TheCelebration by SwathiReddy: Millennials’ Go to Wedding Planner For Styling Your Big Day

By Divya Arora .

A wedding is not just taking vows in a ceremony and forming a union of togetherness for eternity. It is in fact, more than that. It is a celebration of love and happiness and it is a joyful experience that a couple lives through with their loved ones. It is a celebration where everyone who is a part of it, should get to enjoy it to their fullest without having anything to worry about.

And this is exactly where a wedding planner comes to your rescue. For how they curate you a wedding of your dreams and leave you with just happy memories of the best time of your life is something only these maestros can do. And one such event planner and designer who brings your dream wedding to life with you only making merry without having to worry about anything is TheCelebration by SwathiReddy.

What began as a fascination and passion for creating an exquisite experience exactly as envisioned by people, soon brimmed up into a planning service that’s been catering to people’s ceremonial dreams ever since. At TheCelebration, Swathi Reddy works as an integral part of the clients’ families, understanding their traditions, emotions, taste and expectations and aiming at making every event an everlasting and a unique experience for the clients.

While Swathi Reddy is marking all kinds of events with her expertise and sense of style, her creative geniuses in wedding services worldwide are purely remarkable! In fact, let’s go through some of the most amazing wedding setups TheCelebration has crafted that would surely woo your hearts

A Dreamy Pastel Affair

Putting together various aesthetic elements together and making them look well-knit is basically what defines this stage decor in a phrase. While the white and pink printed stage is topped with a white and gold couch upped with matching cushions, beautiful flower & foliage adorned vessels accessorize it all together. The stage backdrop is a sophisticated mix of colorful blooms, foliage, checkered and centerpiece adorned shelf structures with perfect lighting.

Mehndi Done Right

Amidst the natural greens and twinkling lights, this resplendent setup with florals, colorful tassels along with thematic elephant motifs used in the wooden frames look so unique and is a visual treat to the eyes.

Vibrance At Its Best

A traditional jhoola seating for the mehndi ceremony. This colorful setup is marked with a fusion of fabrics— Banarasi silk Brocade on the Jhoola seat, Rajasthani embroidery on umbrellas and moodas, Gujri embroidery fabric with mirrors and Gota ribbon work fabric on the backdrop drapes; used abundantly that just is the right pick for your pepped up day function!

A Stage That Speaks Class

A white stage personalized with couple’s names with a beige and brown sofa makes for the perfect couple seating that’s amped up with white trees festooned with crystal strings. A heavy white rose and lush green backdrop further beautified with colorful flowers and light pink highlights makes us fall totally in love with this decor.

Flower & Fairy Lights Galore

A green & flower laden backdrop teamed up with draped structures accessorized with cascading bamboo lamps, this stage decor is further taken notches above with a fairy light-lit drape background. Do not miss the pastel printed flooring that completes this fancy setting.

Uniqueness Game On Point

Using a white paper lamp as a table centerpiece by decking it up with gold faux flowers is such a brilliant idea that Swathi & her team came up with.

Deck Up Those Stairs

And who would have thought that pickle jars adorned with daisies and highlighted with marigolds around would look so charmingly elegant!

Couple Jhula Seating

Replete with roses, this jhula seating with flowy drape detailing and brass metal floor lamp accents is so simplistic yet so aesthetically stunning!

A Super Traditional Setup

We’re drooling over this decor setup curated with big banana leaves, tuberoses, brass lamps, and planter pots making this decor an amazing choice for a haldi ceremony or a puja!

Classic Quirked Up

A distinctive tree-like structure decked up with classic marigolds in hues of yellow and orange to bring about that unique edge in the decor!

While we couldn’t stop admiring such splendid designs we also couldn’t help but, be in awe of the fact that they also shoo away all your wedding woes by providing & helping you choose all kinds of wedding and bridal services that suit you the best! Be it deciding on favors, finding the perfect lensmen, pre-bridal wellness programs, bridal couture & makeup services; you ask and TheCelebration takes immense pleasure in producing all the services in the best fashion that define a perfect celebration.

Swathi Reddy, coming from a background of Industrial Design, holding a PhD in Visual Ergonomics from IIT Guwahati, we were curious to know her forecast on decor trends for the year 2020.
And here are some of the trends that she says are going to mark 2020 weddings globally and some that may go vogue for along the new decade.

Bold colors with warm tones like browns, terracotta oranges, mustards, mellow yellows, etc., are going to rule the color palette.

Decor Accenting & Highlighting
Along with metallic elements, Swathi emphasizes the incorporation of eco-friendly elements made of bamboo or rattan, dried flowers, water lily stalks and pampas grass coupled with bright spray-painted branches and greens that add texture and pop to the natural hues.

Oversized grid frames, abstract paneled layering, cut-outs of calligraphic fonts, and wallpapers with bold prints would specifically make up for stunning backdrops.

Stage Decor
With classy vintage-inspired statement pieces, florally decked up baskets, transparent acrylic installations etc., the overall theme would be aesthetically unique.

Cocktail Parties
The groovy nights would be all glitz and glam highlighted with disco balls, gold mirrors, and shimmery elements topped with beautiful florals.

Table Settings
The tablescape will have fancy fruits, more specifically the citruses like the clementines, miniature disco balls, rattan baskets with flowers as centrepieces and hanging florals over dining tables.

Wedding Invitations
The invites are going to be exquisite with nature and floral antique motifs, watercolor illustrations of the beautiful venue or the wedding destination city with minimal typography. The colors again are going to be bold and bright hues such as orange, fuchsia, green, and Pantone color of the year 2020—classic blue.

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