The Ultimate Wedding Trousseau Shopping Checklist For Brides

By Sonali Vij .

A major attraction for any bride-to-be has to be her wedding trousseau planning as it gives you a legit reason to SHOP!

However, it is important that you have a guide or a check-list to help you plan the most useful trousseau to ensure you have all the essentials as you attend other weddings, dinners, festivals or well, just show up as a new bride!

All eyes are always on a new bride and why not? A new bride truly glows in happiness and love and yes, she knows how to dazzle in her new buys!!!

1. Looks for Wedding Functions

This area needs the most time and research. These days shall never come back and you will be well photographed at the functions and those pictures will be with you forever. It is important to understand the theme and overall mood of a particular function, for instance-if it is a day or a night wedding, the venue- if it is in a hotel or by the beach, whether it is a summer or a winter wedding and so on. Accordingly, ensure that the look at each function is different from the others and try and opt for different colours as well.

And most importantly, don’t forget to invest in good footwear for all the functions.  I would also reckon to go for statement accessories and try and adorn customized elements as well!

2. Jewellery

You will certainly be well guided in this regard for most mothers are likely to handhold you on this one! Figure well on what is your preferred choice among Kundan, Polki, Gold, or Diamonds. Also, do consider the wearability factor as in the future, the heavy sets usually get restricted to specific occasions only!

Many do invest in statement rings, bracelets, or earrings as sometimes just one of these is all that you will wear. A pair of simple and sophisticated diamond earrings for everyday wear is a great idea!

3. Accessories

Yes, you need enough accessories to help you glam up your looks and help you style the same outfit differently.

a) First up let us talk about bags – so besides buying your suitcases, you definitely need a quality tote bag for work, sling bags for holidays or shopping and yes, clutch with your Indian and western wear. And a new wallet too, please!

b) Shoes – You can never have enough shoes, can you? Go through all the outfits purchased and accordingly shop for your footwear. Must buys have to be a pair of flip-flops, sneakers, wedges, heels, juttis, and casual flats! In case, you are to join work soon after, you must invest in kitten heels or pumps.

c) Fashion Jewellery, Eye-wear, Belts, Ethnic Bangles, Bindis, Anklets, and Socks shall come handy too!

Jewellery: Purab Paschim

4. Make-up / Beauty/Personal Kit

You need to shop for your make-up really well. Don’t shop for shades you have never worn before as you can save the experimental looks for later. Here is the “A to Z list of essentials”, and thank me later for this one:
a) Lipsticks and Lip Balm
b) Blush
c) Nail Paints
d) Nail Paint Remover
e) Nail Cutter
f) Comb or Brush
g) Foundation
h) BB Cream
i) Face Powder
j) Hand Cream, Face Cream, Lotion, and Sunscreen
k) Highlighter
l) Sindoor
m) Eye Liner, Kohl, and Mascara
n) Eye Shadow
o) Face Wash, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner (in case you are into particular brands)
p) Hair Accessories including scrunchies, pins, bows, and more…
q) Make-up Remover, Cotton Pads, and Wet-wipes
r) Tweezer and Safety Pins
s) Face Masks and Scrubs
t) Face Mists, Body Spray and Perfumes
u) Hair Straightener and Curler
v) Face and Hair Serums
w) Toners
x) Razor
y) Make-up Brushes
z) Sanitary Napkins and Disposable Bags

makeup Artist: Natasha Moor

5. Good quality beachwear, swimwear, lingerie and nightwear

While you may want to be playful in this regard but do opt for comfortable options as well. And most importantly, shop a variety of nightwear as from your honeymoon to moving around in your new home- they will be put to good use.

6. Clothing

Well, there is no set rule on how to approach your clothing shopping and times have changed so you really don’t need a dozen saris if you don’t wear them often. Here is a quick list to refer to:

a) Suits – Yes, you need them all the time whether you want to opt for a traditional look or just want to bless yourself with the comfort of a cotton kurta. While few can be formal, rest can be semi-formal or casual as well. And girls, please don’t forget to shop for those trendy cuts and designs!

b) Dresses-  You will need them for your honeymoon especially if you are planning to head to a beach location.

c) Saris – Nowadays, fusion saris are a thing- so I would definitely recommend investing in them besides buying the traditional ones. Just to mention the unconventional ones, there are pant saris, gown saris, dhoti saris, and so on.

d) Jeans, Pants, Shorts, Skirts – See what you wear more and will need more! Hey, and don’t forget to get at least one or two cord-sets.

e) Shirts, T-shirts, and Tops – Again shop basis what you wear more but there should be a good balance between formals and casuals as while there would be enough get-togethers, you would also want to look good at home!

And add smart woolens too, please! So, here was an exhaustive trousseau guide, truly hope it proves to be useful. However, the key is to make a checklist/plan and set aside a budget.

Also, ensure that you start this exercise much in advance so you can explore several sales online and off-line, visit several stores and exhibitions, and lastly, figure what you shall use from your existing wardrobe!

Edited & Published By Neha Garg Ahuja

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Sonali Vij

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