Prettiest Floral & Gota Maang-Tikka Designs For Mehndi Ceremonies

By Divya Arora .

Adorning a woman’s head in the most gorgeous and elegant fashion, pretty floral or gota maang-tikkas make up for an indispensable part of a bride’s mehndi-haldi accessories.

Done in silk or fresh flowers, while floral maang-tikkas look all charming and vibrant, the exquisite gota maang-tikkas are a super stylish take on the classic maang-tikkas. And not to deny, how both floral and gota maang tikkas are equally beauteous and loved by brides.

Skimming through our Instagram feeds, we spotted some of the prettiest and unique floral and gota maang tikkas that are surely going to leave your eyes shining. Have a look!

Floral Maang-Tikkas

1. Tanvi’s fresh flower jewellery with that stunning maang-tikka was one to be ogled at quite literally!

Floral Jewellery: Floral Art by Srishti

2. What a pretty hue with elegant pearl embellishments!

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

3. Dual-toned floral maang-tikkas for mehendi with edge defining vivaciousness are a hit amongst brides.

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

Floral Jewellery: Flosaira

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

4. Although the bride’s playful pose stands out, her maang-tikka screams “simplicity at its best”!

5. Made up of small roses, this bride’s floral maang-tikka adds such a distinctive style to her entire mehndi look.

Image: Divine Mantra

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

6. We are so in love with these two-tiered single flower maang-tikkas!

Makeup: Swati Verma

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

Floral Jewellery: Flosaira

7. Such a peppy blend of colors and beads!

Floral Jewellery: Flosaira

8. A subtle choice for a maang-tikka in the elegant hues of ivory.

Floral Jewellery: Prune India

9. These floral maang-tikkas don’t just adorn your forehead but also crown your head stylishly doubling up as a dainty head accessory.

Floral Jewellery: Flosaira

10. This marvelous blend of classic elegance and glam is for keeps for the minimalistic brides.

11. This pearl defined floral maang-tikka in serene baby pink color is surely gonna get heads turning!

Floral Jewellery: LeFleur Jewels

12. What a flamboyant piece of floral jewellery!

Gota Maang-Tikkas

1. This gota maang-tikka with an added blend of beads and mirror work has our hearts! And of course, that multi-stringed neck piece too.

Gota Jewellery: Fooljhadi

2. This pretty gota patti maang-tikka with a tiny mirror in the middle and a ghungroo pompom end in so traditional yet unique!

3. Not just the four-stringed maang-tikka but even those dynamic cascading haath-phools are a sure shot head turner.

Gota Jewellery: Fooljhadi

4. The infusion of popping hues in this maang-tikka design makes this piece so radiant.

5. This oh-so-unique flower shaped gota patti maang-tikka with ghungroo detailing is surely going to make you stand out!

Gota Jewllery: Lime By Manika

6. Silently eyeing this chandbaali gota maang-tikka!

7. A simple yet chic gota patti maang-tikka outlined with green beads, this piece speaks art like no other.

Gota Jewellery: Krafted with Happiness

8. We love how this blue pompom brings about a cutesy edge to this dainty maang-tikka.

Image: Shutterdown

A Few More Eclectic Drool-Worthy Designs

1. An all ghungroo affair!

Jewellery: Flosaira

2. A splendid silver metallic flower maang-tikka!

3. A thread tasseled half moon maang-tikka embellished with sequins.

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