The Only Winter Styling Guide You Need To Ace This Shaadi Season

By Divya Arora .

While winters are officially our wedding season and getting married in winters is delightfully easier than summers, the one aspect that gets us all women twitchy though is dealing with the biting cold.

Let’s face it ladies, whether we’re a guest, a bridesmaid or a bride, not freezing to death while keeping our style game on point is a task that we have to impeccably live with. And also not to forget how winters is the best time to experiment with colors, outfits, hairstyles, and our overall style factor to nail that glam wedding look.

So now that you would be all geared up to go shop outfits for your or your bestie’s wedding, we’ve listed down some winter styling tips and hacks for you. While some of these tips are going to be your ally at the time of the wedding, some of them would round up as useful hacks while you’re shopping.

So give these a read before heading out.

1. Warmer fabrics

The most common winter wedding styling hack is to opt for outfits made with warmer fabrics. Velvet, satin, velveteen, brocade, and silk are some of the most sought after fabrics that are going to not just look good but make you feel comfy too in the chilly weather.

2. Pay attention to sleeves

Having your outfits done in three-fourth or full sleeves is something that you should be opting for. And no, they aren’t old fashioned or outdated. With truckloads of experimentation going on in the outfits industry, you’ll have a lot of fancy sleeve designs to choose from.

3. Avoid dry skin

Our skin tends to get dry in the winter, which is why it is important to keep it moisturized and hydrated so that the wedding makeup doesn’t get uncomfortable to wear. Use a moisturizer regularly, exfoliate, and keep your lips soft and supple.

4. Dewy Makeup

While we prefer using all things matte in summer or monsoon weddings, winter is the time when we can choose dewy makeup without the fear of having it melting down. A hydrating primer, a dewy base and a more flushed and rich makeup can be worn without any hassles for a winter wedding.

Makeup: Natasha Moor

5. The stole glam

Carrying a beautiful stole is not going to dull down your outfit’s charm and instead it’s only going to add a unique edge to it while keeping you warm. Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, carry a stunningly embellished or simplistic stole in plush fabrics like pashmina, velvet, or cashmere over your outfits. Brideys, if you’re opting for double dupattas with your bridal lehenga, replace one of them with a gorgeous matching stole that you can have draped all over you.

6. Thermals & linings

Wearing thermal leggings beneath your flared pants, your lehenga skirt or sarees is going to protect you from the chilly weather. Furthermore, if you’re wearing no peek-a-boo suits or dresses, a thermal slip underneath is gonna keep you all warm and cozied up.
On the other hand, you can have your suits and blouses lined with warm fabrics like satin, flannel or pashmina if you can’t wear thermals.

7. Outfits with pockets

There isn’t any outfit (even the bridal lehenga) that you can’t get pockets stitched in basically. For when your hands would be freezing and you’d want a little warmth, slipping your hands into the pockets is gonna feel no less than heavenly.

8. The color palette

Be it metallics, pastels, or bold and bright hues, while brides and bridesmaids are wearing all the colors in all the seasons, somehow, the fact that winters are for bold and solid hues still exists. Colors like marsala, wine, burgundy, brown, midnight blue, bottle green, deep purple, etc., are all perfect for winter weddings and there’s no doubt about that.

9. Jackets to the rescue

Outfits accessorized with capes, long shrugs or jackets isn’t a new trend and in fact has been ruling the fashion industry for a long time now. Be it the chic indo-western outfits, the dresses, lehengas or sarees, they can be paired up with anything.

10. Layer it up

If you’re a fan of layering then you already know how winters are the best for that. Layering up your outfits and jewellery anyway looks stylish and it’s also going to keep you all warm and cozy without having you worry about sweating profusely.

11. Fancy up with boots & sneakers

You know how women wedding footwear isn’t restricted to just heels and juttis anymore. Right from embroidered sneakers to bejewelled boots, flaunting unconventional looks with shoes is a total game-changer for both brides and bridesmaids.

12. Best time for open hairstyles

While you dread wearing open hair in summer and monsoon weddings, winters are the best time for letting your hair down. So even if you’re a bride and want a unique bridal look, flaunt your hair open easily without running the risk of it being spoiled because of sweat and humidity.

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