Bride has always made sure to be not just your harbinger of trends but, also your allies in helping you with everything weddings. And ever since Covid-19 has struck the wedding industry, we’ve been on our toes to be there for you and make sure that all you couples sail through these challenging times rather easily.

Be it updating you on the impact of this pandemic on weddings or ideating you on how to manage your postponement or brimming you up with ideas to make the most of this time, we’re trying to aid you in all the ways possible. And would of course, continue doing so because, we’re all in this together!

And hence, here’s a quick guide for all you couples out there—a guide that jackets everything possible to help all you to-be-weds and newly weds!

First things first,

Here’s everything you need to know about the impact of this global situation on weddings

Right from how the wedding businesses have been hit to how couples are dealing with this, you’d find everything in here!

If you've decided to postpone your wedding,

Here’s everything you should do to make the best of this quarantine time

This is quick guide on all that you’ve got to do if you postponed your wedding and how you can further make use of this time!

Wondering how to tell your guests about your rescheduled wedding?

Here’s how you should go about it & some templates that you can use

We know it isn’t easy to tell your guests about this but, these templates are sure to help you out.

Is the current situation taking a toll on you making you stressed & anxious?

Follow these ways to take care of your mental health

While this nerve racking global situation would be leaving you all worked up, you know that you need to take care of your mental and physical health now more than ever.

Just married & getting bored RN?

Bookmark these exciting things you can do to have fun and enjoy this time together

If you’re a newly married couple, this is the perfect time to get to know each other better and do truckloads of crazy stuff!

P.S. Live-in sweethearts can take cues too!

Heartbroken because you had to postpone your wedding?

Add a few more adorable couple portrait ideas for your wedding that’ll happen soon

And listen to these dope wedding songs that’ll cheer up your mood for sure

While these couple photos would make your go awww, we bet these banger songs would put you in a groovy mood and all excited for your wedding when it’ll finally happen!

Can't wait to get married 'cuz it seems so far?

How about taking your vows on a video call just like this couple did?! 

This couple went a step ahead and did what best could be done in this present situation. And well, you can too!

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