These Adorable Wedding Speeches will Brighten Up Your Day

By Divya Arora .

Inspired from the west, what began as a new wedding element to be incorporated in Indian weddings, wedding speeches emerged as a trend that was highly loved. So much so, that this aspect has now become an inseparable part of our weddings. From families expressing their love and feelings for the couple, and the couple making their own personalized vows, to the bffs going all out there spilling secrets, wedding speeches are one adorable & fun part of a wedding.

To give your week a kick-start full of love and light hearted laughter, we fished out some of the best wedding speeches ever that we came across and compiled them up here below. From funny wedding speeches and the hearty ones to the ones that’d leave you teary eyed, scroll through them all and don’t forget to take cues for yourself too!

1. Groom Oleg Buller’s speech on his wedding reception where he speaks about the essence of a marriage will surely have you going “aww..” with a mellow heart!

2. This groom surely had some specific funny & adorable vows that he wanted his woman to make on their wedding day which she apparently, happily did.

3. This father’s heartfelt words for her daughter Priyanka left not just the couple but everybody (including us) teary-eyed and smiling in awe warmly.

4. Being the best man to Yash Dongre on his wedding, Karan Deol’s rap style speech for him was super cool yet so hearty.

5. This bride’s words & vows to his man on their wedding day, left not only him but everybody crying happy and love filled tears.

6. Tishya’s mommy darling surely won the “mommy of the year” award for how she told Tishya’s story as a poem with pictures of her flashing up on a huge screen along with.

7. This heart touching short speech by the groom for his mum up in the heavens is giving us all the feels. For how his family supports him through this speech standing as one is beyond words.

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Here is that moment – watch it with sound on from the start…..just goes to show the importance of someone being by your side when you are at your most vulnerable, how unifed of a family they are and the strength of inter-dependence in mankind ..However capable and skillful an individual may be, left alone dont think they will survive ..our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our results from the profound inter-dependence we all share with one another, something thats ingrained from birth.. Personally i found it hard not to get moved by Jonathans silence, the emotion on his dads face , the love and unity shown by his brothers and his new wife Melissa. It was a sad moment but in contrast so raw, profound and heartfelt .. ❤️🎥

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8. A perfect mix of hearty laughter and emotions, this groom’s speech is everything!

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