9 Things To Do In Quarantine If You’ve Postponed Your Wedding

By Divya Arora .

Some of you were lucky enough to be able to get married in a rather intimate ceremony ‘cuz mass gatherings of 50 were still allowed until a few days back. However, we know that most of you had no other way out than to postpone or entirely cancel your wedding.

With almost the entire world under a lockdown because of Covid-19 and you having to stay at home at all times, we understand how saddening or even depressing it might have become. After all, it was the best day of your life that’s been put off for no one knows how long!

And hence, aiming to be your harbingers of light & hope at the end of this dark tunnel, we decided to enlist all the things that you can do now that you’ve postponed your wedding. And believe us, you can literally make the most of this period in a fun and positive way—whether you dig deeper into your wedding planning or delve into joyful activities.

Lets begin, shall we?

1. Store those wedding essentials

First and foremost, if you’ve postponed your wedding, we suggest you store your outfits all the jewellery and accessories, and those wedding favors properly. You’ve spent a bomb on all those things and you surely wouldn’t want them all to wear out over time.

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2. Venue check

Get in touch with your venue vendor to discuss about how to take things forward. Whether it’s about rescheduling or a refund, discuss what suits you both the best and go along with it. Also, if you were planning for a destination wedding, try finding out a local venue as well to keep as an option in case that works out in sometime.

3. Decor & planning

If you feel that you didn’t get enough time previously to work on your wedding decor and theme then this is the right time to get in touch with your planner or decorator and delve more into the entire thing. Discuss and plan things over calls, video conferencing, online sheets or mails.

4. E- postpone cards

Send out e- cancellation cards to your guests informing them that your wedding has been postponed and that they’ll be informed about the new dates as and when things work out. Because the show isn’t over yet!

5. Quarantine with your boo

If you and your partner live together there are truckloads of things you can do while staying in. For instance-

-Workout together (there are partner workouts & partner yoga too)
-Learn a language together
-Enhance your cooking or baking skills
-Candlelight dinners at home
-Relaxing & aromatic baths
-Movie marathons
-Indulge in hobbies

6. Doing long distance

If you and your partner are quarantining from a distance, there still are ways to make the most of this courtship period. For instance-

-Video calls
-Share your daily lives with each other on Snapchat (we literally received this unique way on our Instagram)
-Start a book, a series, or a movie together & discuss it all at the end of the day.
-Play fun couple games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ or ‘Who Does This’ on your phones
-Write each other heartfelt e-mails because letters would require you to go out and post them
-Plan about your wedding together

7. Some family time

Ladies, this is your chance to spend some more time with your family before you step away from your home into your marital bliss. Talk to them, take pictures, play games together, or watch movies, do everything that you wanted to do with them before you finally get married. Except for taking that much awaited vacation. Nope! Not allowed guys, stay in!

P.S. This also includes annoying tf outta your siblings primarily! 😉

8. Help those in need

While obviously your wedding money will be used up in the future when you’d be finally getting married, donating some of it to those in need right now is a great idea. While we’re all privileged to be enclosed inside our homes with all the essentials we need, there are others who don’t even have a basic hygienic place to live in. Donate into charities who are trying to help such people survive these pandemic times. You can never go wrong with a good deed!

9. Follow that beauty regimen

With skincare units and parlours been shut down, it’s time to dig into your kitchens and refrigerators and start following those home and natural ways to take care of your skin, your body, and your hair.

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